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  1. Yeah. It makes the sniper rifles feel like an absolute chore to use. I do like the Prisma Grinlok because it does have high enough crit to merit using it for very heavy applications of Hunter Munitions... that and cracking heads :P
  2. The Veldt is the most glaring of these, as it's a 22/22% gun that doesn't offer anything except, well, selective zoom levels. Other single-shot weapons like the Grinlok series, the Latron series, and most sniper rifles have a lot more to offer than what the Veldt delivers. As for the rest of the people showing their disdain for rivens, I have to say I prefer to bring a weapon that isn't waved around on the Steel Path. There's a lot of fun to be had with status that isn't named Viral!
  3. Just one more post here in that I am really surprised that weapons such as the Sobek, the Argonak, the Veldt (which needs a complete overhaul as a weapon), the Zarr, the Cyanex, the (Secura) Dual Cestras (which also need a revision, as compared to the Twin Grakatas), the Pox, and the Hystrix continue to be ignored. I'm not even going to mention the remote explosive secondaries because outside of one gimmick, they may as well not exist.
  4. I hate to say it, but the endo you can dissolve that Xoris riven into it is worth a lot more than the riven itself, yikes.
  5. I made sure to bold the point for easy reading the first time through. 🙂
  6. I've worked with quite a few weapons now, riven-wise, and with about two years of experience watching weapon releases and balance changes and I can say with some weight that there's really no need to hold onto any Infested rivens unless they're already for something you want to use or something that works well with them. Why? Simple: there are no Infested variant weapons and there are no current plans for Infested variant weapons. Happy hunting, everyone; don't waste your time holding onto what you shouldn't keep!
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