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  1. The nightwave store gives blueprints, youve still gotta build them in your foundry before you can use them.
  2. It can only be equipped on the gaze kitgun, you can tell what weapon the riven is for from the first word/words in the name.
  3. Clan Name: Stealth Squad Clan Tier: Storm - Rank 10 Clan Platform: Xbox One My Clan Role: Warlord / Architect Featured Image; Our Dojo takes the theme of being an abandon Orokin tower, that has been inhabited by the Stalker Faction, with their scheme painted on the main halls, while some rooms still keep their original look and feel. Our clan has been around since nearly the beginning of Warframe on Xbox! and we were a heavily Solar Rails focused clan. Most of the original clan layout is still intact, along with our many Orokin Labs, and we have been constantly expanding and redecorating to try to make it look as best as it can be! The clan overall worked hard, and we hope to place this time in the Autumn Dojo Contest! Additional Images: Thank you for taking the time to look at our Dojo! Good luck to everyone who enters! 🙂 ~Dale
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