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  1. Adjust / adapt. "How am I supposed to run my PLANTATION when the government is taking away all my SLAVES!?" So some things historically were being relied on, the some things were later discovered to be wrong and not a good direction for the future, and in order to have a brighter future, we adapt.
  2. Ayo my guy even tho they are called daily, you have three days to get it! Here's a good strategy You will want a Nekros with despoil, you can skip most other expensive mods for this farm. If you dont have him yet, you will want to farm his parts from the Orokin Derelict Assassinate node You can buy the keys for Derelict from the market for credits, and then craft them in your foundry. To get the assassinate key, you will also need to get Lephantes Nav Coordinates from the other Derelict missions. Just spend a little time busting containers and you should find a few After waiting one hour for the Assassinate key, you can start hunting nekros parts As for the Despoil augment, you can get this from Perrin Sequence by completing standing daily After you have all the items it's time to craft nekros Now it generally takes three days to create a new frame, but there is one lesser known trick that you can convert platinum into less time on the foundry Rushing Nekros and equipping with the Despoil augment, you can now turn dead bodies and parts into multiple new instances of drops! This will almost DOUBLE your credit farming efforts saving you MASSIVE time in the long run A little bonus, each part will procure a new instances of looting, and to make lots of body parts, defeat an enemy using a weapon primarily highest in slash damage. Highly recommended to make a shotgun or other weapon you prefer with high slash damage before starting, but the last part may not be for everyone, as it is understandable that some may not have all the time in the world with their schooling, jobs, families, and other hobbies outside of Warframe, however doing this should save lots of time in the long run Good luck man I hope this helps
  3. How did anyone's parents convince them to take out the trash or make their bed with these attitudes?
  4. Maybe instead of telling DE to change their system, rephrase and ask specifically for tips from one of the 1000s of people that have passed the test, several of whom would be more than happy to suggest other equipment or frame abilities to help you through this exam.
  5. Can we please please please please please keep/swap the winter Liset theme instead of having to delete it? I don't care how long I have to wait, nor of any other updates, glitches, or urgent rebalances. Just let us "keep" Snowbro co-autopilot...
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