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  1. 2 hours ago, Sovyul said:


    That's because that's where the enemies "exist". Enemies from what I've noticed have 2 hitboxes, the first one is the aforementioned. Imagine it like a ball that levitates above the ground, that's the enemy. The 2nd one is its body that you see as any corpus, infested, grineer, etc unit. If you hit the 2nd hitbox then the 1st one is hit as well.

    However there are ability mechanics in the game that scan for the 1st hitbox in order to be executed, but ignores the 2nd.

    The 1st hitbox in most cases exists either on the 2nd hitboxes feet or crotch area, this is most observable while using Peacemakers with exhausted line of sight on an enemy that's about 1-3 meters away from you. It doesn't matter if the targeting reticle is encompassed by the enemy's model and it's clear that you're aiming at it, Mesa won't shoot if you aim the the torso or head. But if you aim at their crotch area or right leg/feet, she will start shooting.

    And in this case, Diwata hits enemies where they actually are.

    Again, I merely assume that this is what's happening because it makes sense from my experiences, don't take my statements about the hitboxes as facts.

    This may very well be the case here.

    What interests me the most, is if it all means that it's a bug simple to fix or rather quite the opposite?

  2. 2 hours ago, Duality52 said:

    This was done when TItania Prime Access came out, but hey Titania Prime is one of the few frames with actual proper shoes!

    Do you suggest the change to Diwata locking-on was intentional?

    From what I've heard, it's more likely part of a problem with broken locking-on with archwing melee weapons since Railjack released.

  3. Locking on enemies' feet also triggers collision staggers with the ground every other swipe.


    This problem breaks Diwata to the point it's almost unplayable. DE, please fix this 😞

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