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  1. Assuming the pricing would be equivalent to buying forma this would be utterly pointless. This is just a problem with your perception. Paying X plat to extrat forma and destroy a weapon is ultimately no different than paying X plat for new forma and selling the weapon. Both result in losing X plat and a weapon and gaining a forma and a weapon slot. The only difference is one feels proactive while the other feels wasteful but this is just down to skewed human perceptions and faulty vaule weights.
  2. I hope this is addressed in some way by the time of release. The demo was great but this one aspect was quite immersion breaking.
  3. I think this would be good if it was limited to fusing exilus mods to real mods.
  4. For relics trade already acts as that system.
  5. Nice, thanks for the in depth response. I will have a look for that post you mentioned. Don't think we've had the patch yet on PlayStation so will have to wait to try for myself.
  6. DE have said this themselves. It's something they want to do, but they didn't want to delay releasing the update waiting for it. I was quite surprised this wasn't command intrinsic 10.
  7. Reporting to the commanding officer afterwards. "Also a tenno was there." "What did the tenno do?" "Nothing sir. They just watched."
  8. I use Garuda a lot and never equiped felt a need for Natural Talent with her. However I tend to only use her in fairly easy content.
  9. We've got keyboard and mouse on PlayStation. Great! We can't set custom keybinds for them. Not great! I think some basic keybinds are even missing. Any chance this will be looked at?
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