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  1. Due to those technical limitations there seems to be the only solution to have less and tankier enemies. I just hope void storm are not just railjack taxi + attached fissure missions.
  2. Agree. Gameplay is awesome. Feels already very balanced. Powerful abilities and still challenging on high difficulty. They just have to improve netcode and matchmaking. Fixing a ton of bugs and then hopefully we will see some DLC's Harrow would fit perfectly into Outriders. And some Outrider mods would make primaries in Warframe pretty interesting. :>
  3. "abort mission until host" is the new host option :)
  4. "just play something else" is what I am saying to myself after this railjack update and wachting today's devstream. ... and I guess the 1. april will make this pretty easy for me ;)
  5. "abort mission until you'r the host" is the new host option
  6. Biggest bummer today... and it explains why POIs in railjack missions are so empty and boring ("defend console" -> 5 corpus units incoming). Hm maybe those enemies on POIs need to be more tankier (and drop some better rewards then). Anyway after this update I do not have much hope left for RJ ...
  7. From watching devstream today: - railjack taxi (space pew pew + separated ground mission) seems to be set in stone for now. - probably not possible to open multiple relics in void storms. - not even mentioning railjack/warframe energy topic??? - railjack host option gone for now.... ... I did not had the biggest expectations for this railjack update since so many disappointments and still somehow surprised how far away railjack is now from the original concept which was really promising.
  8. Since we do not have to test necramechs in missions anymore, wouldn't it be better now to allow warframes for orphix missions?
  9. How to make archwing fun? -> Gunner 10: Railjack turrets auto-fire on target at which you are firing with your archgun 😎
  10. hosting with your own railjack still not possible....
  11. please make at least 2 AI crew members available even if 4 players are in team. Then railjack stays functional if 2-3 players are on a ground mission.
  12. If you think about it it.... it is still just one mission type. Skirmish. Kill Fighters, kill crewships. Yes, there are ground missions attached to corpus missions. But from the railjack perspective I would not call it new missions.
  13. and you will also find 5 people who still have fun with archwing ;) but well, maybe void storm mission will provide some gameplay closer to the original vision of railjcak. let's hope ,)
  14. the whole team could not enter the orphix ground mission.... oO plz fix
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