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  1. 1) I don't like that rewards after a fissure mission don't have different colors. Also, why you can't see anymore who got what? 2) I don't like that when you link a mod you don't see anymore the quantity that you have :( Am I the only one thinking these two things are very user unfriendly?
  2. Hello, yes you're 90% right. I started this thread because the other day I almost sold a 60p gold mod (I don't remember the name, but it wasn't from syndicates) for credits. Luckily, I read the trade chat and in that moment a dude was selling it for 60p. Now, similarly to MagPrime, I have tons of silver and gold mods that may be worth some platinum (e.g. 20 mods worth 5p each = 100p) but checking every one of them would be too tedious. Thanks for your reply tho 🙂
  3. Title says all. I'd like some site that uses warframe market prices to make a median price for every mod like https://tenno.zone/pricing does for relics' parts. Thanks!
  4. Any era except Axi. I don't care if the relic you use is vaulted or not, I only care about it being radiant. This means I'm looking for people to do mixed relics runs (e.g. Lith G1, Lith M4, Lith C4, Lith P1 in the same run). I'm just tired of people using intact relics whereas everyone is using their radiands. PM me ingame or add me to friends and add "Relic" as description. Cheers!
  5. I have no more relics, no more point in doing ESO because my Focus skill trees are complete.
  6. I see your point. But I'm Mr 25, and my favorite end game activity is opening relics and selling the stuff for plats/ducats to buy things I need to progress in Mr :>
  7. I see, well that's not my case, he's been transferred in another city and hasn't a decent connection there. I figured out the solution: when he comes back to my city, I'll make him log through a free-wifi area and this should solve the problem. I'll contact the support before in any case, and will trade 10/15 relics per day, giving him some mods in return. Thanks!
  8. By all, I mean all his prime stuff, relics and everything that's tradable with others. I'd also like to know: if he accesses his account from my house (and I access from the same place too) is it a problem? Thanks.
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