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  1. Well I have a full concept on the forums but it is a warframe based on descent into madness. Here is a small excerpt of what I made him to be.

    Lotus: This is Swindle the twisted, the deceiver. Decieve enemies and devel into madness to make your will reality.



    Madness is not your enemy. Channel your insanity and change the way you play with Swindle.


    (Very basic but will be added to later)

    Ah Swindle, quite the interesting warframe...whether he was good or not is still debated to this day. He was the product of a failed Orokin project that aimed to create a coldblooded and cunning assassin to do their bidding. They had taken their most devoted  and ruthless Dax and transformed him into a new warrior, however, they subjected him to horrid visions and forced him to kill even before his transformation was finished. It twisted his mind beyond repair. They succeeded in making a killer, but it was one they couldn't control. One day, he broke free and left a trail of death behind him. For years, the Orokin had to watch their backs as Swindle would come and murdered who he pleased. However, Swindle still seemed to have concept of right and wrong and work against the Orokin. He was there when the emperors were slain. He was the one who took the final blows. 

    Here is the rest of the post if you are so interested.


  2. Titania needed better physics on her one as well. Her buffs onntribure need some changes perhaps maybe soke related to damage? The lantern change is great. Nyx changes look wonderful. Im just sad my lovely Fae didnt really get touched. He Dwiata still needs help in damage category and the dex pixia ammo economy is a atrocious. Maybe some more love for titania?

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