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  1. Inaros. 2 of 4 moves are complete trash and the remainder are just Barely usable. He has no team synergy, he doesn't do anything interesting, fun or cool, he's just garbage.
  2. Wonderful skins, I'm definitely eying the Protea and machete skins. Now if only Vauban would get a good looking skin...
  3. On PS4 conclave is totally dead, at least whenever I've ever tried to do it I can never get anyone into my lobby. It seems like earning significant amounts of standing there is really difficult because of lack of participants in lobbies. However, I really want some of the cool armor and weapon skins in Teshin's conclave shop, though. Maybe outside of the frames and conclave mods, those items could be repeated in Teshin's Steel Path shop?
  4. Personally I think the Zephyr changes are moving in the right direction but I'm not sure they go far enough to really make her useful. We'll have to see. I will play her to try out the changes at the least. If they are good then yeah I might play her more, especially in open world or defenses, and maybe in Railjack after the update. I might put her helminth ability on something too if it ends up being good. I don't personally like the Zephyr Deluxe or anything coming with it much. I acknowledge the artistic value of it, but it's not my style. I'm much more interested in Mirage Deluxe
  5. I'm assuming that wreckage you've combined with valance transfer counts. I wish there was a way to tell how many you have 'built', since I have a maxed reactor and high level shields/engines and maxed weapons of the particular ones I like. I can hurry and build some other stuff before it comes out if I need to.
  6. This is a nice idea, actually. Yeah I know like 5/8 of them (example: Khra, related to Chrono time, symbol is an hourglass), but hearing the name and seeing it together more would help me remember.
  7. DE somehow this mission just gets worse and worse. It used to be like one in eight runs would bug out but now it's like one in two or three. It's ridiculous! There are a few different bugs that come up but they are simple to explain and possibly related. Most commonly the Ropa will just never go to the next reactor. Sometimes you can kind of prompt it to by going toward one but other times it just won't. This can happen at any reactor, it can never go to one at all or things can seem to go fine on one or two and it will never go to the last one. Often the reason the Ropa won't go to
  8. For anyone considering making a solo clan just for Dry Dock in Railjack, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DON'T, and here is why. 1. If you make a solo clan, you are stuck in it forever, there are very few ways to leave. For some reason DE doesn't have a way to delete clans and won't intervene to delete one or kick anyone unless they intend to ban you, they basically won't do anything even if you submit a support ticket. So if you make a clan of one, the only way to leave is to invite someone into the clan, promote them to warlord and leave, thus screwing them over. 2. The dry dock in dojos is g
  9. It you're invisible they can still hear you and will actually follow you around especially if you shoot, but if you are invisible and silenced they just have no idea, they edge-walk around trying to find you, lol.
  10. Today I was testing a Titania Build in Steel Path and Mania dropped in. I proceeded to shoot in Pixie form while he desperately teleported me to him to try and land a hit in between staring up at me looking pissed off at the reign of bullets to his forehead. I tend to do use Loki to do Steel Path Simaris Scans so I can look for the target undisturbed, and when I am running banshee's Silence of Loki's Silence Augment and an Acolyte jumps in, the Acolyte walks around like the worst Marco Polo player ever while I shoot him in the back. You guys have any other funny ways to mess with Acolytes
  11. Rather than trying to kill the sentient with your operator, just hit it with your amp a few times to reset its damage resistance and go back to using you're weapons. This is more or less the original intended way to combat sentients though there are a couple more ways to reset their DR as mentioned by others, including Paracesis and Shedu, Xata's Whisper and increasing sentient damage and resistance with Umbral mods. If your at 'The Sacrifice' quest if isn't likely you'll have acess to these though. Using your amp is most readily available. For weapons, try to use high damage, low firerate wea
  12. Positive reload speed means it's positive, it's meant to be the good version of the stat. You want more speed, not less. The only stat that works backwards as you mentioned is recoil. Negative recoil is meant to be the good stat there. Ideally you want less recoil, not more.
  13. Everyone has given good answers - Hydron, Sanctuary Onslaught, Railjack are the fastest methods. Though personally I like to do long relic defenses, it's good multitasking.
  14. 3-4 hours is about average for me as well. My personal method is not necessarily the fastest but I would say it's the most hassle-free for me. First I do pub murmur farms on other people's nodes to unlock 2 rings. Then in solo or hosting my own pub, I put both known mods on my Parazon and a random mod then run my missions and stab my lich until I know the correct first mod. Sometimes I get lucky and it's done at step two because I guessed the last mod right. Other times I have to keep stabbing because both known mods are in the wrong order. Since stabbing gives more murmurs I go
  15. I just picked the top build as an example, not necessarily advocating this one in particular. I think my own Proboscis Cernos build is similar but I have the 60/60 mods to get me close to 100% status. I have tried it with and without Vile Precision and with it definitely feels nicer, but it's not a must-have if you don't care about it. Mostly just trying to show that relying on increased critical damage at the cost of more crit or more base damage isn't a good strategy in this case. I'd argue it's very rarely a good status, but I don't know that for a fact. Also, shields aren't a big deal
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