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  1. Just pointing out that it is against the Terms of Use to datamine, and the mods dont like it. Careful....
  2. Recently I have been having issues with my connection being dropped for a few agonizing seconds from the outside world, then reconnecting instantly. Usually this isn't a problem, but for Warframe it is. Farming for Loki Prime Helm (damn you Arbiters for your rank up requirements) I suffered from one such DC, and was kicked from my game. Listening to my teammates as they saw that I had DC, and then listening to them continue on without me, I was pi$$ed off like I never have been before at a game. DE, can we please have a system that lets us rejoin groups that we have been disconnected from?
  3. Its suppose to be a cutting tool used by Corpus workers... Im sure they could make it work
  4. When was the last time you went to the Phobos Grineer tileset or the Corpus Ice tileset? What about the Earth tileset? Without a doubt, tilesets are getting bigger. Rifles arent overpowered. Individual weapons perhaps, but not rifles in general. Also note that I didnt say that shotguns suck.
  5. Alright you already lost my upvote. Soma is not the best weapon in the game, it is the easiest to make good. A new player doesnt need rare mods to make it viable, just serration and crit chance/damage. Without a doubt, there are better weapons. Example? They Sybaris can crank out crits of 17k on lvl 40s while the Soma is plinking away for a few hundred. Another thing, dont try and get something good nerfed because something else sucks. Shotguns are in dire need of a rebalance, and DE knows that. They first made shotguns when Warframe was alot of running around small, cramped ships.
  6. This^ DE's logic is something like this: Primes are the original, and regular are a downgrade, so they are a seperate weapon. Meanwhile, a Wraith Latron is an upgrade from a regular latron.
  7. ^This, and a few more: -optimize download. Im not completely sure, but i think this will help. Its my goto fix for everything, and sometimes works. Launcher>Settings>Optimize -Redownload. Yeah its a pain, but sometimes you just have to start over. If you cant get it to work, just go to your Steam library, right click on Warframe, and Uninstall Local Content. Not using Steam? Go to Uninstall/Change Programs and uninstall that way.
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