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  1. I haven't seen it as an option in a while. I used to use it to get 5% back when Amazon was a Discover category.
  2. A warning would have been nice. A couple weeks ago I spent resource booster time farming gems for arcane. It's not the gems I want back, it's the time spent that now I can't help but regret.
  3. Completely agree. Considering the relationship of 60/60/7 mods to 90/0/11, I think 0/90/11 would make a lot of sense. DE will probably never do it though, due to their concern of the impact on the meta (as if meta isn't already broken).
  4. I think DE is going to get rid of, or at least change, a lot of the Stat stick mechanics in the next year. Garuda was the trial with moldable non-exalted weapons (talons), we'll see if they eventually do something similar with Gara's sword.
  5. Just wondering what people plan on doing with their Umbral Forma. I'm leaning towards Oberon Prime, but considering options. I would put it on my main Gara, but seems like a waste to put a rare resource on a non-prime.
  6. I am increasingly of the persuasion that DE needs to take the nerf stick to the entire game. Frames, weapons, mods, enemies, all of it. Until that happens any attempt at challenge or balance is doomed to fail.
  7. Can we expect augments for Gara anytime soon?
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