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  1. @theBRICKMASTR there's a trick - finish the mission, then don't leave. Loot the field ( careful, there's still some turrets and such around usually ). then refine in the payload section of your ship, top off your consumables, and then leave the mission via nav. You'll find ALOT more resources from that than you get just burning missions.
  2. I like it. There's alot of good stuff in there so far. There's also some really annoying bugs that need to be squooshed. DE made a good and fun thing, Thanks! ...and thanks in advance for sticking with it long enough to squash the bugs! ( hopefully )
  3. Flight control for the railjack itself needs an improved scheme - there should be a deadzone so you can aim the pilot reticule without waggling the railjack all over. As it is, it's a pain in the butt for your gunners and causes a reaction flutter loop for the pilot as well. This should just be a percentage of screen size, and default to a small circle of about 10% of shortest screen dimension, but be user configurable. right now it's analogous to 0, so even the slightest movement messes with your gunner lead predictions. Additionally, a second value for how hard the turn comes in once out of the deadzone would also be useful, letting you customize the hard or soft feel to it. The fire and electircal sections of railjack triage seem to have a problem with latency causing valid wins to not register, meaning you have to keep spending omni goo when you clearly won it the last time, and it just ignored it. Possibly also due to the speed at which they're being played. I noticed it got worse when I upgraded engi skill, and in high ping got pretty bad. That should move clientside to avoid that.
  4. I've had good luck so far with railjack. It has bugs like any launch, but it's still good for me. ISSUE - ship disappears leaving either random bits or just doors after gunning or mission end while in a gun position WORKAROUND - exit the railjack into space or fast travel if in dock and re-enter the railjack to reload interior. Full fix - do not unload interior when in a position, or force reload interior map when exiting ISSUE - rewards not being delivered to players - seems to be related to owning a railjack - if you own one, you get rewards, if you don't you just get credits sometimes ISSUE - rewards/drops of new basic resources too low given cost of upgrades - this is glaringly obvious in the case of things used in revolite ISSUE - all players must be in the railjack to exit the mission - this is a modebreaker, especially if you have one kamikaze that dies outside. they can't re-enter and the mission becomes incompletable. if the host migrates everyone else loses their rewards, and the mission resets. we need a votekick or tractorbeam or something for this ISSUE - Railjack takes too much damage - this is partially true, it is very fragile at base but with a few hundred .. space endo ... you can upgrade the gridslots and mods to give it a bit more tank. Also smart piloting helps here tremendously - asteroid tank is far better than cockpit tanking. play more hide-and-seeking-missile. ISSUE - joining the free flight mission from orbiter nav prompts withthe 'need to be in dry dock to host' message popup, but still finds and joins squads just fine. matchamking needs some love, it's broken weirdly in spots like invasions as well. ISSUE - animations at the shipboard forges are too slow - you'll spend 8-10 seconds animating and cvamera swooping instead of pushing the damn build button. they are pretty, but by necessity of function must be far faster. Also the hotspot to interact is both tiny and very directional, exacerbating the problem. ISSUE - the bars in the omni tool minigame disappear against the blindingly bright polychrome behind them, burning resources This update is good, having fun with it. Getting a good crew is nice. I'd recommand getting your gunnery up to 3 and engineering at least to 1 as soon as possible, as that gives much better gunning from freeview and reduced costs to repair from the omni tool. Revolite while neat eats all the returns of pustules. component costs are still too high at base level for the returns we getfrom the missions after use in repairs and ammo. This doesn't erase the existing issues with lich which still need to be fixed, but it does go a long way towards having me ask 'what lichframe?', which is a good thing. Thanks for coming through, hope you follow through as well. :)
  5. After reading back a few pages.. no, DE is not even close to EA. Or Bethesda. Being pissed about their design choices is one thing, and miffed they don't have plans to change them another, but that company culture comparison is transparently false. They've made a few disastrously bad choices in rolling out the old blood content, and some they've admitted changing in an attempt to appease a wider or more veteran audience with debateable mixed success. The failure that's costing them now is discriminating between 'any change is BAD!' and 'these ELEMENTS of these changes are BAD!' being lost in a muddled bag of fomenting dissatisfaction. The same kind of sentiment that hyperboles adding the core of a month+ longevity system hotwired to work in a days- or hours- long gameplay sessions into a projected brothers-in-arms with a company that unapologetically wipes it's franchise games every year just to reset the wallet counter. Yes, EA is bad, greedy, and inherently corporate. DE is making hasty calls trying to get multiple larger chunks of something they've wanted to make for years into the game in too short a timeframe, and are so busy madly cooking the next thing they're not discriminating and responding to the feedback properly. My personal opinion is they need to leave a larger follow on bug-and-balance team which will likely slow the advance enough to give us 'vaguely right' on launch and 'mostly right in a month'. they're fallign short on that at the moment. I'm pretty pissed about the failures of recent updates as well, make no mistake. I also recognize DE tries things, makes mistakes, responds slowly on some things that would cause a five alarm fire responce in other sectors or companies, and isn't here to service me personally. They have done one thing I've rarely seen though and that's flat out admit when they screwed up, and while you can't fix the past you can build for the future. That fact alone is why I say slow reaction is costing them here, it's both pushing fans stung to souring by changes and errors away and giving room for doubt as to DEs motivations... by absence of interaction, either by choice or circumstance.
  6. Emotional investment improves the game - it's frankly the difference between a longstanding franchise or cult classic and any of the trifling diversions you can download to your phone for a quick 10 minutes of not-being-stuck-on-a-bus while you're stuck on the bus. Even some of those do well in the emotional investment department. It's the entire point of gaming - Without engagement, emotional investment, and attachment, neither winning nor losing means anything. Scripting a player death AT BEST tells the player that they might as well have not played, it encourages detachment. At worst it's a deliberate and intended affront, an insult after baiting your player into exposing a vulnerability to your systems and then diminishing them for having dared to share their agency. That it's 'just a revive in a video game' is another way of saying it means nothing to you, and so is inconsequential to your engagement. It is the polar opposite to those to whom other aspects of the game capture their imagination, allow them to roleplay things otherwise impossible or not their lot in life, or escape from an otherwise dreary existence. They are the core of those same fandoms, cult followings, etc, and will go to great lengths to return their experience to the community, and through that form bonds with other like minded engaged players. They are frankly the goldmine every entertainment avenue ever lusts after. Scripting their death tells them you didn't need that whole community thing anyways.
  7. SIGNED We have an alt fire, that should be heavy attack ( either momentary or held toggle, possibly another option for that as well ). I can't count the number of times I've lost combo to spamming the regular button so fast the game misses the key release and thinks it's been held the entire time. ADS when not in full melee should also abort the current swing in process and bring up the weapon immediately - with a slower weapon it misses the ADS key and instead of aiming ready to snap off a shot it just keeps swinging.
  8. Lichframe Part 2 – Burn in As a preface, I'd like to note that I've spouted a few opinions after missions ingame in region – once I noticed the was a DE present and chatting once when I looked up to check chat, and was instantly worried it might be interpreted as trying to put them on the spot instead of just sounding region to see if my reactions were standard or outliers. Sorry about that, two ships passing in the night and all. I took some time, did the equivalent of reading the manual for the Lich system from the wiki, and chose to make another Lich. Having more knowledge I chose the progenitor frame for my desired element bonus, and took run #2 at Lich. This one though still glacially slow by meta standards was much smoother, having a stock of the required requiem mods helped cut the time down immensely as did foreknowledge death was scripted, and thus both unavoidable attrition and inconsequential. It was largely the polar opposite of the first run, in that I really stopped caring whether the frame lived, died, or even excelled in the role the mission and lich system demanded, it was simply a grind for a weapon I wasn't particularly interested in initially. However it also completely removed any sense of danger the encounters offered – they were just normal missions with increased difficulty and an occasional stabby/stabby/respawn thrown in. The resource theft was easily ignored like in the first run, as was the repetitious taunting from an enemy known to possess and use out of bounds tactics to 'win'. Much as the crowing of any cheater is merely a thin whine in an otherwise heroic chorus of healthy competition. Beyond that it was mostly choosing missions of desired types to provide decent encounter areas, reasonable clear times, or more likelihood of pub joins to increase murmur gain or guns on for burning any spawning Lich down. Personally, that it was remarkably viscerally flat the second time around raised a large red flag that significant portions of the system were unimplemented or placeholder hotwired, ostensibly being reliant on other assets not ingame yet and so deliberately limited in scope and regimented for functionality. The only real hitch was that my set of requiem was incomplete, and I had to stop running direct murmur missions and obtain the last requiem required for the third kill. This run I could feel hooks and schisms in the flow of the system, and I'm still not sure which are the result of an imperfect gestalt of prior iterations and which are simply disconnected hooks as mentioned above, though that will likely become clear over the next few Lich. I did in the end vanquish the second Lich for the chakurr it carried, which is actually a decent weapon. The third and fourth Lich followed the same pattern, each speeding to their deaths with increasing efficiency. Both of the first two Lich went to level 5, the last two to 4 and 1 respectively. I was very lucky on the fourth to have randomly chosen exactly the right combination of the possible 336 to kill it right off the bat, so our first encounter was our last. Both the third and fourth were converted. They are of lower level, and have weapons I'm not really interested in, so why kill when they might come in handy later? I touched on changes to the systems in part 1, here is a less visceral rundown of it after a few runs through it. There needs to be a ramp into the Lichframe experience to ease new players or those not following every Warframe news item into the basic rundown of what Lich are and how they fit into day to day play. A starter Lich quest with a lesser Lich that limits influence to only directly controlled nodes, and a lower level cap like level 1 or 2. Left alone, it grows influence at the rate of 1 adjoining node per 3 non-Lich missions done, and does not spread beyond the one or two planets it initially claims. This both establishes it as a creeping menace that must be eventually be dealt with, and guarantees access to lich missions for the duration required to become familiar with the requirements and method of defeating it without forcing that conflict prior to the players ability ( not the frames ability ) to deal with it. Those that bootstrap from outside information sources will speed through it, those that do not are still well able to get up to speed and kill it clearing the field. UI - The Parazon needs to have modding access directly in the navigation lich interface, instead of multiple pointers tunneling through other interfaces. Being able to directly modify the requiem from your stock keeps the prior attempts in full view for direct comparison and streamlines it significantly. Also, the tutorial button present on the lich page in the codex needs to also exist on the navigation interface, as that is the first UI contact with the system it needs to have the information there right from the start and repeatedly accessible to smooth the learning curve*. Additionally, on successfully taking down the Lich with the right mods the convert/vanquish UI elements should be closer to the middle of the screen, as on my non-standard setup they were in peripheral vision and not immediately evident. The 10-15 second pause before they are presented also caused me to wonder if I'd crashed or disconnected and further confused exactly what was needed and when it was time to actually choose. Dramatic pause is nice, overly long dramatic pause and UI elements placed in peripheral vision while trying to ascertain if the sim was still connected and running just provokes issues. Of eight Lich, I've had three repeat weapons. Two of them have been minimum bonus, another a mere 1% above. Your system is not polished, and is currently designed to frustrate. - a Kuva Lich will not have the same weapon as an immediately preceding Lich - on generation, the system checks which weapon types a player owns, and lumps them equalized into a 15% portion of total chance, with the remaining 85% total chance divided equally amongst unowned weapons. This while not guaranteeing a non- duplicate weapon vastly decreases the chances of an owned type being generated. ... watched the devstream #134. Not much point continuing feedback posts on it, and that is a very bad sign. Railjack looks good, remember to safeguard resources I need for research and construction from pub crews making a bazillion missiles I don't need. Hopefully you up the squadsize to eight so the railjack has a crew of five and a striketeam of three. Didn't see any indication of that, but it'd be a nice upgrade. On the Lich – Wrong answer, Bad mojo. Eleven months ago you said you were still learning how to do this – you now have 2 concrete example of doing it fundamentally wrong, both in the last six weeks or so and taxing significant goodwill from your community. Thanks for trying to mitigate it a bit after, but flat no is a match in the powderkeg at a crucially inopportune time. Even if Railjack comes late you need to fix this, and the petty dev angst revenge of the Grendel missions as well. Both sour the game and eclipse what should otherwise be an incredible expansion effort. *Note 1 - the tutorial button seems to be on the lich UI itself now as well. I either mised it or it was changed, not sure which but was worth mentioning.
  9. LichFrame Part 1 – Noobtanking it I deliberately went in cold, to see how well the experience was presented from the aspect of someone newer to Warframe. It was a deliberate facetanking of the system, and as such took around 3 days of intermittent focus on LichFrame, punctuated by stepping back and writing things as they hit me in the moment, and then resetting and going back for another run. Most of that is not suitable for posting due to scathing fury driven comments and in some cases excessive profanity. Most of it was frankly unuseable and not really constructive as written. Some bones of that visceral beast remain here, sorry if they're a bit sharp. For what it's worth, Part 2 is far more constructive as it was not a worst case scenario. If I were a new player and presented with this first run of Lichs, blind and with no preamble except the awesome video from Tennocon I would likely drop the game fairly quick after a few encounters with the Lich, or quite possibly not even make it more than a few Lich missions into it before quarantining it to an oubliette somewhere. It boils down to ... 1) making a lich buys you in for FAR more initial setup than it appears Make a quest that walks you through getting three requiems, and gives you a 'minor' or 'malformed' lich killable with the obtained requiems, which caps at level 2 to get oriented to the system, and outlines the rest of the system so you know what to do when the training wheels come off. 2) once you opt in you have no way out but suffering through it This is a game, not a real life choice. Allow a player to dismiss a lich, with a minimum 1 week 'Kuva contamination/poisoning' cooldown until they can make another. Consequence, not indenture. 3) the setup you MUST do is based on RNG at a number of points RNG on 'maybe' getting a relic, then 'maybe' getting the right drop from it. While pushing a parallel relic system when there already is one may be easy time padding or a quick interim hotwiring to run it out, it is lacklustre. Allow us to boil a regular relic in kuva+argon+fieldron+mutagen to create a random requiem relic. Refining with red corruption/requiem whispers/etc focuses the resulting drop to one of the current required requiem, incrementally excluding all other possibilities except a required unowned requiem for your current lich. This could also be used as an additional method for discovering their requiem components. 4) remember how annoying Ordis or Lotus is if you leave a mission unfinished... ...reminding you every single time you use navigation? Now he wears a lich mask and insults you every time you enter or leave nav.... 5) ...oh, and now he steals your stuff. In the larger sense this is less problematic, but if you're going for maximum player alienation this checks another box. 6) The RNG combination on the lich forces no win/scripted death scenarios for a handful to a dozen encounters unless you randomly guess right from ~336 combinations. There's is no actual thrill of danger here, it's completely binary. Guess the random combination. If you guess wrong, you die. Repeatedly. Maybe you get a hint every once in a while. On first blush emotionally engaged players will either disengage and walk away or it will toxify their feelings for you and the system you've inflicted on them. Deliberately encouraging your players to not care about your game, whilst simultaneously deriding them for attempting to with game elements is a bad combination. You've solidly missed the mark on balancing the allure and emotional return of the encounter, likely in an attempt to ramp up hype on how evil and powerful the NPC are. The NPC do not actually enjoy your game, which is the mindset you encourage your players to adopt by relegating their agency to an RNG roll. 7) the lich levels up after each of these forced encounters, rapidly capping them at sortie levels which is not fun for newer players unless they're carried...which is also less fun A good journey or story does require adversity, increasing stakes and odds, and the clear possibility of loss... or victory. Once the shock of the game flat-out devhax cheating to kill you in a stunning televised-wrestling-like scripted reversal wears off, you can't ramp it up much from the initial guaranteed death encounter. The journey has ended, the story is over, what's left is to continue to drown the player out of your game with an ever higher crest of toxic humiliation should they decide to stay logged in. Additionally, as it deserves to be made an explicit point of its' own... 8) removing control from your players then killing them SUCKS. Don't do it. Ever. This way lies madness, broken friendships, Troll DMs and dysfunctionally toxic community relationships Don't try to say you've never played dice rpg. You knew what you were doing and thought it would be cute to charm your players and throw their shiny emotional attachments into the scorpion pit. Did you think to ask what would happen if they DID detach, and as a follow through how they would view you for the 'experience'? How about their friends, would they sit into your session? Would there be a next session.... ever? *this section was way worse, downright medieval. Sorry for how harsh it is now, but you're welcome for how savage it no longer is. 9) the reward weapons require 5 forma to max, each, making them shiny 'come hither' wallet suckers. Being able to make forma does not hide deliberately creating a large hole easily filled by paid for consumable plat, and simultaneously cheapening the investment and unique nature of the Paracesis. Having to re-max the weapon in stages using kuva and possibly a requiem as a catalyst would have been far more appropriate. 10) consumable requiems echo the above deliberate integration of a soft sell monetized progression paradigm. Allow requiems to be recharged using an argon crystal and kuva per usage recharged, and transmutation at 4requiems+credits+kuva for a new random uncharged requiem. Good tools wear and repair, but rarely break. The takeaway from that is the system needs work even if it's an interim measure to get the Lichs themselves into the game. If it is not at minimum pulled back from the current 'We'll make NPCs devhax cheat while constantly insulting you to prove how little you are worth and by extension wanted in our game' state you will bleed a lot of players ( if you haven't already ). People don't play a game, even a free one, to be transparently insulted ( except niche interests, of course ). This is exactly the toolset you've coded for the Lichs and given the player no options other than opt in and get with the stockholm syndrome for a few weapon options, or to not participate which invalidates ... how many years of your work, and what unknown portion of future plans are soured by a potential prevalent community rejection of the system as currently implemented? ... In my personal opinion, Lichframe needs to evolve quickly or it creates an axis of failure in an upcoming larger and more cohesive integration scheme you've previously hinted at, sneak peaked, and partially outlined. *Again, Part 2 is far more constructive as it was not a worst case scenario.
  10. I saw this on Primetime, and was surprised I didn't see a topic here for it. Congratulations! Link to the ' Top 30 under 30 - gaming ' section below https://www.forbes.com/30-under-30/2020/games/#4c2b4d843436
  11. MOA have the same issue with their precepts - if they are holding a charged stomp for example, they will not fire or use any other precept until that stomp is discharged. This leads to cases where they run around for minutes without getting close enough to an enemy to discharge the stomp doing literally nothing but running around. I've seen a case where a MOA holding a charged stomp like this was downed, and when resurrected did nothing for the rest of the match. I guess the skill was emptied/reset but the flag for ready to fire was not cleared or something, leading to script lock of everything.
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