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  1. im not a founder and im about 7k away from MR 29 soooooooo i don't know what you are talking about
  2. DERebecca has stated the following on the topic of people being upset over Primed Chamber being exclusive: "Ah, we did not say the Primed Chamber mod is Exclusive to the Drone weekend event, it was just the first time it was introduced. Sorry for the confusion there! I imagine it will appear again in future events." , this is from wiki primed chamber
  3. telling us what lich weapon drops and taking off Holding E for heavy attack's was the two best life change's ever in Warframe . Thank you so much 🙂
  4. how about fixing the content we have now for year's and not bring out 90% bug/half azz content ......................just a thought
  5. ok with you nerfing the lvara stealth farming trick , you need to do something with intrinsics for Railjack because even with the xp booster on you get around 4 to 6 per run that can last 8 to 15 mins each run that is WAY WAY to little to get . You are making leveling intrinsic now a Job that will take HOURS to get level 7-10 on each , you need to up how much intrinsics we get now because it's terrible how many we get per mission.
  6. Thank you DE for not nerfing the Stealth Bonus in railjack with the new update 🙂 one love
  7. Stealth Bonus, don't change this until you can fix Railjack 90% and up there is no reason to nerf what we do with Stealth kills in Railjack , as of right now there is so many problems with Railjack mechanics and how you get intrinsics the Stealth kills is the only real way as of right now to even farm intrinsics and not make it a job and spend HOURS AND HOURS just to get 1 little level up . take some time to fix Railjack before doing anything with the Stealth Bonus so we can have at least have a way to really farm intrinsics without making it a job to get it.
  8. 10 day's now and still no word/fixes 🤣
  9. it's been 35 day's now and still NO OPTION TO TURN THIS CRAP OFF 😡
  10. LOL i was on the last mission on earth last night and after the host put us for the dry docks the screen for everyone was black , we was in the mission for 35 mins then i waited for all the players to leave for another hour and got the mission done and my loot even after everyone left and i aborted 🤣
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