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  1. Hi all. I write this subject because I am one of those who preordered the statue of excalibur umbra. I do not know if this is the right place to look for information about this but I know that here we are all those who are preordained. at the time of the preorder it was said that the statues would be sent in February 2019 but there were delays which were explained by email but the last email I received in early April where they explained that they would continue sending information and that the statues would arrive in the middle of may. Since then I have not received more information and we are already mid-May. my query is: does anyone know anything about it?
  2. and tried to get this cosmetic and what has been achieved. but I have not felt satisfaction in getting it, rather it has been a relief for the difficulty that it has. What I mean by this? instead of being an achievement, it turns out to be something tedious and very repetitive
  3. You yourself said that only what is contained in the founding package is exclusive. but that what comes in the future should not be exclusive. I as a founder, I am not against the fact that if aklato prime comes to everyone, it is not in the exclusive package
  4. Is it possible that aklato prime comes to the game? and if possible, should it be exclusively for founders? , or for all players? Or simply there is no possibility of ever coming
  5. with the passage of time weapons and mods of past events returned to the game. but what happens with primed chamber, at the moment it is impossible to obtain it and I do not know what level of exclusivity it has with the passage of time weapons and mods of past events returned to the game. but what about primed chamber, nowadays it is impossible to achieve it and I do not know what level of exclusivity has
  6. I like the game before. I do not want to say that the one now is bad. there are simply things and details that we old players miss and long for
  7. Will those past events come back? some events came out when he started warframe. I would like to feel that feeling we felt when all those events happened
  8. When you make your warframe in the foundry it is normal that when you go to your arsenal to change your helmet for one of tennogen or some other you will see the helmet prime. but due to the vault prime e bought the packages in that case comes again a warframe that I already have, then I delete one of them and when I go again to appearance appear prime cases repeated even when I have already erased that repeated warframe. the logical thing is that when you delete or sell a prime warframe for credits the prime helmet must also leave
  9. The lotus guides helped a lot in the last times when more new players have come and found help with them. Now they give them a kick? it does not seem fair to me
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