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  1. Got what I wanted from the event, doesn't affect me.
  2. Right, so had a couple runs at this boss and I must say, I liked it. Ofcourse, I bought the frame for this boss so, that'll be enough for me. No complaints with it, but my reaction time could be better.
  3. Sure it's been mentioned before, but the challenges are a turnoff. I mean sure, they're challenges that push a player I get that. But, X condition + a "friend" (By that I mean a temporary add) I mean, really? Might come off as anti-social (And I am.) Sure, the simple solution is don't do it, but just wanted to state I'm not for the idea of doing these events with others. Case in point, a 60 minute survival using Life Capsules but not towers, doable. But, with someone else? Not really motivated to do so. Just thought I would do another poorly thought out post.
  4. Well, technically you don't. I mean, only 5k points. But hey, you don't need to stay "friends" with them, just remove when done. Simple.
  5. While the new frames look and sound interesting, think I'll give this stream a pass.
  6. Done my Toroid farming, will be interesting to see the dynamic duo get theirs.
  7. The hunt for MR27 continues.
  8. Confirmed, thought I was having another issue.
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