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  1. The changes are helpful, but Yareli is seriously lacking in scaling ability even with these changes, and I don't think the fix is to add more dmg stats, it's actually to either add status effects to her abilities, or other effects like armor reduction or dmg amplification, or scaling on the enemy weapons. I think her Snares are pretty good for a first ability, and Merulina is powerful even if she's also difficult to use, but I think a small tweak can maker he other abilities better: Aqua Blades: Add knock down immunity when Aqua Blades are up. This would make it an extremely useful ability that you can put on any frame. Not being able to be knocked down is especially helpful the higher levels you are playing against because even seconds being knocked over can kill you. People will dedicate a whole mod slot to avoid being knocked over. With this addition, some might potentially transfer the ability onto their frames to open up a mod slot for that alone, regardless of how much dmg it does. Rip Tide: Add armor strip and a cold status proc that lasts after the enemies have been dropped from the bubble. The armor strip (say, 80% ?) will help you clean up anything surviving, which will be most things the more powerful your enemies are, but using it on them will still be worth while because of the armor strip. The Cold proc will slow the enemies to keep them on their butts longer after they drop, and add status ticks for Condition Overload melee or Galvanized mods.
  2. A problem with Yareli is she doesn't scale dmg well or apply debuffs. Sea Snares should strip some armor to help with this, and spread when you kill an enemy for the remainder of the ability's duration. Personally I would like to see aqua blades grant dmg reduction. Take that aspect away from Marelina if you have too. Basically just make it Gara's Splinter Storm but without the dmg scaling. Like 90% dmg reduction and staggering enemies you run into and applying a slash status proc would make it awesome for me even without the ability to mod the range. Personally I think we should get to mod Yareli's K-drive, and give it a trick combo multiplier. The Trick combo should give Yareli a temporary dmg or critical buff based on the combo. Riptide should be more like Mag's Magnetize or Zephyr's tornados, with a set duration and ability to enhance and spread weapon dmg amongst the enemies inside it.
  3. Holy crap, thank you. Adding the beam range mods to Exilis is the best news I've heard in ages.
  4. Sorry, but hanging out in a relay for hours for a blessing is literally dumb. You would get significantly more rewards just by playing those hours you wasted sitting in a relay. You have lost way more than the 25% of those resources you would have gotten with a blessing by just hanging around. Not to mention 25% more nano spores is kind of useless, I can't even get rid of the +1 million I have. It only makes sense to seek out a blessing when you are farming something specific. If you want reliable blessings there are two things you can do though, become MR 30, or join a clan or Alliance with a lot of MR 30s and ask if anyone has a blessing to lay down when you need/want one.
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