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  1. This is a nice idea, but it probably won't happen. What you're proposing is to reward top end gamers with more power, and that is the opposite of what Scott and Steve have proposed recently by stating they will add a compressor to the game, IE, higher start, lower finish. You can already see some of this with the massive speed nerf to top end railjacks and massive speed buff to lower end ones. This, while it sucks for us players that are much further along, is actually good for overall game health, it's one of those things that, feels bad but is for our, and the game's, own good. I know it feels bad, trust me I get it. My focus and intrinsics have been maxed out forever. At this point I just collect plat to collect plat so I can give it away to clanmates in various forms, because there is no evolving world or narative, just same old same old. That's kind of what you need to come to accept though. Outside of the windows when something new is released, unless you really just crave some space ninja action, go take a break and play something else, and even then, best to give it a few weeks so they work the game breaking bugs out. It wasn't always this way, but that's where we are at, and frankly, that's better than they deserve after the last several years of absurdly busted and broken releases as they still have a long way to go to earn back player trust and support, but to their credit the gameplay is still fun sometimes and you can't quite get that same fix elsewhere. People have tried, like anthem, lol, but Warframe lives on. Point being, don't hold your breath for this, it's not how they do things and they've stated already, openly, that they are going in the opposite direction.
  2. Given that I gave the game another chance after the mess that was scarlet spear launch after Scott's well needed apology tour, I figured I might as well see what's up with the changes. The Railjack stuff, overall good, I'm not very happy that speed was nerfed so heavily but I get it, game compressor and all that, growing pains, gotta gimp the vets so the newbies don't lag so much. Such is. Doesn't feel good after the horriffic grind you forced us to endure, but at least I can understand it even if it feels bad man. I still don't think railjack is "great" but it's now... serviceable. Please learn from this and don't launch things with the intent that it will take us months to do, it sucks as a player when you do that. Like, FEELS VERY VERY BAD, especially when you chop the grind in half post launch. I'm not griping that new players get a better experience, I'm griping that I got the crappy experience that sucked and was soul draining and that shouldn't happen, full stop. Now, SS, once the majority of the bugs were worked out... not a terrible event, I wouldn't say it's an A, but it's a solid B-, passable, respectable, not particularly memorable, but "good enough" after the torrent of patches that is, and of course, the goal is to SHIP on B- and improve from there with community feedback, so no bonus points, because at shipping (much like railjack) this was an F-, "F" as in, "Fallout 76". My point with that is you gotta get this stuff shippable before you send it, please stop shipping stuff before it's ready... we will come back and play when you update, but stop padding things to ungodly levels and stop shipping product that isn't suitable for alpha in the sense that it contains game breaking bugs all over the place. We are understanding, we play warframe, we know there are and will be more bugs, but it has to be playable at launch, all content, from now on, please and thank you. And before we start in, excuses of any kind don't cut it anymore, the good will is eaten up and it's time to make or break, right the ship or don't. I'm hoping you make VERY GOOD USE of that public test cluster in the future and make choices that are much smarter when launching content in the future. Do you know what cutting the intrinsic grind and focus grind in half does to those of us that already mind numbingly grinded our faces off for weeks does for us? Nothing. It fixes nothing for us. It is good that you realized this was abhorrently bad, but you gotta know that up front, otherwise I think my goal will be to only come back to warframe once a year after you unscrew the latest releases, rather than want to be there when they launch. Liches on the other hand, regarding fun... yes, they are no longer the obscene vet specific torture that they were at launch that made most of us really start to question if you guys even played your own game anymore, and while they are better, they are far from "FUN". I say this after having gone back to do some more recently. I'm mentioning this because you seemed to make a lot of changes towards railjack in the interest of making it "more fun". Liches are not that. They aren't torturous anymore, but they aren't fun, and nowhere near what was expected when you invoked the holy name of Shadow of "X". What makes those characters work in that game is that there is an ongoing narrative, which, no surprise, warframe no longer has any narrative to speak of, at least, not in anything that approaches "ongoing". The universe is largely static and even the nightwaves have failed to rectify that. Pretty much since you guys stopped doing quests on the regular, it doesn't feel as if there is any forward progression as a player EVEN WHEN you do add it because it's so few and far between that by the time the next story bits come out, the last bits are incredibly old news to all but the newest of new players. To be clear, one major story every other year (or less) doesn't make a world feel fluid and evolving. That said, In shadow of X, they manage to evolve the characters so it feels as if they are progressing as you are playing. In warframe, progression is, I'm going to say, intentionally padded and stunted, which I'm not griping about, we all get you have bills to pay-- but that said it is your design and your responsibility to work around that and right now you've failed in that regard. Because progression, while it feels smooth early, tapers off into a grind-your-face-off-for-literally-years-for-the-average-player fest you don't feel as though you are growing, and you certainly don't feel as if your lich is growing either, because they don't get new powers, interact in new ways, they just get more bullet spongey every 20 minutes or so and go from 1 shot to 2 shots, to 3 shots... are we having fun yet?. They don't evolve as characters, because they spew the same 10 lines over and over. They don't do anything meaningful because they don't meaningfully interact with the world, and no, making us wait an hour to collect a few thousand credits and a handful of resources that only new players need anyway is not meaningful interaction. They don't change the way the game is played, not in any meaningful way at least. And worst of all, they don't feel real because they don't interact with us in the ONE PLACE THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD. You remember that kuva choice we had to make with our ops? You know who would know about that and find it interesting? The queens and their most valued immortal servants the liches. Not a peep from them though. Seems like they should at least notice if they are our "personal nemesis" yeah? You said it was for RP, well, where is the RP? Where is my choice calling up a dialog depending on a choice? Where is the liches growing in power and strength over time? Where is them interacting with us in meaningful ways, invading our missions at random to raid us in groups of MR 20+? Why do we kill them to create them? I'm still baffled by this process. In what way does the lich process require a specific tenno to stab them with the parazon? Who engineered that? It makes no sense and breaks immersion. These need to be narrative driven, they need to be interacting and growing meaningfully, or they will never be "fun" in the sense that was pitched to us. If they are just to become another project on the heap of dead/abandoned content, then I guess, sure whatever, but this is such a missed opportunity. I want to be clear that I'm not making suggestions on specifically WHAT TO DO, because I've done that till I was blue in the face with liches and all of it was ignored and I'm tired of wasting my breath. I'm simply reporting back that this bit of content, while not as soul drainingly awful anymore, is, at best, a slog/boring, and that's not good. I know I'm not the only person that thinks this, but I am the person carrying the torch for it to be fixed at this moment in time. Please fix it. And by fix it, I mean, make it fun, meaningful, adaptive and worthwhile to engage with beyond just the rewards. Yes, rewards are good, but they are the payout, not the experience, and as it stands the experience is severely lacking. It's not fun and it should be.
  3. I mean I understand and hear and to some degree share your concern, but I have more or less seen the light on this. Warframe, as a game, does indeed want you to be tuned in and push your builds, it's kind of the premise, and if you screw up there needs to be a price exchanged. The thing is, it, as a game, also wants you to experience non stop action, and increasingly, never fail/die, and while that sounds "bad" on the surface, it instead creates an environment where game time is less about success and failure, and instead about achieving a success level appropriate to your experience and talent. Is it a "dumb down"? Well, yes and no. Technically Super Mario Bros. for NES is way more of a hardcore game than any modern game due to lack of save game progress and such, and rouge likes are on a whole different level... but warframe isn't trying to be that. It's very much, even though supported by hardcore gamers, a casual game, and you can ask anyone that is a hardcore gamer how many times they fell asleep in 2016 spamming slide attack. If you can play and succeed at the game while borderline catatonic it's hard to call it a "hardcore" game, because hardcore gamers don't just like hardcore games, and many people conflate the two. That said, Warframe is casual as a game, even though it's enjoyed by the hardcore gamers out there. My point is, the adjustment does more to positively affect the pace of the game and fits in better with it's overall design intention imho, not that I'm Steve or Scott and speak for them, but after you log nearly 8k mission hours over years of play you can kinda intuitively see what they are going for after a bit when they make changes. I honestly feel like your gripe is valid, it's just not a strike against warframe, and the current design serves the game better, even though I did personally enjoy self damage much as you do. I'm not saying this to try and brainwash you into a cult or anything, but just to consider that on this one thing, they've been debating on this for literally years and I honestly think after seeing it in action it's a net plus for the overall niche design of the game, and I'm saying that more so that maybe you can see if someone else can come to grips with it you might too, because the alternative is screaming your brains out on the forums to no avail, and that's not much fun.
  4. So you have no logical refute to my stance, just insult hurling. Cool. Additionally, screaming "Elitist" also doesn't bother me. It's not a badge I wear with pride, but like, it would be hard to make a case that I'm not in a reasonably high bracket of all players in the game if you run down my credentials, and that's not a brag, because I don't need it to be secure in myself. All that means is that I have experience, time in the game, and I understand the systems well enough to succeed at them more than the average joe player, which is not terribly difficult to achive if you have enough time on your hands. If that bothers you, that's more about you than me. GL convincing people with that kind of rhetoric though 🙂
  5. I think they have a point though, eidolon loot table is stale AF. While there are "still reasons for some people to do it" (ie, not me, focus has been a closed chapter for years I think now?) with all arcanes going down the tubes, and while their prices will climb slowly out of obscurity after the event, they will still be the same old, same old. Refreshing loot pools for both Eidolons and Spiders would be good, even if you just add a handful of things, would definitely give a reason to revisit.
  6. Yee Haw? Still getting infinite RJ load screens, not as often as at RJ launch, but still a thing, had 2 of them in the last 2 days with heavy play.
  7. These are your issues with the system. I don't think your suggestions would benefit the game, just you. My only gripe is that newer players should have better access to nitain, that's it. This is not backpedaling, and no, missing out on the most memetastic builds does not mean content is locked for you, and if you can't handle doing all the nightwave you probably aren't experienced enough to comment on it meaninngfully anyway, and if you are, eat your vegetables, quietly please and thank you. Not everything can be an endless loot cave that is specializing in touching your specific happy spots, it's more than good enough as is because you can't satisfy literally everyone, ever. There is a literally point where you're asking for too much, especially when there is limited manpower to expend. You are allowed to complain, I am simply voicing my opinion that your opinion is one I strongly disagree with and should not be considered heavily by anyone in charge.
  8. Weapon mods are not locked. You can trade for them, it's actually easier than doing nightwave when you consider time investment go bust a relic, you can do that at like MR 0. Umbral mods are completely unnecessary until the game is completely rebalanced, they add e-peen and nothing else. If you need an umbral forma to complete any content in the game to C rotation, something is very wrong, if you want to go longer than 1 rotation you can, but you're working against yourself for time efficiency, and you're only doing it for e-peen purposes, there is literally no other reason. Do you the difference between 1 shotting an enemy for 10 million damage and 100 million damage? Nothing. Umbral forma is absolutely not necessary. I have plenty. I've used one and it was entirely unnecessary to do so, because I wanted primed sure footed on my meme unkillable nidus that isn't even primed. Does it make a difference? Eh, kinda sorta at about the 2 hour mark in arbitrations, and that's completely unnecessary for anyone to do ever. For that umbra forma I get a whopping 40% more chance to resist knockdown, which, ironically, is worth a lot more than extra damage. Nitain does need to be available elsewhere, I've already said that. The other two don't even remotely count.
  9. I feel you. I think play diversity is good and they should allow this to be a thing. That said, WF often shakes up the meta just to shake it up and make players do different stuff, it keeps the economy well rounded and not stagnant. I'm sorry for your loss. I miss nuke trin... Nobody feels bad for me. I do think it should have been nerfed, but to be destroyed altogether where it doesn't even exist anymore (unlike eidolon castanas) was sad. I think technically it still does if you rad proc her and maintain it, which is stupid hard to do and takes a 4 man to do, but it's entirely not worth it 99% of the time, and it's super cheesey, point being, they wanted it to go away, it did, time to move on. That said, welcome to the game, get used to it, it's been this way since the game started. Switch to a different play style, that's the message they are sending you. Did you spend 25k on a perfect riven for it? Well, been there dude. It sucks. Don't do that again, get something good enough and do that because it's sure to be nerfed and changed and reworked sooner or later.
  10. I strongly disagree with you OP. Just because I had to grind my face off to be first, and murder my pinky, and lose sleep to get all the rewards, and now have WFPTSD doesn't mean other players should too. You're attacking the problem the wrong way. It's like the meme where someone says "Why is anti overdose drugs free and I have to pay $350 for insulin!?!?" and then someone crosses it out and writes "Why do I have to pay $300 for insulin" You're looking at the problem wrong. Yes, they are doing things that will make it easier for newer players to catch up. This is necessary to make sure they can progress to near endgame levels, imagine starting a fresh WoW account today and grinding the old way with no buffs to exp, where it would take you 1000 hours to get to level 50, let alone level one hundred and whatever they are on now... This is mandatory. The problem is that you had to grind your face off to begin with. They really should down tune the stuff on the front end so the catch up grind buffs aren't so extreme and then you won't see the difference as much. On the flip side, if your self esteem is tied to the fact that you have an exclusive item or cosmetic in a video game, that's not something to brag about. In general, a good rule is to wait a year to rerelease something, sometimes they do that, usually it's longer... a handful of times it's been shorter and people bit their little heads off, and hopefully they learned it takes about a year for the special feeling to wear off. What doesn't wear off though is the grind exhaustion. That doesn't go away. That's what needs to be addressed. But just because you suffered X hours of grindwall, doesn't mean someone else should too.
  11. I think some people have a misguided understanding of what nightwave is, why it exists, and who it's for (possibly from not having experienced life without it). Nightwave is a battle pass, battlepass systems are designed to reward players for regular engagement through unlocks. It is mostly for, in warframe, vets with literally nothing else to do. It is also good for newer players to give them some extra goodies and a way to fill in gaps that they may have trouble with. The only real exception to this is hiding nitain there, which is not newbie friendly, nor is the battle pass, and I've long expressed opinions against this, it should be available more easily through other means, period end of story. It can still be there, but nobody should "have to" do nightwave to unlock basic frames and weapons and that's really a bad way to do it. That one exception asside, older folks don't just need to crack relics, as a matter of fact, that's about all we do unless there is an event or content drop, then we do that for 24 hours and finish it before most newer players figured out what it even is because it's not on youtube yet. This allows DE to do two things, provide us with variety of content touchstones by enticing us with various top tier rewards, and also gets us to play content we would never otherwise touch again. Do you know how many apothics I used in 7k hours before nightwave started? Precisely exactly as many as needed to unlock titania, and that's it, never touched it again. Do you know how often I choose to do a defection mission? Literally never, even nightwave probably wouldn't get me to do it unless it was a 7k do 1 defection mission. The point is, it gets us to reconnect with old stuff, which provides variety and incentivises us to do so, it's actually really a well thought out system, and while it had some troubles at launch, and they changed some stuff I don't exactly agree with (primarily removing friends challenges, which A) you can make 1 friend, even if it's just for the challenge in LFG in like 5 seconds, and B) if you don't want to do it so bad, you literally never have to), overall it's in a really good place now and serves it's purpose quite well. They already reward you when YOU choose, with standard rewards. If you want the extra rewards you have to do the extra stuff they decide, and that's more than fair. The system you are proposing works against the primary reasons it exists and I for 1, do not support this idea, because it's working as intended. Do I like doing halls of lua every 5 weeks? No. But it's overall good to do it, just so I'm not too rusty and I can say I'm good at all the content available. I couldn't really say that I was a well rounded player if I had to look up how to do a lua challenge every single time I had to do it, could I? If you really hate the system though, there is a simple solution, you absolutely do not have to engage and you will miss NOTHING. I know this because we didn't use to have nightwave, and we didn't get those rewards at all. At best we got some alerts with some nanospores, woo hoo! Oh look, it's an alert for my 50,000th atlas alt helmet, hell yeah, I guess? That's why the old system was replaced with the new. It really should just have nitain more accessible for newbies, but outside of that it's perfectly fine the way it is since you never have to use it. But wait! Vauban is locked there! I have to do nightwave!?!?! No, you don't, because you'll unlock vauban just from doing regular stuff you want to do eventually (as you may have noticed you can often accidentally do nightwave stuff without noticing), long before it becomes an issue. See, Vauban has vauban prime, which is a direct upgrade. What this means is that regular Vauban is entirely MR fodder, you grind him to 30 and throw him out, end of story. That means unless Vauban is the one and only thing keeping you from progressing to max MR, you don't need him at all, and you'll accidentally get enough cred for him long before that.
  12. I'm going with a "Glitch the matrix" Neo "the one" sort of vibe. Passive: Reassemble, all revives are instant and gains an extra revive, down side is player always instantly revives while they have revives. This will still work in Arbitration 1x only, since it's +1 revive. There is no xp penalty for the first revive a player uses in a mission. 1) Nannites player releases nanite spore dust cloud around them that benefit themselves and allies as a toggle with drain, you can only toggle one at a time Cycles the following: A) Buff DR of team PBAoE Medium B) Buff Evasion of Team PBAoE Small C) Buff Speed of Team PBAoE Large Any player/ally caught in the cloud receives the buff, it lasts X time plus duration mods if they leave the cloud. Ending the buff toggle allows the player to retain it for the same amount of time. 2) Offensive nannite hack attack, aimed beam single shot of nannites, gives radiation proc 100% that spreads rapidly by proximity (not successful attack from proc) and does moderate DoT and lowers their evasion over time as well, meaning it's easier for them to hit each other. Basically a slower moving, localized Nyx chaos 3) There is no spoon placeholder name timed cast This one is an altered version of Baruuk's Elude, player only (not team) large increase to evasion, can still attack and move and bullet jump. Combining this with Nannites should not reach 100% (95% cap regardless of stacked items) evasion even with max PS, but should be a substantially drastic increase their survivability 4) Glitch Mode timed cast heavy cost Enemies are frozen and pop in and out quickly like a glitch around the screen in a small area, projectiles (not hit scan) are also affected. This lasts a short time, buying players time to do whatever, it's essentially a pause enemy ability, you can still damage them, but targeting them is much harder. This is kind of a modified limbo ability with different visuals, enemies should appear "glitchy" ie pixelated in various spots This gives them a utility Buff, a CC damage, a defense and a unique ultimate.
  13. I want to say I'm not trying to crush your soul and I've taken care to not bash anyone specifically, so please try and understand that going in. I don't think you need to punt it to a community manager, but maybe you do, I'll leave that for you. Honestly I'm kind of mad at Shy for the absolute wrong reasons 🙂 , she did the impossible that even Rebecca hasn't done, by giving you the option to be wrong, do better and own the shortcomings which have really held back the game in recent years. I'm kind of mad about it because I'm not mad as much anymore... Thank Shy a lot for that, and DE thank Scott for literally being the guy that owned the failures, this kind of outreach is really valuable. In the very least his interview convinced me to finally spend for the current prime access, money I set aside specifically for that which I didn't spend because of how disappointed I've been in the last releases. Now to address the Elephant in the room. Many of us long term vets with many 1000s of hours in mission aren't easily appeased by the marketing aspect of DE hype anymore, honestly I can't take any more community managers hyping and saying sorry, I'm so over it, and that's not against them, they are doing the best they can, but it's just not valuable anymore. It's past the point where we can just excuse things. We know DE is a business, we know you have shareholders, we know you have responsibilities and IRL challenges and content messes and management issues, we (me I guess, I should probably just speak for myself) get it, it's not easy and we understand the human aspect. Here's the main gripe from me and many/most players I talk and play with: We're tired of supporting when you have to get it wrong for so long before you get it right, and being the alpha testers for your game. I am glad to hear you are expanding the test cluster, but that's honestly something I'm still shocked and appalled you didn't see as a huge red flag emergency thing to do after railjack and yet still here we are with scarlet spear... There is one very important balance you guys are not achieving very well and it's the Challenge VS Grind VS Reward. This loop is out of whack in the following ways: Grind: We get you overtune for exploits and so people don't burn through your content in an hour, but the grindwall is simply far far too much at launch for the last 3 major updates. In the fashion sector they have a sentiment/philosophy where "Before you go out take one thing off". Apply this wisdom to tuning your rewards. It doesn't help the vets at all who already did the content when you retune it 2 years after launch, that doesn't fix our burn out when it's already too late. Do you know what doubling focus for me does now? Literally nothing. I'm glad new players won't have to experience that awful grind, I am not upset that that they won't have to do it as much as Steve thinks I might be because literally one person complains about Universal Medalions on twitter, I don't care. There will always be 1 person upset at every decision you make, but caving to the one guy doesn't fix the game for the vast majority, the concept of not fixing something because someone already did it needs to be retired. More importantly though, this absurd over tuning at launch has to stop, because changing it after the fact doesn't fix the anguish and tedium that I already experienced, the damage is done and you need to learn that lesson. If you're already going back and doubling so many progression rates 2 years after, how about consider that when you're tuning at launch, cutting it by 25% at base whatever you're doing now, like whatever you think is right, cut that by 25%, just cut it, it's too much and you're hurting your biggest supporters (financially and participationally) in an irreparable way when you do this since you can't undo that harm. This way, you're not beating up your most avid participators and supporters all the time, and we'll be much less annoyed. Will people exploit it? Yes. Will some people finish the content, leave and not come back till there's a new nightwave or other content? Also yes. But that's infinitely better than people leaving and having no plan to come back, which is happening. This is precisely the thing that GGG does right, they know nobody will play their game forever 24/7, but they give them instead a plan to come back when they are ready to. Instead create a sustainable loop of players that revolve in and out and that's sustainable growth, and while shareholders might not be as over the moon, they will be happy to know that their investments don't one day equate to zero because the game tanks. Rebecca once said "You guys say you hate the grind but you always do it" Well, Rebecca, your concurrent player numbers beg to differ, you can only push a machine so far before it breaks and we're here, now. Honestly Scott being humble and basically saying "we tried, we F'd up, here's what we're doing to fix it, is the only reason I'm returning at this point and you guys absolutely owe Scott for my recent purchases and Shy for the opportunity she gave him, and frankly, I'm probably not alone on the "I'm really mad at DE and want you to do better and am looking for reasons to try and take you back even though it really hurts the last 7 or more times i did". I understand you guys think you need to keep us playing 24/7 to continue to support the game but that's not true. We will buy your prime access to support you if we are having fun, even if that means we go play BL3 or PoE or whatever else for a bit when there is a content dip on WF, we will still come back we will still support you, we won't/can't do that if your game is a tedious job that we pay the privilage to have and it doesn't really matter if you go back and change it 2 years after we finished the job, we are already emotionally traumatized for spending 100s of hours trying to find that umbral forma in that rare railjack chest... I know, we should have better self control... but here's a secret: 1) we like your game overall even when it's painful 2) this is the opposite of removing the lever from kavats, it's the same thing, it's a public health concern. You need to be cognoscente of that and stay vigilant of that. If I can go back and play PoE and spend cash there, I can do it with WF too. Honestly the notion of Steve saying "Put a compressor on the game" is like "finally, god damn". Once you can one shot an entire room and can solo carry a 4 man in arbitrations for 10 C rotations, extra DPS on top of that? What for? I could be alone in this, but if you have to wear a diaper to last to the point in survival where your Top Tier DPS numbers matter, then it's not worth it except for the one guy that needs the bragging rights of world record 17+ hours in solo arb or whatever, for the rest of us it's totally irrelevant. Reward: This is extrinsically tied to Grind, honestly the key focus and point I'd like to make here is the same one I've made for years... You can't keep adding power level to the game, it's well past the point where you broke the challenge, even with all the recent rebalances which are, btw, very good and a step in the right direction and stuff I've called for for literally years (armor scaling, shield gating, self damage, etc.) Since you can't add more power, or if you do it needs to be dispersed on either islands (which are bad) or very very far spread apart, the solution is pretty simple, timed exclusive cosmetics. You get it during the event, you have it, it's exclusive for 1 year and then gets added to the paid shop. This way you feel cool, eventually the cool feeling wears off, and now everyone has access to it except that you earned it back in the day so you don't need to pay for it now. This A) adds more stuff to buy and adds revenue B) gives players a reward worth working towards (preferably with several options) and makes them feel special. But for a while. At this point do you think people feel special because they have the Ignis Wraith BP in their dojo? No, they don't, they are over it (just like 95% of Excal prime players don't care that Umbra is better) and most of the good natured folks just give them away for free because it's a pita to get it otherwise as a newer player since you have to wait for baro and it's absurdly expensive vs 200k credits it costs in that specific dojo (Frankly I really think the ducat cost should be like 20% of current, because come on man). Move to this model, it's more revenue, it's keeping with the idea of fashion frame being endgame, it gives players something to strive for that doesn't require more power. Is adding other rewards in game to the pool also good? Sure. I think it's a fine idea to add arcanes or forma or whatever, that's nice and all, giving people a change to earn them that need them in an alternate way, that's great. Do more of that. But look towards adding more cosmetics to earn in specific modes, especially for like, Arbiters and such. To be honest the ephemera from ESO is a great example of this... it's too small a drop to target grind, but the mode is rewarding enough to play on it's own as a loot cave, but in the course of it you'll get a fun little thing you might like. Having these be point based options in events is critical going forward. Dropping in other stuff like maybe some relics that are vaulted for a long time in event tables might also be a great reward set that is always useful, because even if you already have it, it's still plat to buy yourself a new shiney riven for the latest weapon or whatever. Another big thing is, valence transfer all the things. Lenses, whatever, anything that doesn't let you progress but punishes you for making small steps is bad. And I think the last thing is that really messes us up is the island resources where we play a new game mode so we can get good at the new game mode, like eidolons, railjack etc. Challenge: A lot of the recent reworks have addressed this a lot, so kudos. The difficulty slider is a must though. Also I know you even hate the simulacrum... as an option a sandbox level should be added for testing, just an alt simulacrum, spawn enemy faction, no rewards but adjust level, and test. This will go a long way to fixing your hatred of simulacrum, and frankly I kind of don't like simulacrum either because it emphasizes paper DPS where people make silly choices like focusing on single target damage or on enemies that will realistically never spawn in general game play that only matters to DPS hounds that run endless for 8+ hours. Stuff like this doesn't actually take the real game play into account. The current simulacrum has it's place, it's a nice "babies first test ground" but the time for something more robust is at hand, and you already have procedural generators for levels, how hard can it be to put a slider and spec that into the UI? I do agree that changing Limbo permanently was bad as was the knee jerk reaction with Khora, these are bad moves. Limbo also shouldn't trivialize a special event. Sometimes things happen, we get that. Revert the limbo nerf after the event, and figure out how to do it better next time and please, think of this stuff in advance next time. Literally any player that knows the game could have told you this would be a problem in advance. There are certain frames you always mentally check when new content comes out, Limbo is one of those frames, others are the other OP frames with niches, always run down that list before releasing your event in the future please. Do not test with tank frames, test with utility, niche and DPS. Tank frames always work, but they aren't going to exploit the way the others do. We aren't mad that you guys sometimes make mistakes, we get mad when we start to see you making the same mistakes over and over and over again, after a while it starts to feel like the relationship with DE is stockholme where you abuse us and take our money and say "but baby I didn't mean it". We need you to not only appologize from your mistakes but also learn from them going forward. Apologies are getting stale. It's been years we've been standing by your mistakes, it's time to listen a bit closer to the community please and thank you. I know people say DE has crap management and communication internally, and I know you rotate people to prevent complacency and burn out and those two problems likely feed each other. This is a very simple fix Scott. Have a mandate to review for each department of guiding philosophy each person reads and signs off on when they switch roles. This way it's fresh in their minds the mistakes of the past that are learned from. It's just a google doc, it costs a little bit of manpower and time to aggregate and will more than pay for itself in the long run. You guys aren't a huge triple A industry, we get that, but you're also not 5 guys in a basement indie small anymore, our expectations are bigger than that now, and rightfully so, especially for those like myself that have at least paid one person's salary for a month at the game factory. Nobody needs to spend that much money on the game to be successful at it, but we do it out of support, please take that into account. If you already have a tool like this in place, I'm not sure what to say except that it isn't working right and you should investigate why. Fixing modding with the new player experience: You mentioned you didn't have good solution. The best game design is where it teaches you how to play through play. Very easy, fix the modding so it's a quest from Ordis early on. You are rewarded at the start with X damage mod and X endo in some way (maybe quest reward from Vor), then ordis has you put X endo into it and then on your weapon, then you go use the weapon in the next phase. Ordis then explains some mods are used to alter various things. He then sends you on a mission to get acquire X elemental mods to make a combo, you can get them from buying them, a quest reward or random drop. You then make an elemental combo. The player then gets to see the effect of these mods on the game when they use them. Make the mods busted versions if you're worried about players getting too much power too early. Done. Ordis is your early game guide, you already have him built in for that, make him do that. Don't make the cut scenes/dialog unskippable. Universal Vacuum: Increase the base vacuum and the companion, this way there is a reasonable base vacuum, and a boost for using your companion that still makes it viable, again arcade-like play. Raids: YES. Go play Destiny 2 raids, see how they focus on movement and precision over powers to create challenge. Do that here. Learn from their mistakes and triumphs. Please do not think anyone is fooled by scarlet spear as being a replacement for raids, we are not. Thanks for the time, Random player who keeps suggesting things you end up doing literally months to years in advance. PS Edit: If the theory is that sentients "adapt" then the limbo thing shouldn't be completely reverted, but tuned. I might recommend that they freeze for a bit, then instead of being "freed" they are slowed by A%, B% and C% (decending over time). If this is the case... Then why just limbo though? Why not all CC? And I'm not being rhetorical here. If sentients are the crux of the new war and meant to be challenging, why does vauban get a free pass, and other CC frames? Shouldn't they adapt to them as well? I think the thing is while the knee jerk reactions to hotfix stuff isn't great, it does represent an opportunity to fix larger problems. Having sentients overall adapt to CC over time (ie, slowly come out of whatever CC is applied, and then revert when reapplied) adds lorefriendly challenge to the game overall, that isn't broken, and lets be real, most enemies are dead about .5 seconds after they are CC'd if your load out is proper, so this really only matters in events with lots of spawns, areas with lots of walls, new player experience, and in super endurance modes
  14. This is an idea I had tossed out before: New frame proposal: Evvol, the shapeshifter Shapeshifting as a technology for warframes already exists within game with such frames as titania, nidus, equinox, etc. but it does not exist as a thematic design for a warframe. Equinox thematically is the closest, but even then equinox is more about 2 opposing forces, yin/yang, night day, coming together to coalesce rather than being a tried and true shape shifter. As a top down function concept this frame is a jack of all trades frame, it has a wide variety of abilities but none of them should ever exceed the utility of another frame that does the same thing. that is the main drawback, it can do lots of stuff, but not as well as other frames. Why play this frame: it will allow you to instantly walk into any pug and fill any gaps in the roster and be able to synergize with whatever the group needs on the fly, it will also allow you to solo any mission type without needing to change frames unless you choose to. Additionally, this frame will be challenging to master given how many permutations there are to play with, which gives it lots of variation and engagement in play style. Why not to play this frame: it isn't as good as other frames at any one thing, mod builds and load outs need to be carefully considered to balance between types, or alternately, focus on one main type to enhance it, thereby not benefiting the others. Additionally other frames aren't as "limited" in the sense of their segmentation, in the sense that they can have richer defined roles, where as the strength is that this frame doesn't have a well defined role, but rather, shifts between roles as needed. The design concept is strictly to create a meta for the "utility" role, it does all the stuff you would "need" but not necessarily all the stuff you might "want". Visual design note: Much like the T1000, this waframe doesn't seem to have an explicit gender regardless of it's current form (ie, not hyper masculine/feminine) and instead should have a more alien like/inhuman appearance than usual. I also envision it having an innate ephemera that makes it look like it's distorting that can be stacked with other ephemeras(this might be slotted into aux in case someone doesn't like it). In appearance this might be an invisible color and frame sized version of the warp effect from the dojo decoration "large gravity well". I'm also seeing notions of sentient design elements here similar to the limbo deluxe. parts might drop from a sentient boss of some kind after a story arc. Challenge: this warframe will be even more difficult to do for deluxe skins and tennogen for because of the variety of shapes it can take. I also imagine it will likely need a bunch more animations. I would suggest that the "animation set" be fairly generic since it will need to work well with several silhouettes. Core design concept: health/energy/move speed/shields: these should be very mediocre. maybe 110, 100, 1, 90 Passive: slow health regen (maybe 1/3 what nidus has) and additional passive boons based on form from the 2 ability. this frame comes with no polarities and it should have all builds forma'd separately for additional investment required for greater diversity. 1) this ability toggles between exalted melee, exalted secondary, and exalted primary, each separately modable and a cast is with a "hold 1". the exact animation appearance could/would/should shift based on the warframe form from the 2, but it wouldn't expressly need to. additionally, depending on variance of 3 and 4, these abilities could be tweaked differently in terms of stats depending on the form of the 2, but this should not include changes in crit damage/chance or status chance, but rather for ancillary attributes like cast time and raw damage. The ability has no cost to use, and all weapon animations should appear as if they are part of the body of the warframe (such as by being a sword extended from their arm, or maybe an eye laser or whatnot). when held the ability can be "channeled" ie, holding it down while weilding a sword type thing would result in consecutive attacks. Damage type is void, and if different animations are used between different forms for the 1, they could also apply differently (ie, you could make a primary that is a cone and another that is an aoe blast, etc. all subject to balancing between types. ammo for these weapons will regen similar to archwing weapons. Because quick melee is a thing, it's probably best to bind melee to one arm and primary/secondary to the other. this should be a full body cast animation. 2) this ability alters the 3 and 4 of the kit and the appearance of the frame. It is a toggle ability allowing a selection between the following types: (default load in is tank) A) tank B) support C) stealth D) Caster Dps or if you prefer: figher, cleric, rogue, mage. my belief is that these should cycle in this order for balance purposes. While we could add additional types, I think doing so would add too much utility to the frame. this cast has a second long animation and alters the visual design of the frame and additional passive bonuses. it does have a minimal cast cost, and yes, you must cycle through them however, it will shift into the form that is currently selected at the end of the second, meaning additional cast time reduction could/would/should result in additional casts/costs. When shifting forms health and energy does not increase to compensate, only max capacity can alter, any excess energy and health over current cap is lost. 3&4 varies based on 2 form: A) passive: +110 health, +80 shields +100 armor to base 3) raw armor bonus that scales similarly to iron skin but less effective 4)hold to cast, 30% damage reduction of 1 toggleable combined damage type and a self damage buff (of the resisted damage type) of 15% across all damage (exalted and equipped weapons) possible frame and exalted weapon themes: should appear armored and thick, gears of war/dark souls level armor. battle axe hand, grenade launcher arm primary, shotgun hand secondary B) passive: +50 armor base +120 energy base, +20 to shields 3) Pbaoe moderate heal at moderate range (about 1/2 affinity), moderate energy cost 4) Team buff (moderate, maybe 15%) to all attack speed at similar range, moderate energy cost possible frame and exalted weapon themes: lightly armored, mid body build, mace hand that changes to shield when blocking, primary is an eye ray of energy color, secondary is a hand ray of energy color with guaranteed cold proc. C) passive: all exalted weapons receive 80% hush, +30% to all exalted base damage, +50 energy to base, additional movement speed 3) invisibility similar to ash in terms of duration/cost 4) performs finisher at close range to a single target with exalted melee (about 2/3 range of ash's bladestorm), moderate cost possible frame and exalted weapon themes: melee is spike similar to kuva/hacking data spike from the hand, primary is sniper rifle arm, pistol hand secondary, frame is styled as unarmored and stripped down for stealth (not having additional frills, all tight fighting) D) Passive: +180 to energy base, passive health regen replaced by passive energy regen at same rate, +60% base damage to exalted primary (however, exalted primary must be cast on the ground and also restricts mobility but follows aim), -20 to base health, +40 to base shields 3) translocation: a short fast dash forward to aim that can only be cast on the ground, leaves a short shimmer pattern of the frame behind it as it moves during which it gains damage reduction as if it were bullet jumping, leaves a ground trail similar to nezha's of energy color flame on the ground for minimal damage. minimal cost, should operate more as a dodge or gap closer than a primary mobility use. 4) big bomb from the sky aoe: similar to vauban's orbital strike or ember's new WoF but quick cast for less damage, high energy cost, can be held for repeat casts in quick succession, for massive energy cost, (ie, won't work indefinitely regardless of mods). leaves behind an aoe damage mark on the floor for x duration and has a guaranteed blast proc. possible frame and exalted weapon themes: frame should be flowing gown sort of design (mage robes). melee is a simple unarmed attack that has energy color to it. primary is a two handed haduken with energy color. secondary is a magic missile type spell: always hits target, slow moving, will Track them (like bonus head shots from pax seeker, but without landing headshots, multishot should spawn additional missiles visually), if no target is aimed at with the scan, it will land at that point of aim with line of sight range, but can damage any target that is in it's path, at which point it dissipates. I think it might be good to focus the primary exalt on status, the secondary on crit and the melee on hybrid build set ups for balancing. Additionally some thoughts on augments: being that each frame gets 4 augments, and he has 4 forms, it might make sense to have each augment specifically buff up 1 of each form for specialization, making them slightly stronger in that category in a way that is meaningful for that category. As an example: augment 1) while in mode A player gains 40+10/lv to base armor. augment 2) while in mode B player gains a slow field effect in 10m radius that reduces enemy movement and attack speed at the cost of -20 max energy in this mode augment 3)while in mode c invisibility ability duration increase 10+10%/lv. 1+1/lv seconds to hacking, 10% flat chance to open locked lockers. +10% toxin damage to exalted melee in mode C augment 4) while in mode D cast and animation speed bonus of 10+10%/lv
  15. Feedback from me: Valence transfer gives me a reason to play this again, if and when I feel like, so thanks for that 🙂 The opt in mechanic for the weapon solves all the problems of the lich be gone system on the front end and I prefer that, this way there is no reason to get rid of it if you opt in. My one and only criticism of what I am seeing is the total removal of the death failure. On one hand you have the lich failure being forced punishment death on the player for something that isn't their fault. Now you have no threat or teeth on the lich. Both of these are mistake. I've said several times, and this is the one thing you guys don't really do well (challenging content) is to make it so there is a quick time event on the failure and success means you live. This way there is both risk and reward mechanics and failure is earned by the player. I can't stress this enough that these types of things are really important in a game to make it feel rewarding. The main reason people blow through your content and only look at physical rewards is because the gameplay loop itself is lacking in extrinsic and experiential rewards because of the repetition. This is an opportunity to do that, so please don't miss it.
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