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  1. You can not say that the prime Braton is like boltor,They are different weapons. remember that boltor ,throws nails!!
  2. brakk get now is not difficult, I obtained the parts of the brakk 6 times,play followed the invasion missions supporting the corpus and it is really easy to get. if you intend to kill only once G3 and have all parts, I think it is too much to ask.
  3. the brakk is a weapon obtained from an event ,for that reason I see well that is a superior weapon to the other. remember that the players we have the brakk, made 100 or more missions of this event for the brakk. and you brakk nef to disagree because it is better than prime bronco!! sorry, but I do not see the logic of this!
  4. if you want to have the most efficient weapons as veteran players ,only have to do one thing ,play and play. the solution is not to nerf weapons, including the weapons did veteran players with its 6 forms the solution is that players stop complaining and play till have improved weapons like the veteran players , so not to lose esfuerzo veteran players every time they ask to nerf guns.
  5. then why are you complaining about spending 10 cells? you can not pretend that a skilled player has the same weapons that one rookie!! The reason is that novices only want to play with everything new and better,and only playing some missions and get everything for quick and easy .never obtain bad weapons,after climbing to the highest level only the good weapons , they get tired of playing and get to annoy Forums and asking any nonsense.This is the true reality.
  6. cease to mourn!!ask nerf and you cry for to get 10 orokin cell,is time to stop claiming nonsense and started playing!! if they play more often,have many materials!!I can not understand how they complain about the weapons they ask 10 orokin cell. if you do not want to strive for material,is good for you!! but do not ask that the efforts of other players they will be forgotten by his sad thought.
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