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  1. This was an accidental slip, not meant to go live without at least a call out in the notes or a dev workshop from our good man [DE]Connor! We’ll revert these Riven Disposition changes for now, expect to see them in a later HF. We will, however, release the workshop early (hopefully this week) given the slip.
  2. As many of you have likely been following, one of the most intensely discussed Helminth abilities has been Marked for Death. Upon releasing the Helminth, we knew that it would be a system that had the potential to shift strategies in Warframe drastically. Helminth is a system in the vein of what we find most exciting about creating a game like Warframe, which is to design something that feels truly exciting to us as Devs, and hopefully to you Tenno as players. With the Helminth System, we knew that abilities/systems may need to be tweaked back and forth to help prevent anyone from feelin
  3. @Salbeira Thank you for elevating this to the Forums, we appreciate it! Looking into a fix - hopefully coming soon to a HF near you!
  4. Thank you to everyone who submitted their designs for TennoCon 2020! We were overwhelmed by the flood of response by so many talented Tenno! This commemorative For Fans by Fans x TennoCon Collection features the three winning designs from our 2020 challenge: the Kubro T-Shirt by Kedemel, the Lotus Spirit Mousepad by DebbySheen, and the Ivara On A Lilypad T-Shirt by kindred. These winning designs are available exclusively on the official Warframe Merch Store The complete sixth For Fans By Fans Collection is available now, featuring incredible new designs! Use discount code TENN
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