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  1. Baruuk is a great frontline and area control. Essentially, he can grab agro and pretty much not die and then transform into this area controller who can clean up trash mobs. Try Guardians Derision with him.
  2. Thats a lie its scales with battery so 80% without redline and 100% with redline. You have increased gravity when using it. This is a personal issue anyways HONEY. This one is conjecture. Ive played gauss since release. The battery doesn't drop when casting redline. So you start with 80%. I think you forgect that you can cast all your abilities while mach rushing and you gain 10% from mach rush and cold thermal sunder. So i dunno build efficiency like you should and dash 10 times with mach rush. You know his tag line is "nerf stop moving" right? If you stop moving you lose charge. This shows a lack of understanding gauss. You know whats medicore. Titania. All she has going for her is a cc and damage. Gauss as tons of cc, armor striping, speed, and a dps boost. He can also tank realtively easy as well if you KEEP MOVING. I dislike the minority of warframe player who trash warframes when they first come out because they dont want to adjust how they play to suit the warframe!
  3. But tell me. When do you want to use tribute and Latern? The efdects are so nominal that they are just flavor. The djinm attractionnis better than Latern and legit every other buff in the game is better than Tribute maybe dust is usefull but man does it suck to work for bufds that dont do much
  4. We've have disagreed alot hut the more i play the more i understand your point of view. It is very practical.
  5. Ive tried to get this forum to see why Titania needs a look at. Why she needs to be helped and you know I just can't anymore. I love this frame and will never stop advocating for her betterment but this forum is not the place to do it. Your posts get taken down and not a single souls has anything constructive to add ever. It pains me that no one, on this forum atleast, wants better for Titania(and by extension Nyx cause she is in the same boat). Everyone is just satisfied with the extreme mediocrity and decent nature of her. You know what satification got us? Wukong and Vabaun being medicore for a year to years. So what they are just going leave the frame like it is until the community finally gets too the point where they can all see the mediocrity. It took pressing for Vabuan changes for how long before DE finally decided to change him. Titania is going to end up like him. Eventually, she will have no place in the game(her and Nyx) and soon will become irrelevant(even now she has no strong standing in any gamemode save for Hemocyte and Lephantis though even that has been taken away from her). You may have noticed I didn't make any points in this rant and that js because i refuse to waste my breath anymore. No matter what I say the forum will find away to tell its fine ven though by the Devs own standards and the way frames are made today shows it is not. So go ahead, continue to only use Razorwing and Spellbind only. Continue to Blitz. Does matter if you know what Tribute or Latern is right? Doesnt matter if you rarely use it. Does matter if you randomly die cause rng decided that the bullet should hit you. Its all fine because she is "decent".
  6. I am so tired of people telling me Titania is fine the way she is. Titania is not fine at all. She does fit anywhere in the game ans just does subpar in every function. She is a medicore mess down to her base idea of being the Faerie queen of lore. I say thos out of love. By Lotus, I love this frame and it pains be to look at her in my inventory and decide to play Oberon/Baruuk/Wisp instead. She is so squishy with not benefits from being that squishy. Atleast Banshee, Volt, and Mirage are damage gods with their squishiness Titania is just okay. Titania gets out done by guns most of the time. Then there is also her utility and CC and they are lacking and inconsistent. It would be better if it was either NOT BOTH! And to top it all off she has long cast animation that mek using anything other than Spellbing and Razorwing a nuance. Her Spellbind is such a useless CC. It is the only CC that makes enemies near impossible to dps in any manner. Atleast with ragdoll you don't have to worry about the enemies flying to Lua and the Lotus-Forsaken Kuva fortress if you shoot them once! I understand when its over enemies have to go pick up their guns wherever they were CCed but whats the point of that? Its just a bootleg Radial Disarm that don't work all too right. Her Tribute CC is not noticeable nor is its debuff. The buffs look good on paper but just suck in game. Accuracy reduction does help with aoes nor does it help with hig tick rate or high firerste enemies like heavy gunners and corpus techs. The slow is nerfed compared to other slows cause it does not reduce fire rate and attack speed of enemies. Why is that a thing. Why is jer slow different than every other slow in the game? Thorns is so bad. She can't make use of it. Even a Cleming Rhino/Chroma couldn't make use of it. The pet buff is the only one that is semi good hut pets are just bad ai that sometimes do things. Her Latern is so bad. The CC is not whats bad. Attraction CC actually works when done right like with the djinn, but because her Latern FLIES AWAY TO CLEMING SPACE it doesn't do anything cause the aoe goes with it and the damage is nominal. Sure it comes back after like 10 Lotus-Forsaken seconds when the ability is about to end anyways and don't talk about the augment who even uses it? Now you might think I have good things to say about Razorwing but I don't. She does good damage even though it is only single target and she can do Eidolons and she can do the hemocyte/Lephantis but let me ask you this. Why bring Titania instead of just bringing a Soma Prime/Grakata(Prime)/Supra Vandal/Tenora/Tiberon Prime/Stradavar Prime? Atleast with Excal/Valk/and even Aang(Baruuk) they do amazing(Baruuk not so much) damage and you want to use their weapons. The Dex Pixia doesn't do that for me. There is no awe to her ult other than ooooo mini archeing with butterflies oooo magic cause she dies too easy cause one stray bullet ends you or your Razorflies die to quick and you can kill quick enough to restore them or even the heal can't restore them at certain levels. Even with moding to make her tanky she still gets gimped. Thank Ballas they removed collision damage for her. The point of this rant is to get people on the train of rework Titania. What she got was QoL what we need is what they gave Nezha and Wukong. I love this frame, but is irrelevant and weak and with Empyrean coming and more new frames. I fear she will be forgotten and thrown into the trash for years like Vabuan was.
  7. Im sorry let me explain this to you slowly. Why would i change the name of the reasource to something different. And many reworks on here do the same thing. But if i had to pick a name i would call them Mallow Points. Look it ip its a flower associated with the fae. Have you ever tried holding e for a charge attack? Glad to hear that however, the level of bad wukong was is wildly accepted as bad and soon Titania will be there. So this isn't just my notion. It is a bit of a consensus. But you do. DE didnt change Vabuan until the entire dang communtiy said they were done with him. You do make a difference.
  8. First of all, Did you read the ability? I don't think you did. The Razorflies are a reasource and depending in how much if this reasource she has she gets the buff in parkour velocity much like Baruuk's passive. Also it would not be feasible to have a passive around her flying. The game is not setup for that you have to be practical. You show a lack of understanding of the game by suggesting that. And the infinite stacking is something Gara does. The stacks are so you have the reasource for the empowered casts. And Gauss has three abilities in one. And Garuda has 2 abilities in one. And Ivara has 4 and Vabuan has 4. I rest my case. Okay so let me get this straight. You just called the passive useless earlier and now you are saying it is useful? You do know the Razorflies in the passive arent like the ones she gets in her ult right? They are just a reasource nothing more nothing less. Also I think you are forgetting mods. I said the damage reduction scales to 90% and I haven't decided the multiplier yet. Radiation is what Oberon uses and since he is the Faerie(not Pixie cause Titania is not a Pixie) King it makes sense. Alsothe Fae have been known to tamper with spuls and dreams so it makes sense. I am bafdled that you say you wouldnt use a ability that give damage reduction healing and damage afterwards. The range is short because i want you to build range to use the ability. The damage scales with mods and so it has to be low at base. Did you read my reasoning? Did you even read this rework? It does not look like it cause you still think the Razorflies from her passive are like the ones in her ult. Its to spread status and since you are usimg the Dex Pixia is is good to have a rnaged ability so you can i dunno stay at range? So you are not happy that frame who obviously needs help nearing pre rework Wukong levels of usability. You don't want better for her? You.just want mediocre with a half baked Faerie aesthetic that barely integrates powers of the Fae?! That is a problem. That probably wouldnt be such a bad thing. It is people like you who keep frames in a sorry spot. Just like Ember and Nezha. Atleast Pablo Fixed Nezha.
  9. It would seem that the Wukong rework and the promise of a Vabaun rework, that the forums have finally shifted their views to other frames that need attention. Finaly, Titania and Ember are getting a well deserved look over by many on the forums which makes me rather happy. Prehaps DE with change her before too long unlike Vabaun but that is yet to be seen. Titania has many issues and while there are ways ti combat these issues, they still are rather prevalent in her kit. Furthermore, for her theme and namesake being of the legendary Fae Queen, she lacks many Fae powers. This rework aims to fix her issues and make her more akin to Fae in lore What are Titania's issues? Well, I would say her biggest issue is survivability and lack of utility. The issue with Titania is that she tries to be a Jack of all Trades that does damage. However, she performs terribly at everything other than damage. Spellbind, while good to get enemies off you makes it hard to land criticals and can sometimes causes enemies to fly off into space, terrible for open world. The problem with Tribute is that the buffs do nothing in the grand scheme even when playing with a party. Sure accuracy reduction is useful until you face napams, bombards, and heavy gunners. It only takes on shot to kill you or various aoes. Latern is too inconsistent suffering from the same issues as Spellbind and the issues that come with attraction CC. Razorwing, though being her best ability, gets out performed by almost every exalted weapon. Im not saying it does no damage, quite the opposite in fact. Im sure she has the second higest single target dps in the game.(Valkyr slide attack legit kills everything) What im saying is that it is lacking the benefits other exalted weapons give. Also, evasion is a poor method of survivability even when at 100%. Take Baruuk, he still gets messed up by aoes. What are some Fae powers? Healing: Fairies have the ability to cure broken or withered plants; wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases and restore the emotions and spirits of others. Photokinesis: Fairies have the ability to project and control light and nature. Fairies and witches are the only species shown to possess this power. A Fae with this ability can channel nature through their body and project it in a concentrated and powerful blast of light which seems to manifest as kinetic force, conclusively throwing or repelling objects a considerable distance. Most fairies use this ability to attack an enemy. They can even turn the energy into an explosive ball that they can throw at their enemies, somewhat like a grenade. Mesmerization: Fairies can make humans do their bidding. The fairy only needs to have eye contact in order to seize your mind with a simple phrase or change in tone of voice. Chlorokinesis: Fairies can manipulate vegetation. Fairies can grow plants to enormous proportions in nearly any environment, and use them as weapons that can grab and attack with vines and roots, grow or retract thorns. Superhuman Strength: Fairies are much stronger than any human. They're strong enough to toss a fully grown human across a room with great force. Superhuman Durability: Fairies can take far more trauma than humans can without much discomfort or injury. Supernatural Knowlege: Fairies are much older and wiser than humans and even other supernatural creatures like vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters. Telepathy: Fairies have the ability to read each others' minds and can read other peoples' minds as well. Glamour: Able to cast vivid and convincing illusions in order to trick others as demonstrated with the illusion on the fae world, making it appear more appealing and beautiful. Oneirokinesis: They are shown to be able to enter peoples dreams and converse with that person when fairies both entered their slumber. For a vampire, drinking large amounts of fae blood might trigger oneirokinesis. Fairy/human hybrids seem to receive the dreams while they are in a coma. Longevity: Fairies can live much longer than most other creatures, but they are not immortal, implying that they eventually face natural death. They can, however, be injured or drained of their blood to the point of their deaths. Upon dying, a fairy returns to their original appearance and their corpse dissolves into glittering dust. Oath: When Fairies make an oath or promise the fairy and other person must touch fingers and a photokinetic light with come through the promiser's arm. It is possibly that if the oath is broken the promiser may die. Shapeshifting - Fae shapeshifting is not what one normally thinks of when they think of shapeshifting. Fae usually only shapeshift to increase or decrease their size. This shapeshifting is proportional so that they cannot, say, make only one body part larger. Flight - Fae can fly by way of their wings which can be used at any size due to their supernatural power. Shapeshifting - Fae shapeshifting is not what one normally thinks of when they think of shapeshifting. Fae usually only shapeshift to increase or decrease their size. This shapeshifting is proportional so that they cannot, say, make only one body part larger. With so many options, why is ahe limited to such random and rather useless abilities in game. Oberon fulfills Fae power more than Titania. He actually fits he namesake. So why can't she? Lets change that. Rework Time!!! Passive Dust Bloom Whenever Titania uses an ability, kills an enemy, or allies kill enemies, she gains a Razorfly. She can stack Razorflies infinitely. Titania can choose to expend Razorflies on abilities to improve their efficiency and power by casting them on or after a bullet jump, double jump, or roll. Furthermore, for each Razorfly gathered, she gets 5% bonus parkour velocity stacking up to 50%. Titania will also creat dust blooms each times she casts an empowered ability. These dust blooms buff allies for 10 second granting them her passive. The bloom lasts for 20 seconds. Allies can refresh the buffs by staying or reentering the bloom. Base radius of the dust bloom is determined by the ability cast. This is more intuitive that her current passive. Now you are able to actually make use of that Trampoline effect by giving it to others. Furthermore, the reasource effect will be used later. I know people dislike having to hold abilities so implementing the special casts on parkour felt correct with her fae identity and especially with the better velocity on them she gets from her passive. NOTE: If she hits multiple enemies with an ability, she will get multiple Razorflies. Ability 1 Spellweaver Titania targets and enemy and casts a spell on them mesmerizing them for 10 seconds. The mesmerized target will blindly follow Titania around unabled to attack. The enemy will teleport to Titania is she goes more than 30 meters away from them. Shooting enemies will cause the target to dash towards them. Recasting this ability will cast another spell that does an aoe burst of light around your mesmerised target. This blinds in an 10 meter area around the target for 10 seconds and does not go through walls. Titania can then recast the ability once more to kill the target causing flowers and foliage to sprout from its corpse in the same radius as the light.. This creates a blessed zone that will cure allies of status effects and rend them immune to them for 15 seconds. Empowered cast You gain and fourth recast of the ability. On this fourth recast, you command the plants you've grow to bind enemies in the area by growing into vines. Doing so causes them to be rooted and their guns to jam for 10 seconds. Cost 10 Razorflies Things to note. The dash is quick much like a Tenno bullet jump. You can rapidly tap the button to make the effects go off quicker. Initial cast is a two-handed action. Recasting is a one handed action. This does instant kill one enemy. The duration of the mesmerization is refreshed on the second cast. The enemy does no damage but does take agro. The initial cast of this ability cost 30 energy and the following recasts cost 10 each. Each cast does grant a Razorfly. Dust Bloom is proced at the begining of the fourth cast. The enemy does not give you buffs associated with their class such as the ancient healer. It does not function as a mind control target. Instead it works like a deployable. The enemy will have Razorflies and a wispy effect around them when mesmerized. The light aoe will look similar to orb of expanding light. The growth will look like Oberon's Hallowed Ground but with flowers and the vines will fully wrap themselves around the target. Her animation should be quick hand movements much like she conducting. Ability 2 Latern Titania spawns a Latern at her location that follows her around as she moves for 10 seconds. The Latern grants the following benefits whilst within 8 meters of it: 20% damage reduction at base and 5 health regeneration a second. The Latern stores the damage that is mitigated for its duration. When its duration is up or if Titania recasts the ability, the Latern will detonate dealing radiation damage modified by a multiplier. Empowered cast The Latern violently collapses rather than just exploding at the end/recast of the ability ripping the souls out of nearby enemies. This doubles the damage modifier and applies a 250 health buff on allies in the area that last 15 seconds. Costs 15 Razorflies. Things to note. Synergy: The damage mitigation effect is centered on the Latern. That being said, if this ability is cast whilst Titania has a mesmerized target. A second Latern will spawn at the location of the target granting it the buff as well. The buffs do not double if the areas overlap, however, the damage does. Dust Bloom forms on explosion. The mitagations can go as high as 90%. The effect will look like the current Latern but with more earthy effects as if the Latern is made of rocks and grass. It is also much smaller than the size of the current Latern. The explosion should look like the Latern imploded and when it violently explodes, it should look kinda like a vortex with Razorflies swirling in. Ability 3 Tribute Titania shares her knowledge with her allies buffing them against the enemies they are facing. Titania grants a buff in an 15 meter aoe around her that gives 15% additional element damage to all weapon attacks made by allies. The additional elemental damage is based on the types of enemies being faced. Empowered cast The buff is doubled to 30% additional elemental damage and she grants 20% flat status chance to all weapon attack made by allies. Costs 20 Razorflies. Things to note Synergy: When cast in Razorwing, the buff also explodes from a targeted area as well as from around Titania. Then do not stack or double in effectiveness if the zones overlap. Dust Bloom forms in the aoe(s) of these ability. The flat status chance is not effected by mods but the additional elemental damage is effected. This ability should look like updraft of wind. Buffed allies are marked with a single Razorfly following them next to their shoulders almost like it is whispering in their ear. Ultimate Razorwing This ability remains unchanged save for a few elements and an empower cast. I propose a shift in priorities, the Dex Pixia should be more crit attuned and less status while the Diwata is more status attuned and less critical. The reason for this is that the Dex Pixia is a dual pistols and rapid fire guns like that make better use of critical chance. Melees also make use of status than crit as well. This will also lend reason to use the Diwata rather than the Dex Pixia at times. Razorwing also no longer grants evasion and only spawns 3 Razorflies to assist Titania since the rest of her kit grants so much survivability. Furthermore, I feel like the Diwata should have a ranged effect on a charge that send foward a wave of energy or dust that procs status. Empowered cast Titania cast time on all abilites is sped up in Razorwing and her Razorflies now benefit from the effects of Latern and Tribute. Costs 15 Razorflies. Well thats all I have to say. I just want to see the frame be good and not just tossed aside forever and given a prime when there are still crippling issues to her kit. I love this frame and only want good for her.
  10. Thats most likely due to the fact that it is a heavy ape cc ability. There are ways to make it do more damage. It still kills trash mobs up to level 150 with relative ease. The issue is the tanky characters but you can just finisher th is his finisher damage multiplier is so huge. Otherwise, you can short up spin for head hit with his spon attack and melt units close to him.
  11. Please, De keeps looking at Titania. She isn't finished yet! Do let he be in an "okay" limbo MAKE HER GREAT!
  12. Titania needed better physics on her one as well. Her buffs onntribure need some changes perhaps maybe soke related to damage? The lantern change is great. Nyx changes look wonderful. Im just sad my lovely Fae didnt really get touched. He Dwiata still needs help in damage category and the dex pixia ammo economy is a atrocious. Maybe some more love for titania?
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