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  1. Please be Nezha, need a primed femboi that isn't that Ambush that Inazuma Liger designed 😒
  2. Lmao a YES man already made the second post with excuses.
  3. Might as well just play pretend in the simulacrum. Have some friend make the Teshin voice and tell you what to do. I thought hardmode would be like the mastery rank parkour tests, except larger and more advanced, with harder enemies and modifiers. There are nodes that have long since been abandoned, or just need to be erased. Mostly for being redundant. Hopefully they don't just copy paste those.
  4. I'm glad they don't listen to the people that cry out for universal nerfs. They get bored and basically want a Destiny style reset. What the game needs is raids, like in other games. With limitations, modifiers, and in context difficulty. Now you have a separate mode for people who want to play a challenge that is apart from the rest of the game, while not dragging everyone else along with them
  5. Keep your nurfs and changes to your own game play, I like zenurik – and don't want to change the way it works. I don't bother with those other energy gain strategies besides the damage=energy mods in tandem with Zenurik. That's the only use operators have, as batteries.
  6. This all sounds like convoluted nonsense that's just going to make things even more messy. Most of the damage types are useless filler, and you get to a point where any of it only matters on very high level content anyway. You can kill just fine with a no added element at all even. Really, I'd like if the base damage types had effects, like puncture pins them against the wall, impact smacks them into other enemies, slash cuts them in half and yields health orbs, toxin makes them fall to the floor and spasm, electric the same as when volt shocks them, fire they do as they do now and run about, and cold where they freeze in place.
  7. Yeah I'm pretty tired of getting fuel Tron samples and neurons for logging in. It just goes on a giant pile in the back of the orbiter or I'd feed it to the fleash-chair. as a matter of fact that could be an interesting little gimmick. Just like when you give money to the latverian museum. The chair talks and thanks you for the scraps.
  8. 🥵 Cripes, if you accidentally click on little duck's exposition you have to sit and wait instead of being able to skip it. Minor QoL thing but is pretty annoying if you're trying to hurry ad click to the trade menu.
  9. Did anyone else notice that the sentient lasers fire even after they die now? The little light effect and beams stay up until the full duration has ended, regardless of the actual sentient. That's pretty annoying at higher levels. I don't even know how they managed to sleek that.
  10. I didn't even notice that there was a new Levarian. That's really so many miles ahead of the rest of the game concerning lore and story design. The voice actor is excellent and alive, and the stories themselves feel organic and stitched into the Warframe world I WISH was there during gameplay. Imagine Destiny lore cards and weapon/armor descriptions but there's a narrator. Unfortunately both suffer from the fact that the writing team for separate lore is infinitely better than the in game writers and what story you are a part of.
  11. I despise time gating, it's a horrible game design, and the concept is anathema to the entire point of a video game. To PLAY. Warframe is full of it and it drives me crazy. Sitting in the trade chat for hours to earn plat so I can "rush" instead isn't fun either, nor is it the point of Warframe, which is to kill and parkour. I really miss Dark Sector.
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