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  1. Sounds to me like you just want prime access/prime vault to be cheaper. People have been buying them for years so clearly there’s no issue with some players. Plus, warframe is free, along with its numerous character, weapons, and content. And it’s a good game so I’m far more forgiving and even accepting of this practice. Yes it’s expensive, but in the current gaming market, value is subjective. We have players who’d spend money on various skins in fortnite, who’d buy EA sports games every year, or who’d buy the prime access. But if you want to talk options, fine. There are various amounts of platinum that are sold, you can simply buy those packs and go to trade chat. Prime access and prime vaults also have options, even though they’re limited to two. I’m ok with how it is now tbh
  2. I’ve been playing Anthem and it’s....well I need a break from it. I like it but my god, I’ve lost my mind out of frustration. I look at the forums and redit it’s very polarizing and even toxic at times. It’s even brought out the worst of me. So I’m back at warframe. I’ve always loved the game and and what DE does, but after playing anthem I have a new appreciation for DE and warframe. Anyway, happy to be back 😊
  3. Toxic players plague every game. It’s a universal problem that developers can’t fix because they can’t foresee this. But the community here is better than most. That in and of itself is a big deal.
  4. Additionally, typical trade lingo goes as follows: WTB- want to buy WTT- want to trade WTS- want to sell When the day comes that you want trade or sell rivens you’ll want to link it by typing “Riven Mod” in brackets like this [Riven Mod]. That will take you to a screen of all your available rivens and you choose which one you want to put up. You’re also limited to a number of trades per day based on you Mastery Rank (MR for short). The higher your MR the more trades you can make. Furthermore, you can’t trade or sell particular items if the person you’re trading or selling to if they aren’t at the proper MR rank. So if you’re selling a blueprint for something locked at MR 13, you won’t be able to put it up on the trade screen for someone if they are bellow MR 13. Not sure why it’s like that. Just some additional info for you to be aware of 😁
  5. Rhino, Chroma, Oberon, Mesa Ive been away for a while, when did umbral forma become a thing??
  6. Stalker weapons maybe? I mean they’re tenno themed weapons. At least that way I’ll get the hate scythe......it’s been 2 and a half years give it up already 😭😭😭😭
  7. I wouldn’t know since the stingy jerk won’t drop them for me 😭 it’s been two years.....
  8. I can’t remember the last time I used a specter 😂
  9. I built a lot of new prime gear, so I’m not complaining 😁
  10. Can you blame them? We’re talking about a company with a notorious reputation to shut down studious if their games don’t generate enough revenue, implemented unregulated gambling as an integral part of progression in Star Wars BF 2, took to court to defend said gambling practice in Belgium, has earned a reputation for releasing unfinished games (either technical or content wise) and even let politics ruin one of their own main games.
  11. Well that’s nice. However, I’m not so sure anthem is gonna a serious competitor for warframe. I think destiny would be much better competition for anthem. Especially since they have more in common with each other than warframe. Who knows? Maybe it’ll get Bungie going to get good stuff out for destiny. But as it stands right now, warframe is leagues above anthem from a technical and design standpoint. But anthem has potential to one day properly compete with Warframe
  12. MR 16, 2 and a half years in and I love Warframe!
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