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  1. What about the day trader nightwave challenge? I did it, got the points for it, and Nora even popped in when I finished the mission, but it’s still showing incomplete on the list of challenges.
  2. So no reducing its amor because that “breaks” it, but chroma killing the thing in seconds with his crazy damage boost isn’t? Why not just make it immune to everything and and leave it sitting on the enrichment labs where it was
  3. Man these Orb HEISTS are really anti solo players, it kinda seems like they were designed that way with the weird symbol shields and the timer on the last stage. Do you guys not like solo players? I wouldn’t mind if it just took 4 times as long as a full squad but this is just dumb. I’m not really a fan of playing with other people and even if I was my 500 plus ping in every game would make it not possible. Thanks DE, I’ll add this to the list of other game modes you can’t play solo 👎🏼
  4. The drop zones for the corpus ships could use some fixes, I watched a load of corpus get dropped right the coolant lol
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