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  1. Thanks, but... i can't call THAT a "Hotfix", never seen such a tiny one...
  2. Thanks for the Fixes! would've been cool if you've fixed that 1 year old bug with broken Head position on Warframes after you bypass any consoles just once (to the end of the mission) It really affects only Chroma's gameplay since his 1st ability's "beam" targetting based on where the Warframe's head looks, and not the crosshair...
  3. We all know that most of the old frames are not getting many attention since their first release, today i will remind you about Nyx and Chroma, yeah... those two were left to rot in a pile of "Forgotten ambitions" for a good 2-3 years straight. Compare them to ANY warframe right now that has been released in these last months and you will see that they are sharing the same amount of abilities! but new one's have them X10 times better... I always wanted to know the real reason devs are openly ignoring them and pretending that they don't even exist ("not liking them" is a lamest and sil
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