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  1. Actually there is going to be 5 in total and I know exactly where it's going
  2. I put it on Xaku for the heck of it. Cast Ensnare and Gaze on target. Pull everyone in, everyone dies. Negates a little bit of targets not being in the 100% defense strip range. Works well on maps like Kuva Defense.
  3. I think picking a room is fine for survival, more important to do really when cracking relics. Occasionally you get a public group that works well together but more often than not you got that one guy running all over the map, scattering spawns, and then you end up with half the people not being able to open relics. I'd rather camp than chase people all over the tile. As far as limbo goes I honestly just use a minimal range, long duration build, and protect mobile defense targets so people are free to do whatever. But that's about all I use him for. I personally find myself leaving
  4. No, I liked the granum void setup as well. I actually just bought the protea pack from the market when she was released because I was looking forward to trying her out but farmed another set while getting the other stuff anyways. I honestly felt like once you got a few extra coins stocked up it was a pretty quick farm to grab everything. I didn't realize the tilesets bugged out though.
  5. You don't need to create multiple posts for this, taking a look at the stream thread it looks like the drop might not have worked today. Relink if you're paranoid and try again tomorrow. It was only a single token so not exactly a huge loss.
  6. I solo’d it all. Ropalyst fight is a buggy mess but I enjoyed the rest of it. I used Nyx more than I probably ever have for some of the stuff so that was a nice change too.
  7. As bad as the drop rate is in the vaults, I've had a little better luck there than the bounties. I think total I've gotten 3 from bounties. I did get lucky last night and went from having no drops from the mechs to getting 2 out of the 3 to drop one in the T3 vault. Luckily my kavat proc'd charm right before so I managed 4 in that run. I've found 3 floating as well.
  8. I do agree with all your points. I've never been one to shy away from the grind or anything from this game, but with this update I sort of feel like they spit in our face a little bit. First time this game has ever left me feeling that way.
  9. Congrats, I’ve got 7 more to go 🤪🤪🤪
  10. I’ve gotten 2 from bounties shortly after Deimos release and have picked one additional one up floating in the vault. I get why they’re making it rare, but at the same time making people farm this much for something, at least in my eyes, sort of sours a generally enjoyable update. Especially when the RNG is so harsh. I think adding it into grandmothers oddities for maybe 30 tokens or something (I’d be fine for 50 at this point) would be a nice alternative for people having piss poor luck.
  11. I luckily farmed all the mech parts right before the hotfix but I’ve had 3/4 parts drop from the mechs in the vault. Probably within 30 kills. Same boat with the scintallant though. I’ve got everything farmed and ready to go with that being the roadblock. They should just add it to grandmothers oddities or whatever it is and call it a day. Until they change some stuff I have to stop playing for my eyes and sanity sake 🤯
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