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  1. I was watching a stream and the streamer twice experienced 2 level 30 Coolant Raknoids appearing during the last phase of the opening quest of Fortuna (where you ride the K-Drive for the first time and run through under the Profit-Taker's legs). All surrounding enemies are level 9, and I presume this is not intended. They very quickly destroy the coolant tower, discouraging the streamer from further attempts.
  2. Concept Broken is a compilation of 3 masters of elements (Cold, Fire, Electricity) that were defeated during the Old War. Few paralleled their powers, but fell due to their rivalry with one another and refusal to cooperate. Their parts are threaded together and revived using void energy, and though their individual powers are a fragment of what they used to be, it is up to the Tenno to harness and combine their strengths to overcome their enemies. Passive Chosen element gives strengths as well as weaknesses. See ability 1. 1st Ability Mobilizes chosen elemental master (shuffles through form, much like Equinox). Cold: +Defense, -Speed Fire: +Attack, -Defense Electricity: +Speed, -Attack Modified by Ability Strength. 2nd Ability Fuses second element to the primary element chosen by 1st ability. Curtails weakness of primary element. On-Trigger effect that drains energy. Cold + Fire: +Attack, 60% effectiveness Cold + Electricity: Normalizes Speed Fire + Cold: Normalizes Defense Fire + Electricity: +Speed, 60% effectiveness Electricity + Cold: +Defense, 60% effectiveness Electricity + Fire: Normalizes Attack Modified by Ability Strength, Ability Efficiency, and Ability Duration. 3rd Ability Emit 5 (max 10, modified by Ability Strength) rapid successions of radial pulse of the chosen element (visualize Mag's 3rd Ability, Polarize, but repeatedly) and applies 100% status chance of the chosen element (Cold, Fire, Electricity). If 2nd Ability is active, the pulse will combine the 2 chosen elements (Radiation, Magnetic, Blast). Free movement during pulse. Modified by Ability Strength, Ability Range. 4th Ability Releases the void shackle to summon the unused element(s). If 2nd Ability is active, only the remaining elemental will be summoned on the battlefield. If 2nd Ability is not active, 2 elemental specters will join the fray (much like Wukong's 1st Ability, Celestial Twin). Modified by Ability Strength, Ability Duration.
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