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  1. This. Duration builds are a bad choice for Xaku and so is its 4 now even more useless (ability "pause"+ anti-fashion). It is just bad for a frame if the best thing you can do is replacing its ult with a helminth ability. Xaka round 3 when?
  2. launched warframe for daily login: oh big update.... reading changelog in forums. ohh.... not even xaku update 🤮
  3. Scarlet Spear looks like Citizen Kane of Events now :>
  4. No forma. Old plague zaws.... no event ....💩
  5. 1. Disruption mission 2. Helminth System 3. Nezha rework 4. Arbitration 5. Harrow deluxe 6. Nezha deluxe 7. Zaws 8. tennogen fashion 9. devstreams :> 10. the idea behind railjack 🤪
  6. But it is true :> You can always run some fissures, arbitrations etc. There is just nothing on those open worlds what corresponds to that. Which is a shame because they are really beautiful landscapes.
  7. Please let us mod Nezha's ring like exalted weapons :>
  8. Liches still boring murmur farm. Railjack needs something more than one mission. Disruption in space would be nice. (Only gamemode I do not fall asleep ;) )
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