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  1. That's fair too. Overall the whole "debate" here is really getting out of hand and obscuring good points on both sides.
  2. Well, there are weapon-specific mods too. So far those haven't returned. With other things, it's just been unclear, like with the Wolf's hammer, so there was FOMO at the beginning at least. Okay, hang on. I'm not alleging an evil conspiracy; maybe the term FOMO has too much baggage to use objectively right now. My point was that it's pretty obvious that Nightwave is designed to keep players returning on at least a weekly basis for the duration of a season, by offering exclusive content that wouldn't be available outside of that season. I'm not talking psychological ramifications or whatever, I'm just pointing out that it's a limited-time event with exclusive rewards, so there's naturally incentive to participate within the given window. On top of that, the end times of seasons have at times been up in the air (such as right now with season 2), which contributes to players' feeling that they should complete every week along the way in order to get to the rewards they want. If we knew how long the seasons went for sure, we as players could decide strategically when to participate, but we're not given that information until later on in the season.
  3. All this debate about FOMO (fear of missing out) misses a point that should be fairly obvious. Whether the FOMO is rational or not, Nightwave is designed specifically to exploit FOMO. The entire basis of the system is limited-time tasks for limited time rewards. The alerts were different, in that if you didn't catch an item once, you knew it would pop up again. Many other events are similar, such as Fomorians and Buried Debts; they might be limited-time but they continue to recur. To my knowledge, the only times DE has addressed this concern were when they announced that the Wolf would get a summon beacon and when they clarified that the Eidolon Ephemera from the Intermission would be available again in the future. Other than that, the foundation of Nightwave is FOMO, because the assumption is that, for example, if you don't complete Season 2 and get the infested operator suit or whatever, then you never will have the chance to get it ever again. Anyone remember how much plat the Wolf's hammer was going for when it first appeared (https://warframe.market/items/wolf_sledge_set/statistics, and check out the 90-day price chart)? That's a measure of the effect of FOMO. As soon as it became clear that the Wolf would be around for a bit, prices evened out. In addition, these aren't one-weekend events. Nightwave requires at least a couple of logins a week sustained over a 10- to 12- week period, just to view all the challenges and decide what you'll do (based on daily challenges being available for a few days after appearing). Incidentally, that extended time commitment is probably the most compelling argument for keeping the challenges generally easy and accessible. Side note: We can talk about how a video game shouldn't be so important to people or whatever. However, if the takeaway from the Nightwave discussion is that the game should be less important to players, then that means that Nightwave is backfiring for DE, because it's pretty obvious that it's intended to keep players engaged.
  4. Find a squad and share apothics. You should get credit for helping kill specters summoned by others' apothics. I say "should" because I was in a squad last night that killed three specters in one mission. Other members of the squad got credit for all three, but I got credit for only one, and that was before I even used my own apothic.
  5. I have the exact same situation here. I discovered the "Jailer" challenge accidentally when I happened to run a capture mission.
  6. Heh. Someone actually had a Limbo. He got disconnected, and by the time he got reconnected his friend had moved around to get energy and they ended up guarding the wrong goal. 😑 By the time we realized, it was too late. But yeah, in general the strategy should work.
  7. Maybe if you've done everything and maxed out everything already, and even then... I spent an hour or so last night trying to get the Index challenge completed (in pub squads with people who were also trying to complete the challenge) and still failed. I also attempted the gilding challenge this week, with a couple different weapons, only to realize I was lacking in standing or resources and would have to put in even more time farming, which I may or may not be able to complete in time. Another of this week's challenges is 10 syndicate missions, definitely not hard but potentially time-consuming, especially if you want to run it in one sitting, like you mentioned, and get stuck with interception or survival. Also, having a significant other who's also into the game makes the time investment easier... just sayin'. For some of us, family is a separate obligation, not one we can conveniently fulfill simultaneously.
  8. "69% of the points per week" does not equal 69% of the tasks. If there are 7 daily, 5 weekly, and 2 elite weekly tasks per week, and we can get away with skipping 2, that's 85.7% of tasks needed for completion.
  9. I'm reaching the same conclusion over here. Just have a couple more challenges I can do, and I will just make rank 3, making, as you said, about 90% completion needed just to hit rank 30 in 10 weeks. From what I saw on the season 2 announcement, it will run for a minimum of ten weeks, but they admitted they don't even have an end date yet, so we have no idea how it will run.
  10. Oh really? So we all actually weren't crazy, or whatever. It's completely possible that people could have read the original Intermission post in its entirety and still never known the end date, unless they happened to notice that it had been edited later on.
  11. As much as I agree with you, that's not going to happen when even DE doesn't know when it's going to end, as with the current season. 🙄
  12. This is one of my complaints with Nightwave. Fortuna has never run as well for me as PoE, ever since they fixed the black bars that some, including me, were seeing across the landscape. Fortuna continues to run so slowly and lag so much, for me, that I don't go there unless there's a challenge like this, and maybe not even then. I know that I will spend way too much time in loading screens, and that even then it might not run once I get there. (My computer might be old, but it runs PoE well enough to get by, so why is Fortuna so different?) So yeah, if stuff is going to be gated behind a Fortuna-related challenge, then I'm stuck. A similar thing happened near the end of Intermission. I suppose it's nice that, when I finished the last week's challenges, I got a few of the previous week's unfinished challenges. However, when one of those was "complete three sorties," and Intermission was ending in a couple days, I was stuck anyway. So I guess that's two separate complaints. One, if you're going to run events and challenges centered around a specific area of the game, then make sure that area works. Two, the catchup system is a decent effort, but doesn't really allow the access to past challenges that it's supposed to. For purposes of comparison, regarding the catchup system: I play PUBG mobile semi-regularly. Their Royale Pass system has daily missions, which are available for three days before expiring (identical to NW's daily challenges), and challenge missions, which are revealed on a weekly basis and remain available for the rest of the season. Under this system, there's a timed gate on the daily missions, and on the season as a whole. However, there's a ton of freedom to complete the weekly-revealed challenge missions at one's own pace. And that's how easy it could be to minimize FOMO in Nightwave.
  13. You have a point. But you also described two opposite ends of the spectrum for DE’s handling of issues: tucking the information in a text block in a forum post on the one hand; and sticking it in our faces, like the ghouls’ notification or something, on the other. There are timers on other parts of the Nightwave system, and it wouldn’t be difficult to incorporate this information intelligently, in my opinion. It doesn’t have to go from one extreme to the other.
  14. Alright, my bad on that one. 🙄 Still, as other people have pointed out, it wouldn't be that hard to put this information in the actual game interface. I'm not a huge fan of having to read a freaking press release to understand what's going on in-game.
  15. Wow, thanks for the heads up. For season 1, at least we had a rough idea when it would end, and how much each week we'd have to get done in order to make it to the top rank. Now, we get less than a week's notice?
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