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  1. Had anyone said decorate your dojo yet? That’s a good way to lose hours upon hours of your life :)
  2. Eventually you’ll just get used to the different routes. The checkpoint usually doesn’t take into account some of the vent path ways or dead end areas. I still get lost on occasions :)
  3. I probably agree most with this. I like those modes but at this point I just find myself grinding for kuva, relic packs for new prime releases, and the occasional riven. I’d even be happy if they added a new color palette where you had to grind out each color and make some duo tone or some sort of special gimmick for a few of them. That’s my dream 😊
  4. Classic “I don’t know how to do something so it sucks” thread.
  5. Yeah one puke with Grendel with an Arcane Energize and I’m usually back to full energy anyways. I like him as is and I’m more worried that they’ll “fix” him and end up ruining him :) I’d say he’s like one of my top 3 favorite frames at the moment.
  6. Might have been said but that’s how it always is when new prime stuff drops. Recruit chat is the best option.
  7. I glanced at OP’s thread at work so I didn’t read it too thoroughly, but I think the idea of being able to modify our weapons with different perks or whatever would be cool. My reply wasn’t stating I think more RNG stats are good. Just piqued my interest that some sort of weapon customization would be fun, even though I don’t care either way. To me the current system is fine as is but it would be just another thing to mess around with. If they could do it without making everything complete broken and OP (doubtful).
  8. I’d be up for it. Also something like a Helminth system for weapons.
  9. I’ve gotten 2 so they do exist, but the drop rate is worse than original void hole chances it seems :)
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