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  1. Shy agrees with me, in a rounddabout way. It must happen.
  2. Was watching what they were showing off for Grendel, and so far, I'm impressed. Much more than what I saw with Gauss. So, my question is this. Will his belly physics be applied in a similar manner to Wisp's rear? Asking for a friend, of course.
  3. Could anybody do a more detailed, elongated versions of 'This Is What You Are' and 'Smiles From Juran?' The basic versions already given don't do either justice.
  4. I apologize, I wasn't given notice this was responded too. I'll take it, don't mind the stats. Will just reroll. Sent a friend request, seeing as I'm three hours behind you, so time can be a lil tricky. Though I should probably ask how much you're asking for it, huh.
  5. Trash or not, looking to flesh my glaive out.
  6. Right? The sense of entitlement some of these people have is astounding. If they had watched the dev stream last week, they would have seen that the update needs work, still. If DE had pushed it out, the same people would be here complaining about DE sending out shoddy work. It's a no win situation for these people. Bleh.
  7. Well, while I wait for my Wisp to be released, I'll just keep working on ranking the few other Frames I've had sitting in storage for a few years that I thought I had no interest in. Like Saryn. I'm now on the Saryn hype train. Thank you for the delay! I found another Frame I can enjoy using!
  8. Same for me, actually. 100mbps on my end, yet this patch has me at 5 - 15 kbps.
  9. So, where do you go about buying these items? The Tennogen tab in the store only has a few weapon skins, it doesn't show up in the appearance options in the arsenal, and I can't find it in the Steam shop. So, bugged, or just hiding? Edit: Figured it out. Had to launch is directly via Steam. I thought my shortcut did that already.
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