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  1. I noticed this thread hasn't been locked, despite them saying "bada bing, bada boom". So at least the smoke is still on the water. If the thread gets shut down then we'll know, the gates to Noah's ark have been closed. Everyone outside is drowning. ⛈️⛈️⛈️
  2. I would consider it a verbal contract of sorts, unfortunately some people have serious Stockholm syndrome. By the sounds of it they're saying "if you didn't get it, too bad". Which is unfortunate, because my stuff was linked and I watched both streams. So it's more of a Pontius Pilate washing his hands of judgement thing. That'll be the last stream I ever go out of my way to watch. The twitch drop system is just too broken.
  3. I can't believe there's people that support a lack of options. How backwards do you have to be? Are you Amish perchance? "If man was meant to fly he would have sprouted wings"!
  4. I really liked the hostile mergers survival mode. Protecting the defense points, all while killing hordes for resources and prizes. The only problem is they need to add everything else to that mode, like endo and kuva. Other stuff too, maybe cosmetics. Now take that and have it warp to different maps like in Onslaught minus the "drain" nonsense. That's what sustainable content means to me anyway. Not necessarily new stuff, just stuff I can keep playing and get resources.
  5. I still haven't getten anything. I watched practically the whole thing straight through. Maybe they should use a different system than twitch drops. I know people will inevitably share them, but prize codes will at least allow people who get them to get their promised item.
  6. I still haven't gotten anything despite having a verified linked account and watched all streams.
  7. I still haven't getten anything. I watched practically the whole thing straight through.
  8. I mean there is bits of lore that were connected to Warframe, but they kept severing them as time went on. Like the Nyx and Excalibur skins, they come with lore that connects the stories. Plus the GLAIVE. Alas, it looks like it was just a nod, for the older fans. I liked it, but I don't think they word left field Dark Sector in.
  9. Guai Lao! Wukong is an offering to the great Chinese overlords, supreme leaders! Show respect, or you will be ding dong bannu! Line ends here!
  10. I have another question, why do the warframes bow at the end and then transfer out? Salute to chateau autisté? I always wished they went over more detail about the tenno that didn't sleep, and gave you the choice to have that in your personal lore. The Stockholm syndrome with Lotus gets annoying too. You get these 3 morality choices in some of the game, I'd like to chose to not be a thumbsucker please. It's a cool CG movie, even if it's pretty different from how Warframe plays in game. It almost reminded me more of Dark Sector. It's pretty clearly a Tenno or someone like the Arbitors of Hexis, who know much of the Orokin lore. What would be great if they added more all those Samaris scan stories, about things before the fall. It would be even better if we had some missions based off of those things. A mission based on the day of the dragon drums too. Like a stalker flashback.
  11. At this point I wouldn't really care, modding is pretty easy, even lame weapons can be strong. Plus if you're not a knuckle-dragger you can move around quickly and avoid getting shot while gorilla tactic killing mobs. This is even more evident if you start a new account, and use your knowledge of the game to play with a lato or burston and a starter frame. What I want is more weird weapons, with weird effects. Like the peculiar mods but crazier and innate to the weapon.
  12. I would love it if they got rid of the day-night cycle in Cetus that dictates Eidelon appearances. I don't like having to play at specific times, or waiting, so I don't even bother. I just want to shoot and kill. I also hope they keep Ephemiras rare, and don't give them out like candy.
  13. Not as much as Mirage, Mesa, Saryn, Excal Umbra, and Valkyr use spending the night in the space sack with my Tenno! 😜😈 Ordis hasn't spoken a word since the first time 😂👌💯
  14. Literally, not metaphorically, get good. There's cover and Tenno mode for a reason. Got killed once then learned how to not die. It's one of the easiest bosses in the game, and you spend most of the time waiting for it to move back and forth from the conductors. How much more will need to be nerfed to appease Nick Jr. Players? Will Warframe be diluted until it's a Telltale visual novel? Edit: I want to add that I always use Excal Umbra for the fight, and no arcanes. The little amalgams, sentients, and Boss itself could not be easier. The lasers occasionally cracking the whip add a refreshing flavor!
  15. I would lick the fine wine off of Astolfo's chest 😩
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