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  1. I'd say the entire population in general needs to get that through their heads.
  2. I got it to drop around the time it was added to the drop table for the normal encounter. Is also locked up my game so I had to grind for it again at the end. So yeah, no problem with throwing that into the shop for people.
  3. Think that’s how it’s always been I think, somebody was rad proc’d and killed the terminal.
  4. Yeah I’m honestly not sure. Only thing I can find is the twitch drop page on the warframe site with the drops grayed out with expired on them. I do hope they run another one at some point, it had some pretty sweet cosmetics in there.
  5. The campaign for that has run its course and is over. Whether or not they do another one is anyone’s guess.
  6. Seems like it’s working, I can watch the live progress bar in the profile. We’ll see how claiming goes but so far this seems alright.
  7. I was going to write something along the same lines but you saved me the effort.
  8. Seems that way. Albeit the aiming takes a couple minutes to get the hang of but once you figure out the reticle it's pretty easy to suck up a whole room.
  9. I just swapped out arcane guardian for energize. Still have hunters adrenaline in there but it's only to make sure I can get more back in a pinch. I've never really run into energy issues that way. Usually by the time you run out, its shooting right back up to full anyways.
  10. I pretty much agree with you, especially this part. They’ll never be able to balance this game so that every frame is as viable at certain things as the next. Whether or not you like a frames abilities or not it another thing, but if you don’t like one, there a ton of others to choose from. Variety is the spice of life as they say, I just happen to like a side of meatballs :|
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