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  1. What's so bad about drop chance booster compared to the other resource booster?
  2. This seemed to work for me. I've barely seen any larvalings. Haven't really been trying hard for them. Have been doing some Saturn spy for a mod I missed. Did one today after reading this tip. Couldn't find many enemies and no larvaling spawned. Did a sabotage next, went murder crazy when the lights flickered and one spawned.
  3. Scott and Steve very briefly mentioned shield gating a while back. Sadly I forget where. Think it might have been Steves pre Old Blood stream. Scott said they'd tested it but it didn't really do anything. They found you died just as quick with it as with out it. Then they sort of implied they still wanted to do something in that area but weren't sure what.
  4. This does sound like a pointless "choice". Being fair to the War Within that did have a purpose. It was an in universe way of saying "you are about to enter a lengthy segment you can't leave at will. Do you want to commit to this right now?" It didn't do a great job as it was misleading but it was there for a reason.
  5. Personally I quite like augments changing an ability rather being a direct upgrade. But them working like that dose make it hard to justify costing a mod slot and capacity. The augment could easily buff motes aswell as modify how they are placed.
  6. Wisp's motes feel a bit clunky. They are really nice effects but I find I only use them in defensive situations where I know I'll be in one place for a bit. Popping them all down is a hassle. I never bother in fast paced missions. In sudden, dangerous situations (like I had a New Loka death squad spawn during a heavy fire fight) they'd be great but the time and effort to get motes going feels impractical. It would me nice to have an augment that places all three motes at once. You lose tactical deployment and the option to choose one type for less energy to gain easy, rapid deployment.
  7. Really happy to have mouse and keyboard support on ps4. However there are no custom keybinds option. I'm not even sure every default keybind is there. Not really in a useable state at the moment. On a similar note some of the new melee keybinds (at least on controller) seem a bit clunky. Instant switch between gun and blade has been one of my favorite additions to the game. Using the tactical stances with it (especially with a sniper equiped) is weird. It's also impossible to aim glide and perform a heavy slam attack like this. That's a real shame as I they feel really enjoyable.
  8. Oh wow that's crazy. So can you chip a mob down with weapons and finish them with a jump, or it has to be a done with jumps?
  9. What's the point of enhancing your favorite weapon if it remains unviable?
  10. Your favorite weapon and MR trash are one and the same here. If you enjoy using a top teir weapon it doesn't need a riven. If you love how a sub-par weapon feels to use a riven should make it viable.
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