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  1. People keep going on about computer bugs as a joke but I imagine the broken aspect will be more to do with the frame physically. Stuff like it's left arm isn't attached properly and keeps falling off. But then it turns out the operator can still control it and use it to do stuff. Or this frame has an unregulated power supply so can overcharge it self for massive buffs at the cost of damage. Might be quite lore heavy too. Seeing how something breaks often reveals hidden elements of how it works. I'm hoping for some more info on warframe creation.
  2. I'm just happy we didn't end up with a werewolf frame.
  3. Main reason I might use one I so all my polarity indicators are green without an ugly red one ruining things.
  4. Your deffinition of interchangeable seems overly specific, and not in line with actual usage. Going with your example I would argue the parts are being swapped between potential designs. I still feel the ability to swap stuff after creation isn't necessary to something being modular. Obviously you do, but it seems to be a self imposed limitation. There was nothing wrong with what you said. It was just an oxymoron and they are fine. I think the persons point was that as an oxymoron involves using two terms that contradict each other together it is ironic to use one in a disscussion about correct use of language, as it implies at least one of the terms is being used incorrectly. It doesn't really matter about the other definitions. There is a definition that sets the lowest requierments to be modular at interchangeable parts during construction. Zaws meet this lowest requierment. That modularity comes with other expectaitions (but not requierments) doesn't bar zaws from the group. By the way, if not modular, what would people rather see these systems called?
  5. The parts are interchangeable while building the zaw. One grip can replace any other grip. Contrast this with a prime weapon. They are constructed from parts but there is no choice in what parts can be used. Mobile phones may very well be modular. We teand to buy them pre-built with no chance to customize so have no reason to view or refer to them as modular. Conversley mobile phone manufacturers might have reason to refer to them as such and differentiate between modular built phones and non-modular built phones. The oxymoron was an objective opinion. An opinion is inherently subjective so is in stark contrast to being objective.
  6. No. Nearest I can get is that index one. It feels kind of out of step with all the others. Every other challenge can be fairly reliabley completed by just queuing for a mission normally. This index one takes actual preperation and maybe a organized team. Not something I can be bothered to do.
  7. I hate to get in to a debate about definitions but here I go anyway. I think calling zaws modular is fair. They meet the basic requirement of being built from a combination of interchangeable parts. That is modular. I don't believe that these parts remaining interchangeable after construction is a necessary aspect of something being modular.
  8. Fragor Prime has base starting combo and a excellent crit chance. It plays very nicely in to the heavy spam build. Corrupt charge gives you a constant 4x combo. I think sacrificial steel gets it over 100% crit and that's just the number for normal attacks. Amalgam organ shatter and killing blow get heavy attack wind up time down to 0.6 or 0.4 seconds. I've found a unranked life strike enough to full heal. It is pretty boring to use. It works quite well if you are mostly using a gun as your melee isn't reliant on maintaining a combo counter to be good.
  9. Level should be tied to one piece so it will still just be four. They said so in a dev stream and it's consistent with all other modular items.
  10. My guess is archwings will be split in to three parts. Something like Engine, chassis, and controls. Your engine will determine speed and other movement stuff. Chassis will determine health, shield, and armour. Controls will be the different groups of abilities (so all of Itzal, or all of Elyetron, no mixing). I wouldn't be surprised if they took this opportunity to tweak some abilities, maybe even fully replace any really bad ones. I really doubt we'll get to mix and match abilities.
  11. If you stack all most of the radar mods you can effectively have the entire map revealed. Demolysts usually spawn far away and alone so they are usually easy to spot on the map. You might find it impacts your build too much but's a possible solution. I found a few runs like this gave me a better feel for how they work.
  12. I think the 90% cap is necessary for efficiency to keep it in check. I would like the efficiency mod options to be expanded though. At the very least it would be nice to have all the other element versions of Focus Energy. Perhaps increase Reflex Coil to 90% so it's possible to max efficiency with one mod and use a school other the Zenurik.
  13. I know a couple of weapons I'll use a stance forma on. I think op's idea would need to use something different than heavy attack. Switching stance with something you might use anyway sounds annoying. Not sure where it could fit on a controler.
  14. Took me ages to stop calling him Alad 5. I like it. It's one of those little quirky things that makes Warframe stand out.
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