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  1. Thanks for the reply Senpai. Glad to know it's an issue you're aware of. I'll do all the lifting don't worry, I got it Tenno!
  2. I tried the 3 easy ones, Sawgaws, Pobbers and Virmink with 0 luck, Literally walked up and stabbed them in the head with the rifle just to prove the point to myself that it was bugged, then ofc they ran away anyway but before all that I was well hidden and in close range with no disturbance.
  3. Just wasted about 40 minutes just trying to shoot things square in the face with my Tranq after giving up even attempting perfect captures. Reloaded the map, tried again, still nothing. No matter what I try it's not letting me shoot the targets at all and just want to make DE aware that this could be a problem.
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