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  1. pyr0_storm

    Fan Concepts Index

    Lotus-Class Warframe
  2. pyr0_storm

    Hotfix 13.7.2

    yo dawg I heard you like absorb so i put an absorb in your absorb so you can absorb while you absorb.
  3. pyr0_storm

    6/2/2014: Login Issues.

    Infested Corpus ate the hamsters.
  4. pyr0_storm

    Hotfix 13.5.1

    I had no trouble with it really, maybe equip better weapons and frames or go with a squad that knows what they're doing. That said, I know what you mean; I have a Rhino Prime with Blind Rage and Intesify equipped so I get double the damage reduction with Iron Skin and even still I went down a couple times the first time I gave it a run. I switched weapons and tactics and I was fine afterwards.
  5. pyr0_storm

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    More fixes, less new stuff please....
  6. pyr0_storm

    5/20&22/2014: Connectivity Issues

    This just happened to me -___- I was forcefully logged out, can't log back in and get errors alternating between internet connection or bad info. I hope I didnt lose all the bonus xp I was working so hard for.
  7. pyr0_storm

    Warframe Ability Changes: Nova

    Do you realize how conceited you appear just saying that? I get more power and destruction out of my Rhino