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  1. Give it another week or so, they aren’t available until a few weeks into the month.
  2. Actually you’re right, I got it. I had just woken up and in my brain I was thinking Stropha skin. I thought it was strange I would have gotten 2 and skipped the third.
  3. We had a weekend alert I think. I got the Drakgoon and Ogris but we didn’t get the Staltha skin (I don’t have it unless I missed it). I really want it but I can’t justify the bundle for just one skin
  4. I’m not sure if it was added with one of the updates but the crew ships do in fact have reactors on the outside of the ship now. You can either use the traditional ordnance shot or seeker volley to knock them out or you can directly target them with your guns and destroy them which takes the shield down. It’s still faster to just do it the original way though.
  5. Now we wait and see if you got any of this correct 😁
  6. I think because most people have given up on DE coming up some some worthy “end game” content. As far as the idea of just massively increasing enemy levels, for most people if they’re that late into the game it won’t matter if the enemies are level 200 or 1000. I personally don’t think they should bring traditional raids back but I like the idea and execution of the Deimos vaults. If they could somehow expand on that type of mission I think they could have something pretty cool. I’d also like them to incorporate it into a sort of endless Railjack mission where you could work off a bounty board of sorts and fly around to each spot with skirmishes being in between. Add different weekly special missions or something. Artificially increasing enemy levels only gets you so far, I’d like them to just build something fun and worthwhile. With all that said the idea of an end game in warframe doesn’t really make sense anyways with the way they’ve built the game. Plus having content that splits the community isn’t going to happen. As soon as you do that the mob comes out. IDK.
  7. Here’s the least suggestive gif I could find.
  8. I know you want to kill your Lich and you seem about ready to throw in the towel on Railjack but I’d suggest just pumping the brakes for a bit and focus on turning your Railjack into a flying killing machine. Watch some videos explaining the new system and how everything works and just run through the star chart missions. They’ve made it so easy to get mods now and you can make your ship quite strong really quickly now. By the time you get to Veil you should be in pretty good shape and just you’ll just be able to run through everything on your own. I know adding the Liches to Railjack sort of gated off that content slightly for people that haven’t progressed that far yet but once you get the hang of everything it’s a pretty fun experience. Just hang in there 😉
  9. Railjack is the best thing to happen to Warframe, I won’t listen to any opposing views on that topic ;) As for the other stuff, your RNG just got the best of you, I’ve had pretty good percentages dropping almost every time and have been on a roll with ephemera’s. The update didn’t change or break anything in that regard. For the mission types I’m not sure if they’re bugged or it’s just that the objective spawns too close to extraction which can sometimes cause spawning issues. I’ve noticed the same thing as you and I just suggest running an exterminate or something else instead.
  10. I want it as a text notification 👌 Can’t download though 😓
  11. Had anyone said decorate your dojo yet? That’s a good way to lose hours upon hours of your life :)
  12. Eventually you’ll just get used to the different routes. The checkpoint usually doesn’t take into account some of the vent path ways or dead end areas. I still get lost on occasions :)
  13. I probably agree most with this. I like those modes but at this point I just find myself grinding for kuva, relic packs for new prime releases, and the occasional riven. I’d even be happy if they added a new color palette where you had to grind out each color and make some duo tone or some sort of special gimmick for a few of them. That’s my dream 😊
  14. Classic “I don’t know how to do something so it sucks” thread.
  15. Yeah one puke with Grendel with an Arcane Energize and I’m usually back to full energy anyways. I like him as is and I’m more worried that they’ll “fix” him and end up ruining him :) I’d say he’s like one of my top 3 favorite frames at the moment.
  16. Might have been said but that’s how it always is when new prime stuff drops. Recruit chat is the best option.
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