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  1. will we ever see a clean up or fix to saryn primes, prime parts (ie how they toggle on tennogen) ive noticed youve worked with prime parts toggling over yrs, zephyr primed parts on tennogen is flawless. would be nice to have say the skirt from saryns prime parts without it looking actually ridiculous with the infested legs etc.... thanks kindly also for the fixing of lost connection on xbox. havent been able to play endless for soooo long.... its soo good to be back.. 🙂
  2. Now That Youve Upgraded The Dojo lighting. Will We See Orbiters Get Near Same Treatment? Lighting Upgrade Please Steve !
  3. awesome. ludicrus settings only available on xbox oneX. so, so much for not enhancing any side of the game for the upper consoles. thanks for mentioning this prior. my bank account is gonna take a hit now. i HAVE to get a oneX. i did NOT follow Steves FX hype to be told i cant play w it on a normal xbox. i thought he said ludicrus was working well w mac. so xbox is worse then mac now?
  4. Lmao. No way capo obvious. I mean as in have they sent it in with a mistake where Sony and Microsoft have sent it back and asked them to rework it. As prior comments state, bigger updates then this have passed twice as quick. Just curious if a hiccup has occurred
  5. Watch this be accepted today but de not push it out until next week. Wf console - rip 2018 and . It's not Microsoft. It's PlayStation store issue (reply to via comment)
  6. Between NYX graxx, KHORA Braton and Lato vandal sanctuary and everything in-between. This is what I needed to bring me back. In the last month I've only had 2hrs in game play time (mr25) not much left, and plains never really took my fancy. I hope this pulls me back I really do I love this game, just finding myself sitting in orbit 90% of the time these days tho.
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