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  1. Mag pull is decent, but it has some glaring holes that make it less useful. for instance, Embrace will always pull enemies to just in front of the cast point and hold them there. Pull just knocks them towards you, which makes it less viable, especially at higher levels where TTK scales beyond 1 to 2 hits.
  2. That wouldn't really work unless there was a penalty for having a full bar, like Ember's immolation. That in turn, will severely affect Sevagoth's balancing. Interesting idea. It is neat, but slightly Janky. It's quite easy to get it stuck, especially in confined spaces. I think it's a consistent drain, not exponential. Yeah, that is an issue from time to time, especially considering the fact that to use energizing dash, you have to cancel shadow
  3. That's wrong. It has innate V polarity. I'm currently having to use Steel Charge instead of Energy Siphon due to this. That's the same for all Exhalted weapons. No Exhalted weapon has need for a stance polarity because no Exhalted stance gives mod points or can even be switched out.
  4. Not quite. Prior to TWW, Transference either had to be done in a pod or using direct contact, neither of which is true in this case. TWW was about unlocking the Operator's mind, which gave access to their true powers, the powers Margulis had locked away in an attempt to protect the Tenno.
  5. It's not simple though. DE would first be able to update all platforms simultaneously, which due to the Certification process, is unlikely to be able to be done consistently. Additionally, the platform owners would have to all agree, a rarity, even today.
  6. Rivens are complicated... When trading veiled rivens, I generally link the riven I'm trading, which also shows the challenge, making it so that whoever messages me about it is actually interested. But I don't really bother too much. Trade chat is such a mess, it's hard to even buy something.
  7. 1) That's personal preference. As a PC player I can say that once you get used to it, movement becomes pretty mindless. 2) I can't really comment on that. 3) The actual percentage of Toxic players across platforms would be pretty similar. And people judging you for your in-game choices is not Unique to PC. Toxic people can be found anywhere, it's just that on consoles, their words are harder to encounter. 4) Don't use MR as a method of gauging experience. All it refers to is how much you've leveled weapons and Frames, neither of which take skill. Also blaming your teammates for
  8. Mid to late July, usually. 2020's got pushed back to Early August tho, so who knows?
  9. Not quite. To qualify for different Tiers, you have to also upgrade Avionic slots. T3 requires a fully maxed avionic grid, with T1 and T2 having middling requisites in terms of Avionics grid completion.
  10. Prime Attachment toggle is only available with certain skins
  11. I prefer Flux energy being removed. It remover the clutter littering Railjack's systems. Plus it makes you think about whether using that Void Hole to destroy that one basic fighter is a good idea which is a good thing IMO.
  12. That's kind of unknown. It can be assumed that it hasn't been long because Teshin, an ex-Dax is still alive and in peak condition, but long enough that nearly all Orokin tech is lost. Baro was a child during the Orokin Emipre, so maybe 20 years?
  13. Where'd you get your imprints from? Hopefully not BNP
  14. Wukong Prime My 60% Kuva Bramma(Or maybe Chakurr(also 60%, a nightmare BTW)) Kuva Nukor No melee(Guns all the way)
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