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  1. Posting this pretty late so not sure if it will be read but heres hoping. I have no idea how to animate or anything so hopefully I can explain this properly. You know when a dog has an itchy bum and they stick their back legs in the air and slide their butt across the floor with their front legs? I think something along those lines would be absolutely hilarious. I realize that they dont have front legs but Im sure you could still get it to work
  2. This is a great suggestion! Never woulda thought of that
  3. I'm thoroughly enjoying nightwave, I think it's a great addition to the game. It gives me a direction when I play after work instead of doing the usual Sortie, Rep, Kuva then repeat next day. A few improvements that could be made in my opinion would be that the things that you can purchase with wolf creds is a bit underwhelming to more veteran players. The only real useful thing would be potatoes. The ayatan challenge wasn't too bad the first week there but if it gets run again anytime soon I dont think Id be able to complete it, the drop rate for amber stars is too low and no one is selling them incase the challenge comes up again. I really like the rewards for the rankings, the mods, kuva, forma, slots, armour are all really practical, I know i will for sure be working my hardest to get that armour bundle. Just wanted to say thank you DE, Warframe has been my go to game for the past two years and you guys have not disappointed with content, I've never been so in love with a video game before
  4. Just one question I've been wondering for awhile. I know there have been talks about reworking the plains once you've settled down from all this Fortuna work. Just wondering if and or when that happens will be get a bounty distributor out in the plains much like Fortuna has?
  5. Im pretty sure this is already a thing on PC. It will probably come with the Fortuna update
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