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  1. that's actually really cool, this is better than my idea we need this.
  2. Ok so yareli, yeah she's not that great, super cute but incredibly underwhelming, but worry not random tenno for I am not just here to be bitter and complain but instead have a solution. MAKE YARELIS 3 STAT STICKABLE!! ... (also mods for merulina) seems pretty random right for a frame that is themed around secondary's, however I believe its a potentially appropriate way to fix some of her kits... mismatched play style. For anyone that doesn't understand what I mean allow me to explain, firstly her 1 and 4 are pretty unique CC abilities and provide some great grouping and status utility FOR MELEE and not so much for guns (aside from a few exceptions ie; her kompressa), secondly her 2, merulina, for the first exalted vehicle (titania doesn't count) its kind of in a sad state, unmodable, most mission tile sets are clearly not designed for a fishy hoverboard to fly through them and the distinct inability to use your melee, which brings me to my final point, her 3, why would I, a super squishy ocean gun loli want to go anywhere near the enemies for just a few slash procs? Its not worth it, so my why not make it worth it. TLDR: bad kit for melee noob like me, please copy paste khora whipclaw stats onto aquablades. sorry if I'm bad at words I don't go outside I love this game too much
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