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  1. I'm with robot, trying to sell things on PlayStation is a nightmare and I hate it. I have multiple Prime sets, rivens and mods I would love to sell but I don't come on this game to sit in trade chat for hours using a controller to type crap. I really just can't be bothered with that. Also I don't know about the other platforms but the traders mindset in PS4 is super toxic. You get cursed out and insulted if your prices are higher than they like and those same people will turn around and brag about scamming some newbie, charging triple what something is worth.
  2. Hm, yes I see it is quite redundant. I don't use Wisps 2nd much myself, and half the time the passive doesn't activate like it should for me in console, but I have seen some people use it for stealth shenanigans before. Neither of our ideas really changed much about the ability or added something useful enough to justify a mod. Apparently mine were completely redundant. Maybe we need to go in a whole different direction. I'm not sure what Wisp even needs though, she pretty dang good really. Maybe just like using her Will o Wisp gives her 90% bullet evasion that fades over 25s.
  3. Hm, maybe just +30 secs to duration (the additional doesn't scale, it's a flat thirty sec on top of the scaling base) then, rather than +100% duration or base 60s. Maybe it should be even less like 20s, but I think it has to be a decent amount to make it worth while to use this augment, since the base reservoirs are essentially infinite and you're taking that away. Otherwise there wouldn't be much point in using it. I think one of the nice things about an augment like this is that it lessens the need for duration mods on her so you can invest a lot more into range, and usually wisp builds are
  4. Right now I think DE wants Universal polarity to be tied to special mod slots only (like the aura and stance, etc.) I can see how a universal forma would be nice, but in some ways it also feels 'too easy' if you know what I mean? I think it might be better if you could tie polarities to configs. Or stack polarities on the same slot maybe.
  5. I can say that I have definitely build the Prime part when trying to build the base version of a frame to sacrifice it to the Helminth because the parts were grouped strangely like this, so I can understand this change.
  6. I agree with you that Nullifiers are a bit Bull$hit. The fact that you can cast all your buffs and a Nullifier can brush up on you and take them all off is pretty devastating when energy is at a premium as it is. I agree they should rather make it so you can't cast you abilities inside the bubble and your abilities 'turn off' inside, like they're greyed out but come back on when you leave. Also I agree the drone on the nullifier is almost impossible to see, much less hit, it's usually clipped through the landscape or hiding behind the bubble, or for some reason not there even when I look for i
  7. I wish we could just sell them directly for Ducats like, 15 ducats a relic or something. That or you can trade in like 10 relics for a ticket that gives you a random Baro decoration or something.
  8. Hm, I agree an augment to make her reservoirs work better in mobile missions would be good. Here's what I would do: Reservoirs Augment: Reservoirs are now an active buff on Wisp with 200% duration (so base time is now 60 sec instead of 30). Allies who enter the reservoir range around Wisp pick up the buff at the base reservoir duration. This is a way to move the reservoirs with you, basically, and get a nice duration buff. The trade off is you do have to recast it and it's slightly more difficult for allies to pick up the buff since they have to run to you instead of a central point
  9. There's something appealing in the organic mushiness of it. Love the art.
  10. And the special ingredient? THE BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES
  11. Yes, I definitely notice that when someone loads into a mission, my screen freezes or significantly slows with really choppy fps for probably 15 secs or so, which is you have three people load in on you, can end up being most of the mission. Phorid assassination that situation happens a lot, since it's generally a very quick mission, 90% of it is spent loading in is I'm joining, or choppily running and freezing through the map as others load in. When I myself load in, timers and enemies have control long before I do, and I've been killed or failed missions from this situation many times (
  12. Call me an idiot, but when I'm waiting for the countdown before loading in a mission with a group, I mess around looking at mods, or my arsenal, or inventory, or NIghtwave menu. I often find myself clicking into a menu just as the screen starts to fade to black, which has resulted in numerous different bugs that result in having to exit the game and reload it to fix the problem. Sometimes may frame loads in properly but I'm stuck with the menu overlaying everything and my controls for my warframe won't work, only scrolling through menu options. Sometimes it stays black and I hear things in the
  13. Admittedly I haven't played Lavos yet as I'm on console and we have yet to get Orphix Venom, which I'm guessing is because you guys want to wait until you have the first round of Lavos changes ready before you release them to us. That or your trying to at least make things easier for controller with his mix-n-match elements gimmick. Having seen footage and read many comments here, I want to second a suggestion a few people have had, which is to create 'elemental stacks', so you don't have re-input elements for every move, because I can already see how trying to run or roll around to avoid dama
  14. Hesperon almost always drops in at least two or three veins in the Exploiter Cave, Deck 77 or whatever it's called. When I need Hesperon I usually go there and pray.
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