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  1. @Yakozaki maybe bioware should hire OP for writing Anthem’s stories 😂
  2. I bought the ash deluxe skin, then 1 year later I found myself mostly using nikanas and I’d like to get the sword skin that came with the bundle but I can’t unless I shell out plat for the whole bundle. Needless to say I’m all for it
  3. I know. I said so myself that it’s likely not gonna happen. DE knows what this game is at its core and so does the audience. But DE is innovative. I didn’t specify if this would be a quest or game mode, but I was already leaning towards it being a quest and thought others would assume the same. I bring up the operator because I think a good horror experience restricts you with what you can do; to make you feel as vulnerable as possible, not knowing what you’re getting into or what to expect. I do get where you’re coming from though. Not everyone might enjoy this. Plus it’s a lot of work and I imagine programming AI is no easy task. But man this would be awesome to see
  4. So lately I’ve been hooked on alien isolation and amnesia: the dark descent and I couldn’t help but wonder if warframe had something like this with the operator. Say we’re struggling with “the man in the wall” for whatever reason and it interferes with our powers. We wonder about in a creepy orokin environment with only the ability to produce a small amount of light to see. All with similar mechanics to amnesia with sanity and unpredictable AI from alien isolation. Or maybe this could be how we get introduced to another umbra frame like rhino. Highly doubt this’ll happen, but I thought it’s a cool idea worth sharing 😁
  5. It’s opening a locker/crate.....how rewarding does that really need to be in warframe?
  6. Agreed. Especially since there’s no solid end game here (unless you count sorties)
  7. I agree. Those prime cosmetics aren’t cheap. We should at least get a feel for how they look/color before buying.
  8. I love the idea! I can easily picture too! He could be sitting in the quarters by a portrait of his former self while playing the song we hear in the sacrifice quest whenever we play as another frame.
  9. Since Umbra got his change, I think it’s fair prime got his. I still think you guys should just be glad you have him honestly.
  10. Can’t you get someone to do it for you? It’s not particularly difficult and I’m sure you can do the last mission.
  11. You’re gonna find toxicity in any community you make yourself a part of. It’s not the dev’s fault.
  12. You can’t win them all. I liked the attachments too and would’ve preferred to keep them on while having the scarf off. At the very least though, they finally listened. I’ll take that any day
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