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  1. I was playing Happy Zephyr with my Japanese friends and noticed a difference in the English and Japanese client leaderboard. In the English client, we can select the Happy Zephyr leaderboard to see the highest score for the week, but in the Japanese client, the leaderboard does not exist. Thank you for your attention to this.
  2. More often than not, I find myself unintentionally triggering the edge grabbing animation because I came in proximity of an object. Sometimes the said object doesn't even have a proper foot landing, such as a pole or a narrow pillar. This grab range feels surprisingly wide, and I always feel that this maneuver is outdated and more of an interruption to reaching my destination than actually being useful. I would like to suggest that the grab triggers only when holding the space button while airborne. This would potentially eliminate unintended automatic edge grabbing, and it now becomes
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