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  1. Yeah and i tried to make a frame that didn't feel overpowered but i do have to agree that this needs some improvement
  2. This is my first frame concept and i'm a huge fan of infested. Sorry for my grammar and other sentence structuring, not one of my strong points. name: molysméno -stats armor-450 health-450 energy-250 shield-275 movement-1.10 duration- 100% efficiency- 100% range- 100% strength- 100% passive- during bleed-out, molysméno will explode into maggots which will attack nearby enemies and steal there life-force abilities maggot sworm when used will send out 3 maggots that will expload on impact drain- 25 damage- 300-600 area damage- 125-250 radius- 2-3m undead armor when used molysméno will grow outer layer of bone drain- 50 duration- 30 seconds damage reduction- 25- 65% retribution when used will increase damage while sacrificing health drain-50% base duration- 20s damage increase- 15% dooms day when used molysméno will summon a giant sword of pure infested darkness drain- 25 drain/second- 2 damage- 300 life steal- 3%
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