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  1. And still no Tennogen. Why show it weeks ago when it apparently isn't coming out for even longer?
  2. I like this answer, as it would certainly explain the disparity. Hopefully it's corrected next week. Today, running the event, has been a bit hectic. So many people in space screaming about not getting codes, yet you only have three teams doing them vs the six to seven in space.
  3. I'm really noticing this issue today. Everybody is trying to do Murex, due to the better credit rewards, and few people are doing the ground assault. Now the few on the ground are tasked with supporting the 80 in space. If one mission needs the other to work, why is it only one side with has the better rewards, and the other so little?
  4. But I waaaaaant my Wisp skin!
  5. I had thought it would drop with this update. We're six months in now since the last drop. They showed off the mostly finished projects a few weeks back, so we know they have 'em. Did I miss some release about it or something?
  6. Wasn't it mentioned that the runs could be done for an infinite amount of time? I'd expect the rewards to go up the longer you run the missions.
  7. I like her look. Not sold on the whole energy wings when shrunk, but I'll deal. Ivara Prime, though. . . she's pretty, but doesn't fit her theme at all.
  8. Maybe the system could have a limit to what's brought over. Three forma, which can be swapped for anything else you've put into it, like exilus and/or auras? Then you'd get to pick and choose where the polarity slots go.
  9. I'm sorry, I don't think my coffee has kicked in. What does MR have to do with this in particular? I'm not saying fusing an old frame with its Prime would boost the MR of the prime. You'd still need to level it and all. I'm just thinking that part of the work you put into the older, could be placed on the Prime. So that work doesn't need to seem inconsequential.
  10. @(XB1)ShadowBlood89O, I know it's not the exact same thing, but it still stands to reason that if one area can involve fusing, then another could follow suit. DE showed that certain weapons can involve the system, so in my mind, it can be expanded. And if that means, as you said, prisma, vandal, and wraith being added, why not? It's not a fully fleshed out idea, and a lot of stipulations could be added, with a limit as to what can be done with it, but still. We have a lot of items, both Frames and weapons, which just sit in the dust bin due to a better version coming out. If we can put the work we used into the old versions, and transfer, at least in part, some of that to the new items, then again, why not?
  11. So, with the recent changes to Titania, I decided to go back to her, and see how they handle. I have to admit, I love them. I feel like I have more control over how to handle her. So I threw some forma into her, because my old builds were abhorrent. Was lvling up in Hydron when it dawned on me. She's the next Prime. I just dumped forma into her when her upgraded version is coming in two months or so. Yes, i know forma isn't exactly hard to farm, build, and use, but it still felt like a waste on my part. So, the idea. The Valence system lets us merge copies of the same kuva weapon, for upgraded stats. Now, I'm not suggesting we boost Frame stats in this way. But what if we could pass on forma'd slots? Maybe not all, if you went crazy with seven slots, but three or four? Any number, really. Be it aura, exhilus, umbral, or regular. Just so any work you did put into the previous frame isn't thrown in the dustbin when the better version comes out.
  12. Made this post about two years ago, but I still feel we could really use a spider themed Frame. A spider themed Frame has been a thing of mine for ages. I know Khora was initially meant to be one, before the change, so at least the idea isn't mine alone. Still, we could use more creepy frames, and a spider would make the top of the list. What good Frame line up doesn't need a Spider lurking around. . . The idea revolves around a Frame that can both crowd control, ambush, and wall off via webbing, which giving support in the case of movement speed and buffs to the team. Wall latching isn't exactly new, but under utilized. Having a spider themed Frame could really see more use out of that.
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