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  1. Just tried the switch account and now it won’t let me login. Just keeps auto logging the Xbox account
  2. Was able to post on other account. Please delete post edit: ok- switch forums are dead. Any help with trying to connect to chat? I see network ports under “gameplay options” anything to do with that?
  3. Idk why they would delete it, I even went looking for it. It was something about discrepancies between pc and console scoring. and the grineer tilesets sucked on console. There were some tiles that were alright if you had people positioned in the right spots but the sentient spawns were too scattered most of the time to outkill the passive. Corpus ship tiles sucked for the most part, there were pyramid, the big room where it spawned in the center... think those were the only good ones. And gas city was the best overall if you had a short tile set and the sentients didn’t get stuck in the
  4. I haven’t deleted anything. And what tiles are best if not pyramids. Cause on console the sentients would only spawn around the peak and you could get endless kills as long as aerolysts didn’t screw up the spawns. Along with the gas city tile with the 2 big canisters. Again- this is the experience from console since it seems you want to throw in pc mechanics that have no relevance to my comments about scoring
  5. What incorrect information was I spouting? Besides the fact that this thread is no longer relevant seeing they removed the scores that cheated. What was I lying about? Cause all I said was high *solo* scores are impossible from a console standpoint. The console pov being obvious from the titled “last day of OV” after its been gone from pc for a month.
  6. I don’t need to be protected! I think in the 3 years I’ve been playing I’ve only missed a week or 2 of logins
  7. 365 day boosters for 1k plat. Eh?
  8. Dude- didn’t think it needed to be said but Pc had a much higher score cap than console. This post was all about console. Pc has issues of its own I don’t care to understand. You guys had legit scores ranging from 20-40k. Consoles were lucky if they could hit 24k on a legit run. Thought that would be obvious making a post about OV after a month it ended on PC. Welcome to the convo tho
  9. Have you played the event? 26 might be achievable with a team but not solo. And that’s with good tiles
  10. You understand we’re talking about the top of the leaderboard? Did you even look?...you understand where you went wrong yet?
  11. We’re talking about solo runs.. welcome to the convo
  12. Yea but in gaming society you shouldn’t have to deal with it... especially when de has banned people for less
  13. It was that easy tho, these scores didn’t start popping up til halfway through the event. And people were figuring out how to do it.
  14. Nah, 25k is a bug. 50k is host migrating 3 times so you can have the highest score
  15. Yea console was lucky to get 2.5 arcanes every run
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