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  1. I tried that melee on RS once. Can't remember why. It works better than it has any right to. Still feels weird though. Had the same problem and it really didn't seem worth the effort. Friad I have nothing useful to add. I was just so surprised to see someone else mention trying RS melee I had to respond.
  2. It's ironic you say that considering you know you hate the lich system having never gone through it.
  3. I belive they were open to the idea and Steve just said the last part as a polite request \ joke.
  4. Grineer domestic drone is just a butcher with a broom.
  5. They talked about this on a devstream (I forget which). They agreed it would be cool but the animations make it hard to do. Geoff said any sword could probably be swapped straight in but all other weapon types would require extensive work.
  6. Thank very much. I know you have been doing this for a long time now. Plenty of people have thanked you and DE have aknowledged your efforts. However this is the first time the tiny period when the UK and Canada timezones fall out of sync due to changing the clocks on different dates hasn't caught me out. So here is my heartfelt thank you.
  7. I found this fight both infuriating and tedious. However I suspect some of that was to do with me being bad at it. I also suspect it was actually a good fight. It's just that I spent so long being confused and annoyed that I was left in no postion to enjoy it. I preferred Octavia's Anthem as there was unlimited time to experiment and work out what to do. With Nihil barely anything is explained and every mistake is punished in some way.
  8. Sorry I can't remember the exact source. It was some kind of Q & A panel. I suspect it was during the last live Tennocon.
  9. The devs have said they are looking in to enabling this. That prime frames can use default skins is basically a bug. However it's cool and casuses no harm so is left in. Making weapons work the same will take active work. I doubt it's a priority but hopefully we get it eventually.
  10. Roar directly increases damage, it doesn't give ability strength.
  11. Refunding the umbral forma isn't really an option. Players could "accidently" subsume / delete a frame if they felt they used an umbral forma in the wrong place.
  12. I like disruption but it is rather counter intuitive and the game does a very poor job of explaining it.
  13. How would nerfing helminth combinations encourage players to buy stuff?
  14. Spy vaults have a stupid set up from the story perspective of defending data. Cameras pointing away from doors, lasers moving to leave openings, that sort of stuff. This led me to think op-link could be used to address this. Spy missions could be linked to mobile defense missions. Each vault would start in a much harder configuration. Completing the corrosponding mobile defense objective would switch that vault to it's usual configuration. Both teams get both missions rewards probably. You can still complete a spy mission without a op-link, it's just harder. Sadly I can't think of any other mi
  15. That's cool. I did assume it was but you know what people can be like. Sometimes the written word just doesn't convey meaning well.
  16. On the various streams occasianly see people calling the prizes rigged. These comments are meant as a joke right and aren't serious claims? I'm not worried that it is rigged. I just find it sad and a little worrying that some people would really belive that becuase they missed something like a 1/2000 chance a system is rigged against them.
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