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  1. I’ve been travelling like crazy this whole season... is it possible to get the ephemera later in other way or will the series repeat the next year? I really want that thing...
  2. Got the screen zoomed... can’t see 2/3 of it.
  3. So basically it makes one breed still useless because of poor ai and is buggy... you still got a lot of work 🙂 also Fortuna is incredibly not optimised... as much as thought PoE can be glitchy it now feels hundred times smoother, when compared...
  4. Chesa’s retrieve works like this: it gives to warframe all items immediately, except mods and some other items. It’ll be better to remove these exceptions and give back fetch to pets so they don’t run here and there one by one, but really vacuum everything, otherwise, when frame vacuums everything, while pet is 30m away fights someone... doesn’t exactly looks like fetching...
  5. Been said it’s the last fix before Fortuna. So companions will stay with weird bugged textures...? My eyes continue hurt...
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