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  1. Those Syndanas are amazing, loving the Jotunheim Cloak! I need it in my life right now!!Also loving the organic harrow and Ivara, and Wisp skins! I can't wait for all of them to drop.
  2. You guys fixed the Wolf Sledge, thank you so much.
  3. His hammers throw has been broken since release, so it's not even worth trying at this point
  4. Hey could you please make the thermia fractures go a bit faster? Also please fix the wolf sledge it still doesn't work when you throw it
  5. Hope you guys find that guy who tricked Reb and caused her to get a cold.
  6. Once again, please fix the wolf sledge throw, it hardly even registers when thrown, and it would be great if it had innate punch-through so you could oof multiple grineer at once
  7. Hey DE, I got the Wolf Sledge, and more than half the time the throw doesn't work, it either completely misses a target, hits and doesn't do damage, or just fails to throw. I know the hitbox collides but even at point blank range nothing happens, please look into this, I WANT to LOVE this weapon but at the current state, with this level of jank, it's damn near unusuable when something like the jat kittag exist. Please DE, fix it. I want to throw a hammer and hit somebody across a room. Sincerely, a hammer lover
  8. Wish I had a reason to play until this is released, also what the hell Steve saying it was going to be released today.
  9. Please fix K drive controls, it is waaaaay too floaty
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