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  1. I'd say this is a dumb idea but I can't see any difference between it and the riven cipher it's inspired by. If riven ciphers are fine then sortie ciphers are fine. Edit: I suppose one difference would be these potentially water down the sortie matchmaking pool that could cause problems for people that need a group. It hardly seems like it would be a serious concern.
  2. Never knew this. Not sure how I feel about it. I can see the intent behind it but it doesn't sit well. Sounds like it might be overtuned and might not be as bad if the DR was toned down some.
  3. It makes sense to give the updated versions a test period. Rather than immediately changing all the old frames only to learn there is an unforseen flaw in the new design.
  4. Finally got round to testing this. Pretty certain now they do not get health regen without points in repair.
  5. Very much agree with this. Though consider one point in repair for every crew member. As I understand it activates regenerating health for them.
  6. I would suggest keep playing blind till you finish The War Within. After that read up on outside sources all you want. I was in a similar postion to you and went looking for information. While I liked what I found it meant I ultimately missed out on one of Warframe's stand out moments. I like Warframe's story and how it's told but you need to do a lot of digging in game for some very meager scraps.
  7. I don't think pilot is a useful skill for crew. I don't know how speed effects what damage the ship takes but I suspect it is marginal at best. Outside of this speed is mostly a quality of life stat. It feels good to play but doesn't really do much. Even for a dedicated full time pilot I wouldn't prioritize ranks in piloting.
  9. Potentially a tighter energy economy could allow that. Creating a scenario where players generally dispatch enemies with weapons and cheap small scale powers. Big flashy powers need to be reserved for when the enemy become overwhelming in number or a powerful enemy turns up. Unless you meant being able to spam OP powers in which case yeah that and challenge aren't at all compatible.
  10. It depends if you were going to watch the stream regardless of drops or not. If you only watch for drops they can be said to have a cost. If you watch the streams regardless then they really are free.
  11. They have multiple winners per tier each season. They each get a turn being featured throughout the season. That's why you have seen them change.
  12. Something like the gambit system from Final Fantasy XII would be good. I think the above idea of them all defending is good. It would be nice to have more nuance though. Like I don't really want the pilot to quit evasive manoeuvres during a dogfight.
  13. Man In The Wall impersonating her to take your railjack for a joyride.
  14. Buffing guns doesn't defeat that purpose if they are only buffed to the same level as melee. The difficulty of content isn't effected, just how players can (viably) choose to approach it.
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