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  1. You recieve Chordalla Prime upon building and claiming Valkyr Prime. Everyone gets it for free. If youre implying you bought the pack that came with Valkyr, yet still dont have the Chordalla as an option to equip on her attachments screen, then you might need to submit a ticket to support about it Here
  2. You would have to submit a ticket to warframe support Here Explain everything as well as you can, they will also need your above screenshot and info like what time/date you played the mission to look up the data in their servers. I hope the best for you!
  3. Nah, cause they're still in the codex as seperate entries from the two new guys.
  4. Bit of a bump, but browsing through the Warframe drop tables, it appears the Zealoid Bastion drops power cells... havent seen any in the new derelict wave, and there is no Orokin Derelict Excavation.. so makes you wonder
  5. Has anyone found the Zealoid Bastion, or Zealoid Prelate? Theyre in the codex, you can see their names by going to the simulacrum. yet after 6 of the Derelict missions still cant find any. Though WF drop tables say the Bastion drops power cells... but there is no ODE Hmmmm...
  6. PS4 now also has this called PS Plus sadly Edit: just found out you can actually still play warframe without it... huh.
  7. You also have to take into consideration, the dual pack comes with the glyphs, and will net you Saryn and Valkyrs prime noggles when theyre given out at christmas again.
  8. Lets see... since you keep staying on this point, PC has: The Steam Pinnacle Skin packs, similar to our console exclusives. The twitch Prominence Packs also PC exclusive. Founders exclusives, if you transfered to console you werent allowed to take them with you Those steam sale skins, Vauban, Rhino. Thats just off the top of my head. Which just comparing to our skin exclusives? Is almost double. Plus theres a diffrence between an exclusive diffrent colored/painted item, than an entirely diffrent item... which like OP, i would love to see some news on the Fae coming to console.
  9. This is a recent feature. You must have the room built in order to gain experience from it. Replacing the room anywhere replaces the XP. The old way of leaving it when the room was destroyed broke clan xp. As for his rushing platinum, it is refunded to the clan vault if the room is destroyed. This platinum can be used to rush a diffrent room, but CANNOT be refunded directly back to a player. Thats how its been since forever.
  10. They have indeed added toroid drops to all 3 Raknoids on the vallis a few updates ago. Mites drop Calda, Brown drop vega, and Kyta drop sola.
  11. This already exists as Exploiter Orb that gives you a bunch of vallis resources.
  12. Eun IO for a bit, with a booster, youll easily get ~1k every 10 rounds or so. Even without a booster, but 4 players all being clan mates, it should go by quite quickly.
  13. The hover over text is how much Oxium it takes you to actually build the part once you have it researched. The second cost on the right however, is how much it costs your clan as a whole together to research it, so that you can all copy the blueprint to build it individually. Hope this helps clear things up 🙂
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