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  1. I strongly recommend you put back the ability for liches to grant murmur gain for the team. this encourages players to help, rather than say "f that guy, I'm extracting". if you want coop pugs to be a thing, having any reward at all makes it less competitive and more cooperative.
  2. step 0) always make sure you have all mods for liches farmed before creating one (don't kill the larvaling spawns). do not create one if you don't have them (farm and crack requiem mods first). also make sure you do a dps check, if you can't one shot everything on the star chart with ease from all your weapons and can comfortably run a braindead hour mot survival, probably best not to make one. step 1) select the type of elemental damage you want from the table here and equip the appropriate warframe: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich tip 1.1: if you are running without rivens in most cases you will want toxin. if you are running with rivens you may want to consider heat damage and two other combined (corrosive and either gas/viral) for your build. remember, weapon elementals are added last in your build. if you want to get a beast of a sniper for eidolons, get radiation. tip 1.2: ephemera have a chance at dropping that you may want to farm after weapons. check out rob's guide on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzxfpplYawI&feature=youtu.be 2) go to adaro, sedna, run this mission solo and kill the larvaling that spawns. it may not spawn the first run but it usually will on the second. there is some rng here, or bugs still, but it "usually spawns" now. 3) run exterminate/surv missions first and always (either in premade or pug, never solo), follow with rescues if you have to. do this until you have all three murmurs complete, testing your combos along the way for the black parazon mods (don't forget to change them each fail). once you have these full, run capture missions to draw out the lich. tip 3.1: always rush the thralls and liches, ignore the other dudes for speed because you may end up with more spawns as a result in case run the mission too fast (this way you go back and clear, the idea is to clear as few nodes as possible each rank up until you have all three, while capture missions are faster, they aren't 2X faster). if you are running with a premade group, let the liches spawns as many thralls as they can before killing them, in a pug this will not be possible and will just likely waste everyone's time. tip 3.2: always help clear liches, you want to do this for the bonus you get from them to murmur, and always clear thralls as they have a chance to drop requiem relics (mark any requiem relics that drop for the squad, right now they don't pop on the bottom left, so you have to watch for the pick up when you execute a thrall). tip 3.3: if you have trouble clearing a lich, make sure you're running builds it's weak against and taking advantage of it's fears. tip 3.4: for the sake of probability, always swap your mods when testing, starting with known murmurs first and second then third, and experimenting with the unknowns starting with 3, 2, 1. tip 3.5: even though you're getting relics from thralls now, you may still want to run floods once an hour for additional relic farming. If you follow this with the new updates, pending you aren't exceptionally lucky and just guess the passphrase from the get go, you should be farming liches about every 2-3 hours, pending you are running proper gear.
  3. Please tone down the effects of vauban's vortex. besides all of the obvious reasons, there is a new one. this is why: players have taken to spamming vortex on liches. this is super annoying when you can't see what you're doing in the only fight where as a max level player you can reasonably die. what this equates to is the last hour you spent farming up to get the lich to spawn is now wasted because somebody was a jerk and the lich performs a finisher on you from behind because you can't see anything. being that it would be immediately noticeable that the lich cannot be affected by this, the only reason to do this is to screw over other players. it's a very, very bad experience that disrespects the player's time because someone else can't be bothered to simply not be a jerk.
  4. would like to request that if the bonus is greater than +5%, that it assume the new bonus, but if it is less than that it still offers +5% up to cap. this means we are wasting much less time on lich farms. what am I going to do with a kuva weapon with a +25 when I have a +45? literally nothing, all that time wasted for nothing.
  5. Do the thralls drop the mod for the individual or group? if the former I can envision that being highly problematic with people throwing tantrums about kill stealing and people sacrificing allies for the sake of attempts at mod drops. not really a bit concern for me, but likely for many others
  6. adaro sedna, used ivara, got max simaris rep while I was there. did it twice... mission level is 32+ always worked before, not working now. silent finishers on all dudes, no alarms at all, invis for whole mission... very confused... lots of lich and nightwave stuff not playing nice together, is frustrating time waste. edit: was able to do on oxymoco, assuming maggot spawn from lich is interfering.
  7. example: complete 3 rescue missions. completed rescue lich, no credit for completion on nightwave
  8. when liches spawn in mission it can get quite confusing as to who is who's lich especially since names can be similar and voices, and visuals, and of course you have a ton of other stuff going on like the mission, and stalker spawning in right after a syndicate spawn (I experienced just this) and we had 3 liches on screen plus murmurs. I actually really enjoyed this gameplay since it was actually a bit chaotic and unlike anything in warframe to date where you actually had to pay attention a little. to help differentiate your personal lich, when your lich spawns in have it have like a gold border or something on your ui (and maybe a special sound so you know it's yours vs someone else's), so you can tell the difference between yours and everyone else's. additionally on minimap making yours gold or something might help (since red will just get lost even if it's a different icon). this will help players figure out who's lich is who's and know when their lich spawns instead of running up and trying to exterminate someone else's. the chaos is good, the ui just needs to help out a bit here.
  9. besides wanting more dialog lines, especially for the spots we here over and over again (enter and exit mission, idle screen for lich) I might suggest also using voice modulation to lower and raise pitches slightly (or dramatically) for different sound sets. this will allow you to reuse voice actor assets at minimal time and cost while adding some more variety and uniqueness to each lich.
  10. I've been thinking on this a bit. I don't mind that kuva liches can steal sortie rewards and requiem relics and all kinds of stuff that is high value. that's well and good. What I do mind is that they steal your sortie rewards and then don't give them back when they kill you. that means my time is wasted doing those three missions and i will never get it back... by design. this makes me feel massively disrespected as a player, because my time is disrespected. I played, I earned a reward, i was cheated out of it, on purpose, by the dev team explicitly and intentionally. all of this means that unless this is fixed, once I farm these weapons with the correct frames to get the correct elemental bonus, I will cease to participate in the system entirely by not killing the maggots because I stand to lose by playing it, so there goes all replayability. this will be another dead piece of content in short order once people farm it up, mark my words. at no point will this be an acceptable course of action. if I lose some creds and resources, I can handle that, but not the high value stuff, that's just rude, and it was designed this way intentionally and that's not cool.
  11. center doesn't take color properly since update
  12. Kuva lich stole my sortie reward and I didn't get it back when I killed him. feels bad man. it was just an anasa, but basically feels like I wasted all that time for nothing. if they are going to steal sortie rewards and requiem relics they should be gauaranteed returns. it's one thing for regular relics and resources to get lost... but stuff we really gotta grind for not being returned... feelsbadman.
  13. first impressions: 1) increase range by +1 base to all range mods (reach, primed reach, riven, etc.). WHY: this is because 1) the range nerf makes long arbitrations obsolete now, this sucks as an endgame player. this mode previous felt rewarding and now is dead content until you allow players to be able to push again, as it stands right now, the ability to do long arbi runs in pugs is dead and you'll have to do premades to make any headway. this sucks for me as I farmed about 2.5k vitus since the patch was announced (in about 2 weeks) and I had the best time playing warframe that I have in literally years, not that is gone. 2) range for short range weapons is still pitiful but required making them less viable than even before, especially for newer players 3) range isn't a build consideration unless you have both primed reach and a riven, making rivens functionally necessary for new players looking to get the most out of their weapons. I understand the range nerf, but it was just a little too much. the +1 to primed reach makes it so that the range is "good enough" with primed reach, and adding a riven only helps, as opposed to making it mandatory. 2) Heavy attacks are not fulfilling intention, buff to add +3 to range and eats up to 2 combo meter (Ie, only 1 if you have 1 level), not the whole thing, make sure it scales off of current combo count. Why: right now there is no reason to use a heavy attack at cost of combo, especially late game endurance, which is when you would actually want to use these to waste heavies. the range it has is pitiful. the proposed buff will actually improve player incentive to not spin to win indefinitely since they will want to vary attacks to heavy to deal with heavies late game. The loss of two combo meter at current generation rate makes it so that players will actually have a reason to use these. in short, they cost too much for not enough benefit. 3) Kuva hunter pack is problematic in current form. To ensure it isn't pay to win, add a monthy gift of lotus like you did this weekend. WHY: this is important as a start for players that can afford it, but the level of rng associated makes this very pay to win in current state. adding the monthly event this still keeps the rng intact, incentivises play, and allows for monetization, best of all worlds. If you don't add a frequent method of acquisition to players like i suggested that is better than current set, it sets a strong precedent for pay to win and the product should be removed in both cases. 4) Condition Overload: change to multiplicative to base damage after mods (not like before where it was mutliplicative of multiplicative). WHY: the nerf to this was too harsh and kills build diversity, making this mod exceptionally rare and functionally useless and also eliminates a large pool of weapon viability. 5) Change grendel acquisition: suggested disable catalysts/reactors, allow operators but no arcanes. WHY: If your intent was to sell more grendels by annoying the player base to the point of absolute rage, congrats, you certainly got my plat and a bunch of other people's with this anti consumer practice. change these acquisition missions somewhat... maybe disable catalysts/reactors. it's not that this can't be done, it's that doing so is annoying and mandates certain frames. It just sucks as a player experience, especially after you farmed up all the best everything only to be like "sorry, nope, none of that matters, you might as well be mr 0". Simply put, there is no instance where it's not easier to farm the plat and buy grendel than it is to get a dedicated squad and play this with trial and error. it's just awful as an experience. 6) leveling up your kuva lich should add +3% per level of the lich to the bonus element up to current cap. WHY: otherwise there is no player benefit to having increased risk vs reward, it's just a slog and slogs aren't fun and engaging. this gives players a reason to want to level up their lich to get max bonus on the item, and take on the most powerful lich possible. Players don't need to worry about accidentally killing early since they can just equip 2 at a time instead of three and that will make sure they don't kill it while still learning about it. 7) decrease the murmur kill rate from 50 to like 30-40 WHY: this is just overly grindy and feels bad. when combined with issue 6 correction this will feel like you're making more progress while earning something rather than just hoping you get lucky the first time you spawn him. lastly: I have nothing to say about the reworks yet.
  14. I farmed 1000 vitus essence in 3 days. it's called rng yo. boosters + smeeta do it.
  15. bows are still unusable trash, too slow for current speed meta. only bow worth having is zhuge prime for bow only sorties because it's basically a gun but counts as a bow.
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