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  1. I can barely even tell the difference, if you didn't tell me I probably wouldn't notice.
  2. it barely makes a difference, but volatile quick return's explosion doesn't do basically any damage. the change wouldn't matter if they fixed that.
  3. please fix volatile quick return's explosion not doing proper damage, it currently does basically no damage
  4. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: While using volatile quick return on glaive prime unless manually detonated you will do pitiful damage REPRODUCTION: use Volatile Quick Return on glaive prime (potentially works on other glaives) EXPECTED RESULT: does the same damage as normal OBSERVED RESULT: did pitiful damage (appears to be unmodded damage) REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  5. Wisp doesn't normally run high duration, just average. So it would be harder to slot it if it scaled with duration. this isn't something new as Hildryn's pillage scales range with duration.
  6. if you want anyone to use it make it's duration scale with strength and apply to all weapons
  7. when using the twirling spire stance DON'T use the stationary combo on slash based polearms with decent status. use either stationary-block or forward combo you hit so many times so fast that with stationary-block that forced slash procs aren't necessary
  8. I didn't realize that the sepulacrum was burst fire, i didnt get the weapons confused.
  9. The panthera prime causes double ammo consumption on secondaries Edit: nevermind I was using the sepulcrum which I didn't realize was a burst fire weapon
  10. This post will contain warframe and weapon augments and exilus mods WARFRAMES Harrow - augment rework Change Tribunal to not require enemies to be effected by his one so he doesn't have to fight his teammates Baruuk - Non-ability augment Starts baruuk at half or completely empty restraint Baruuk - Non-ability augment Allows the restraint loss to scale with power strength Mesa - Ballistic Battery augment Removes limit Wisp - Reservoirs augment Causes a direct non-sharable buff with 25%-50% bonus power but has a 50% duration (maybe c
  11. To clarify I don't think the price should change I thing that what you buy for that price should be a maxed rank arcane instead of the R0 Arcane it is now
  12. I think that the price for arcanes in Scarlet Spear is what it is now but for Max rank arcanes
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