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  1. after they nerf...i mean killed my Spin to Win atterax , is Broken War going to be the next in line for spin to win ? because i been hearing it is and just want to know before i start farming it .
  2. so they want us to play solo in a online game ..................make's sense
  3. worst update ever in warframe , i see why so many people are leaving this game now 🤣
  4. i know after 4 years of playing they needed to nerf spin to win but DAM they didn't just nerf it they Killed spinning attacks to the point even level 10 enemies laugh at us now , but i know after 4 years this isn't going to be the last of the nerf's to things in the game . has of right now we aren't going forward in this game we are going back but have fun playing this great nerf to nerf to nerf to nerf game where fun is not allowed , don't worry every person's go to weapon will be nerf to the ground sooner or later 🙂 have fun with the game .thank you DE for the 4 years of nerf after nerf 😎
  5. this was the icing on the cake for people to be moving on from this game , over the pass 2 year's this game been nerfing one thing after another to the point now it's not even worth playing . you shouldn't take a break for a month and come back weak has hell then you was before this patch feels like they pushed us back years .
  6. is this an out-of-season april's fool joke ? , you Nerf Spin to Win into the ground WHY .
  7. o wow thank you , im done with it but when me and someone killed it i was a little bit back shooting and i didn't get it so i was wondering why and now i do :) thank you Rebecca mommy
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