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  1. 15 x Mother Token's nice guess i don't have to do bounty's no more 🙂
  2. Grandmother need's to be 10 token's for Seriglass Shard not 20 plz
  3. there is so many bugs and things that need to be change ....it's tuesday how about you get on it .
  4. the only token i hate and need's to be reduce in half or more is Grandmama , Son is a hard 2nd but not that bad has Grandmama has of right now
  5. ya see that it works , they will fix it tho when they come back ......maybe
  6. ya it's bugged on the new open world to , after i do a bounty come back into the hub squad bar on the top left is hidden so can't leave so i have to leave then come back .....fix this NOW
  7. ya just started for me today when i press Esc nothing shows up on the top left of the screen no players nothing just blank
  8. Conservation should be like a mini game that you do on your own time and nothing to do with content , we already have Fishing and Mining and people got use to that over the years but Conservation is just the worst thing in this game EVEN worst then liches and that is very bad.
  9. even if they don't do nothing but i think they should but Son Token's should of been for last Rank not rank 3
  10. i know right , a easy fix and everyone will be happy but until they do something with Son Token's people will rage 🙂 until they understand that Conservation is not content , it should be a mini thing you want to do on your own time not part of any content that gates you with that crap .
  11. If they just put Token's in Bounty's rewards then alot of people will be happy about that if they aren't going to change it .
  12. ya im going to be stuck on Rank 3 forever until they make it easier ,,,,,,,,,,rank 3 i bet is the hardest not the last one lol gg DE you did it again another failed update
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