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  1. Can confirm I also have this issue - there are multiple other threads on the forums reporting the same. This also applies to the Pheromone Synthesizer wheel - it stops at Slot 6, so the Kubrodon synthesizer is missing. Still a valid issue as of 29.10.4 today.
  2. Can also confirm this. Been frustrating as hell - the average number of times I have to revive my pet has spiked massively since the Railjack Retrofit update.
  3. Can also confirm the presence of this bug - I've had all of the pheromones and echo lures from Fortuna for ages, but with this latest patch (29.10.x), specifically the Kubrodon echo lure and pheromone synthesizer have disappeared from the gear wheel.
  4. Went to jump over to Iron Wake to spend my Riven Slivers from the patch rewards, and decided to turn in some Steel Meridian medallions while there. The medallion exchange NPC there still uses the old UI for medallion exchange - to my knowledge this is the only NPC left in the game that does this.
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