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  1. I figured the forum has a lot of passionate opinions so thought a wishing of wellness for the period of Christmas holidays would be a welcomed distraction. After all, behind our Tenno is a living breathing operator =D
  2. Just something different for the discussion channel. Just a simple merry Christmas to you all and or a happy holiday! I hope you all have a safe and pleasant day! =D
  3. Thank you DE for the update this morning, I was on farming Ivara prime relics and spotted the text, read further and noticed EVERYTHING to indicate we were getting empyrean at that moment. As I had just finished my Railjack 2 days ago because I pre farmed thanks to PC advanced updates to be be ready, I was super excited! I would like to take this time to pass on my gratitude and appreciation to the whole team for making empyrean release by the intended time frame indicated as end of 2019! It's been a long journey and a lot of time for you all behind the scenes to deliver on time. I have noticed 1 item mentioned to be in market is missing currently, Operator Zato collection. It doesn't seem to be anywhere =( I don't personally buy time saver items but I do buy skins especially for my Tenno, so I'm wondering if this is getting a fix? Many might cry foul because "money" but I want to support the team behind these creations 😃 Outside that, Empyrean feels just like I hoped it would and obviously needs some work to perfectly refine it but in its current state it works extremely well and plays fluently! Thoroughly enjoying it. Merry Christmas, happy and safe holidays and keep up the good work in 2020!
  4. Great update so far, surprised me Friday arvo! Question time, on PC there are constantly updates to fix key binding, UI and effects etc. With that in mind why does xbox lack a tab for Archwing controls period? If Archwing control customization is implemented will we get the "roll" button so we can use blink? That's all 😃 so far I've built a dry dock and 2 parts of my railjack! Thanks for this update, hopefully we get Empyrean for Christmas 😃
  5. Sunder, I feel your passion for the game and also have felt it myself since it began. Despite my name having xbox attached to it, I played it when the founders offer was there on pc, however I had a rating of 1.9 for gaming on my laptop and on lower to lowest settings it struggled hard to keep up so I couldn't continue playing.. Since returning to it there was so much that changed that I couldn't believe it was even the same game! It's this that I thank you and players like you for, without you all being there with continued support this game would be a distant memory now, BUT those that slam it over corporate greed type behavior I can't stand because DE and warframe never have done that but it certainly can appear that way. I must apologise to you and others as I have quite obviously misread the initial post, sorry for that. So I wouldn't appear like an utter moron incapable of reading I re read the topic post. Which brings me to De Monkey, I think my perspective isn't gross to praise effort, yes not even you Tenno on PC have Empyrean yet although you do already have the drydock released meaning you are only a few weeks away from what was shown but you can see how much more polished and better the Railjack system is compared to even Tennocon this year. It is blind praise from personal gameplay experience, but not in deliverence... That is what I meant 😃 Tying it in with the Lich system though I see the points made by Sunder and yourself so again I apologise =(
  6. It's not they're above criticism, it's certain criticism is unwarranted... This game has a lot of flaws but from what I read people are annoyed because Lich changes aren't being made further because the one major update promised since August is taking all their time... looks amazing and as I have tried programming and development of software I know it's not as easy as made out to be. So instead of being amazed or even positive it's been the opposite over a system that in the same stream straight up said it wasn't meant to even be there yet... I'm mostly saying that rather than continue being hung up on it and think they only pick and choose what to pay attention to we should be praising what they did show and that all that effort and time has gone into delivering on a promise made last year?? It just seems ungrateful and as most posts have at least 2-5 posts about how money hungry they are it just doesn't feel right to not defend it... I don't defend the game saying it's perfect but I can say it's better than nearly EVERYTHING in today's standards for a 0 cost to consumer experience 😃 and that's with it's flaws..
  7. I don't think it's them being selective in feedback or ignoring anything to be fair... There isn't a button mash struggle QTE or anything in this game so it makes perfect sense as to why we die. You grab the lich and inject essentially an anti kuva into it, it doesn't work so he grabs you, breaks your warframe in retaliation because your in its face! The grind also has nothing to do with money.. I mentioned it on another topic but basically is this - Triple A title: EVERYONE = Buy it for $80. EVERYONE: $80 for 60 hours gaming = Yes please, take my money! Warframe: EVERYONE = play for free, earn it all free, get free expansions, pay to support if you want. EVERYONE: Free? Look at that market... look at the release of new skins for 300 plat etc. I've played for 1,000s of hours... triple A titles are better! = I'm not paying for ANYTHING because all you do is want money!. This community can be quite annoying most of the time..... I saw the stream and thought that despite showing us what they have actually been doing when you all think its terrible is amazing! as well as Empyrean they created hotfixes to make a jury rigged expansion work in the CURRENT game when they didn't have to... I tell you now that studios like EA and Activision don't do this and the latest CoD game cost people $80 for an unfinished game, so too did that joke known as Anthem.... plus you'll wait for an expansion..... that will cost you another $20-$30 with 3 months of no communication outside "We're listening"
  8. So the first 7 pages of the same argument from the same people.... I'm a bit popcorned out =P Thank you my PC playing Tenno for having this early and giving us console players an idea of what's to come! I see no issue in any of it, I am MR 20 have 7.2 mil creds and spend like it's out of fashion =D To the OP and any saying it's too grindy etc. Here's a tip and it's coated in sarcasm, Nothing in warframe is designed to have yesterday so why friggen rush to have stuff that you have weeks to farm for?? Credits and mats are easy to get.... do ANYTHING in warframe and you get them ffs.. helping clan mates get stuff is entirely possible by simply doing the missions with them but it sounds like some want to do it for their clanmates.... There's a saying "Give a man a fish he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish he eats for life." In this case why not teach your friends to "Warframe" and you won't have to buy their intergalactic sentient destroying beast of a resource sink battlecruiser for them..... arguing people have lives etc. I'm a father with 2 children a wife and a job and still have time to sink a few hours to farm creds at least 3 to 4 days a week... tell them to get off CoD and maybe they'll get somewhere?
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