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  1. Ult Shoudl deffo be self-explosion and reassembly. How about for a passive: Broken Warframe occasionally loads bits of itself into weapons, % chance for a shot not to use ammo.
  2. MANIA - The Warframe of Obsession Mania is warframe built around intense focus on her current object of obsession. Foes find themselves unable to resist Mania's gaze, succumbing painfully to her fixation. Similarly her allies find themselves feeling like they could take on the world when Mania is beholding them. Sometimes Mania turns her attention to the weapon in her hand, peering beyond some unknown veil to glimpse...something within it. When she does this she seems to draws forth strange new strengths that the weapon should not hold. But no obsession seems to last long enough for her. There is always imperfection. Enemies die, allies leave and weapons rest. Somewhere there is someone or something that will be worthy of holding her attention forever, only then will she be complete.
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