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  1. Just relog, or do a mission. It will be there when you go into your ship again
  2. It would Breach ToS, you will be banned if DE were to find out it happened. And seeing as you've just posted about it on the official fourms... I would recomend against doing it.
  3. Not sure about that one. That might be permanent until you get a better one. In which case, contact support if they can reset it.
  4. If you bought it with the right account, then it was sold to the right account and it will be there when you log in on it. Prime Access/accessories are not shared between accounts on any platform. No exceptions. Also note, be carefull when having two accounts, there are alot of things relating to it that could breach ToS and get both accounts banned. Such as trading between the two. But thats not the topic on hand.
  5. Unvaulted relics are exclusive to the void these days. So yes, you can get them in MOT. Sometimes they are in bounties, but this time they arent.
  6. Clan Name: Stealth Squad Clan Tier: Storm Clan Platform: Xbox One Clan Role: Warlord, Architect We're a close and tight nit clan that has been around since the solar rails days. The clan and most of the basic layout still stands from ~5+ years ago. and so do some of our original decorations. We have revamped the Dojo, while still keeping those old aspects in place. We've even decorated most hallways! Though not many of us get on a lot anymore for periods of time since Solar rails went away, I'm happy with what we were able to come up with, and i hope you like it too 🙂 P.S. I know we have a lot of Orokin Labs 😉 Additional Images: Edit (5/5/2019) Forgot two pictures:
  7. 99% sure the leaderboards reset weekly. Alternatively, deleting and replacing the room will also clear the leaderboard.
  8. Frame fighter was made by a group of the devs in their own free time based off a fans idea. Then hooked into the game as it was. It wasnt a "waste of development time" when they did it at their own leisure off work hours.
  9. No where in the lore does it say Ballas was stripped of his Executor rank.
  10. It is quite possible that its cause hes not max ranked. Atleast i remember some kind of gimmic going on with that. Mightve been something else though, but worth a try.
  11. 1. Uninstall build. 2. Unequip helios 3. Restart the game. 4. Reequip helios 5. Unequip deconstructor 6. Reinstall just investigator 7. Go to OV and find an enemy 8. ??? 9. Grofit?
  12. Have you already completed the codex entries for the things you are trying to scan? He doesnt keep scanning them once its complete unless you have the Detect Vulnerability mod on him too.
  13. I think you read it wrong, though they also said it weird. They mean its worth 55pl of Forma bought from the market, or if you get 2 packs of 3 its 70pl idk where they got 47. Unless im wrong and reading it wrong, again they said it weird.
  14. Yet im the one telling facts, and you arent doing anything to disprove it or agrue your side? Alright. I understand you're a waste of my time 🙂
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