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    Ps4 - Possible Improvement In Performance & Display!

    No you're right, to my knowledge it should be impossible that it would damage a TV, and in the end it does come down to a preference.I'm someone who prefers to get the most "accurate" picture I can out of my displays, and by using a certain setting over the other it may be more immediately appealing to some but it can also be considered "inaccurate" to others. I just wanted to share my perspective on this.
  2. BlueA10

    Ps4 - Possible Improvement In Performance & Display!

    I suggest amending the RGB Full/Limited/Automatic thing after reading more into it, if you're just basing it off a whim. On my PS3 I researched whether RGB color range should be limited or full, and Full vs. Limited came out to be a combination of knowing what your TV/Display was expecting as well as what content you were trying to display. My TV even had an HDMI Black Level setting that was basically a Full/Limited switch, but a majority of content designed for televisions uses the Limited range, and I got great picture sticking to Limited and then just calibrating from there. PS4 may be more suited to Full than the PS3, but your TV may not necessarily be so. So, since I'm unfamiliar with the PS4, IMO, you should leave it on Automatic and just calibrate your display if you haven't, or only change it to something manually if you've read into it and know what your TV likes to work with. I haven't read about it in a while so I can't really help anyone more than just saying you should look into it yourself instead of believing either option is always superior to the other.
  3. BlueA10

    Hotfix 13.9.2

    I'm keeping it for 2 reasons myself, the first being that now it's not normally available and is a sort of collector's item. Second being that I didn't build it back when it was freely available and would like to rank it for Mastery points. Some people have already ranked it before and don't need to, but I still think it's a good idea to at least hold on to the BP, that way it's not taking up Weapon Slot space, but you'll still have it available in the future for whatever reason. It might end up being super-buffed or something, you never know.
  4. BlueA10

    Hotfix 13.9.2

    Everyone in Region has been so confused about the Machete. Been trying to convince them to keep the BP instead of selling it off. Thanks for the Hotfix! DarkDataStorm's RedText is missing the first entry, which I screencapped but foolishly left my cursor on top of, so here's a quote. "Hotfix 13.9.2 inbound in 5 minutes. U14 is getting close but it's not quite done yet. So as compensation we gave you all a free, um, machete. Because machete. Use it to take out your disappointment and frustration on poor innocent Grineer & Corpus at your discretion."
  5. BlueA10

    Using Injectors -- Sweetfx

    I decided a moment ago to try SweetFX on Warframe again and it kept crashing on startup. I know you said you tried putting most of the files in Tools, but keeping the injector dll (dxgi.dll for Dx11) in the base game folder with the two Warframe executables while moving all the other files to Tools is what fixed it for me, so if you didn't do that exactly, try it.