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    If raids were to be brought back in, it would most likely be a kill x enemies to get y rewards deal. I tried my hand at a raid back in the day and I was bored to tears from it.
  2. Don't see any nerfs to relevant/effective combos so uh, carry on I guess?
  3. Sounds like a nerf to an actually decent enemy. So, yay? Yeah, probably not...
  4. Aside from noob tube prime being decent, nothing much here. Carry on.
  5. 1: A week extension? I mean, got nothing else to do I guess. 2: So instead of a 17 x2.5 or 17 murex, it's now less. Thanks for shortening the grind. 3: Rip arcane market, nothing more to add to that. 4: Limbo is still viable, assuming limbo players are "decent" All in all, short on JRPG's, so this will do.
  6. I would say warframe did "learn" a thing or two from other games. Lich system = Shadow of mordor. (That's a mixed bag there.) Railjack = a few space sim games come to mind. Relics = Pseudo loot boxes. If anything, warframe is an amalgam of ideas from games that could use the concept well, due to their focused nature. (I'm referring to single player titles) Come to think of it, what is/was the current concept of this game anyway?
  7. Level 100+ sentient targets. Solution: Shattering impact. Yes, impact is useful and slash is garbage. That is all, good day. Defense. Solution: Hildryn built for max range and using 4. Can cc mobs and lock down 2 maybe 3 lanes. Volt's shields, can be used for defense and dps increase. Khora with a hard target CC (2) Banshee (untested) Built for 2 and 4. Nova for debuff from 4, very effective. Wisp specialized for 1 and 3, rather effective.
  8. I'm not sure what the issue with playing a "meta" build is honestly, last I checked the idea is to play how you want. Take your pick between efficiency or fun. In this case, I'll go efficiency because I sure as hell won't have any fun with this grind.
  9. Noobtube Prime could use a reduction in its airburst mode. Also, thanks for the new MR fodder.
  10. Thought my connection was acting up, time to make some more profit.
  11. While I am interested in the changes to this event, I got the two items so there is little reason to continue this event. (Well, aside from reaching the 50k goal)
  12. I wouldn't mind a GE (Grand Exchange) for this game, certainly beats having to join a rando's session to get something I want.
  13. Bored due to this situation, but got some JRPG's 100%, so got something done. Otherwise, looking forward to getting back to work.
  14. I wouldn't say no to some boosters, then again I'm done grinding my back log of games so that probably doesn't say much.
  15. Rip Magus Lockdown, but hey the new grind is here at least.
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