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  1. The only ones that come to mind are sentients and Shadow Stalker(I don't know about regular stalker because I haven't faced him in a long time)
  2. The headshot buff for the Athodai locks out it's most powerful fire mode(the secondary) thus there are times where the buff actually hampers the weapon's performance
  3. The focus orbs don't spawn, but the conduits act as them and give the focus boost "Instead of dropping normally, Convergence Orbs are granted automatically at the beginning of each zone after the first. The Convergence Orb Boost scales in multiplier up to 16x." - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sanctuary_Onslaught EDIT: Misread the post
  4. Yeeepppp... This definitely strayed pretty far from the original post. I'll admit my part in that (by bringing up Jordas).
  5. Ahem Jordas would like to have a word with you...
  6. I think it would be best to split the build a bit for heavier focuses on crit or status, as building for both can complicate your build. There isn't really a reason to have a heavy attack build on a dagger, due to their low damage. Daggers pair well with finishers, especially with the Rakta Dark Dagger passive "Mind Haze" (When drawn, the Rakta Dark Dagger grants the user "Mind Haze" for 30 seconds, reducing the range where enemies can spot the player by 33%. For example, while undetected a player will normally be spotted from 15 meters away, whereas having Mind Haze will make the enemy spot the player from 10 meters away. - warframe.fandom.com) Additionally, bringing a Bronco with dizzying rounds can achieve finishers incredibly easily. Radiation isn't really good to build with status, as the effect is pretty bad. In general, it's better for pure crit builds if you're using rad. Yes, there is the shield aspect, but shields aren't very useful in this game, unless you're playing Hildryn, in which case there are far better ways to get shields(e.g. Taxon, Arcanes etc.) If you have a riven which boosts combo efficiency, it would probably be better to build for crit as well, utilizing Blood rush and the gladiator mod set. Killing blow is fine, but Covert Lethality(If you have it) would also be good, increasing the finisher DMG as well as giving some extra combo count.
  7. The places that a mod drops from are shown in the codex
  8. Try optimizing your download cache, often the more complicated, player-filled areas(relays, open world hubs etc.) have trouble loading. If that fails, you may be running low on drive space, try clearing out some of your less used files. It's fairly common for WF to use virtual memory.
  9. Yeah... there will come a day when you have no use for the 1,000,000+ ferrite you can get pretty easily
  10. Well, one of my main Lich hunting weapons is my Tysis specifically for status(Viral/Heat). It does work, just not as effective as it would be with a normal enemy
  11. It's probable. But I don't think anyone would do it. He's annoying enough to fight in the regular star chart, no one would be crazy enough to spawn him in the steel path.
  12. If DE refunded the forma people put into a weapon or warframe that was later nerfed, I guess I missed the Bramma refund, because everyone was talking about that being Nerfed.
  13. Um... how do you know? If you read beyond the lines I have defending DE from certain people, I have never said they were perfect. That wasn't something I said.
  14. Yeah... you can stop with that. They don't have much that they can do, because as I have said, they are so closely scrutinized and judged for everything that they do, that anything that looks even remotely like a nerf, causes everyone to pounce on them. Fix Gladiator mods affecting Exhalted weapons?(which hasn't happened yet) Pounce. Change the Bramma? Pounce. DE doesn't make an endgame? OH GOD RUUUUUUUU- Did I say that those 50 pages were completely invalid? No. Did I say DEs perfect? No. Did you say that DEs decisions are motivated entirely by profit? You did. Will somebody tell this guy that both Rivens and Platinum can be obtained for free on an individual basis?
  15. Realised what? That DE is a reincarnation of the Devil, here to take away our fun? Really, stop.
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