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  1. 1 problem conclave balance of weapons and frames 2 problem of the conclave, people who farm kills for beginners sitting at 2-3 rank of the conclave with 60k + kills for each cheat 3 conclave problem no dedicated servers 4 problem of the conclave - there is no possibility to withdraw the cheater from the round and prevent him from entering the server 5 problem of the conclave; mobility of frames; double jumps; etc., the battle is similar to a grasshopper's dance. 6 fashion problem most of them are useless, they would review bonuses or remove them altogether In general, my opinion is purely the regime is not bad, but it requires radical changes, or it will be 3.5 koleki in the round p .s for not knowing the language I'm sorry
  2. Ураа пропуск катсцен !
  3. все печально споры сломаны и не хотят нормально работать ( убив моба эквинокс под спорами не разносит споры
  4. When a Spore’s tick damage kills an enemy 8m NA* bad very bad low lvl the game will die from such a balance of argument
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