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  1. Question 1. Will the upcoming Archwings have different styles? E.g. Orokin, Grineer. Question 2. From what I've seen I've noticed there's a lot of people who missed the old UI. Mostly the design of the health, shield and energy tab and the starchart. Would it be possile in the future updates to allow people to switch between the current UI and the old one with a click of a button? Question 3. Wouldn't it be possible for Nyx's absorb ability to deal the last elemental damage that was absorbed by the ball when it explodes? Last Question: How are you guys and gals? :)
  2. This is one of the best events I've ever done. Well worth the time and so much fun. Keep it up DE.
  3. Don't worry DE. You did extremely well all together with this update. You deserved a rest. I'm really enjoying it so far, just get some more sleep :)
  4. This is like a mastery test. The test of patience.
  5. How is this one not winning? It's freakin brilliant.
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