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  1. They caught wind of what tile set the mission is on, I’d stay on the ship too…
  2. I would have went the Jet Set Radio route, would have been cool to give her water propelled inline skates with boosted mobility and movement where tricks could be used to build up some sort of buff meter. The vent kids have that whole JSR vibe going on anyways. Basically keep the trick system of the k-drive without the board. Would have been a good compromise to get around some of the K-drive clumsiness. I’ll be interested to see how she works out though.
  3. Out of the last 3 years I like this armor the best so personal taste I suppose. I’ll agree with you about the ephemera, it’s a little meh for me but we have a zillion others so no biggie. I look at the ticket purchase more as my yearly contribution to DE so I don’t feel guilty for never giving them any money and validates my right to complain 😅
  4. Same here. It's a hot mess, and I've enjoyed Railjack since the early days but I absolutely hate void storms and won't ever touch them again. I'm cool with grinding out the sentinel and penta, way more chill. If anything, they should have just put the frame and weapon drops in a skirmish/captain assassinate mission and called it a day.
  5. I think it's fine as is with the beacon/invasion farming. I like to stock up on beacons whenever they come around and throw them out in random public missions for people. It's been a while, but I never really found that grind terrible. More of a passive grind and you get the parts whenever you get the parts. I think the G3 were the only ones I used a beacon on to get the last part for the Brakk. I wouldn't mind if they threw them into Steel Path survival missions and spawned after 20 minutes or something like that on their respected tile sets so people like yourself didn't have to lose th
  6. Though, Railjack is one of my favorite things in Warframe so I'm still really looking forward to it whenever it drops on consoles. I'll bring Grendel I suppose because he's the best frame ever (fight me). But seeing as how many hours I've put into the Outriders demo I'm ready to go all in on that sucker.
  7. I don’t think would exactly help streamers grow their channel. I would suspect most people would just turn the stream on and walk away. Also, there’s no way platinum would be given away for free and if they dropped rivers every few hours I don’t think there would be any point in grinding any out in the game. I think something like a random arcane might be better suited for something like that. Growing organically is better for sustaining a channel in the long run too. Otherwise you’d just have chat flooded all day with !drops or whatever people spam chat with. You might end up with an in
  8. I'd say the entire population in general needs to get that through their heads.
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