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  1. I play Nova for everything, she's one of the tankiest frames out there and very versatile. Playing her in slow, fast or even neutral speed build for that damage bonus, weapons is really a personal choice because of playstyle and likings. She's is fine without arcanes, but she can be even tankier with them.
  2. I'm not playing long myself, about 2 years. But one thing i learned myself pretty quick, in warframe everything gets overhyped to the moon and back. Ow and i 100% agree with TS
  3. Did never understand the class clasifications in warframe, healer,tank and dps suggest there is content that needs those classes to combine strenght to tackle it. Still didn't find that content.
  4. 99% of the starchart doesn't need it, since you kill everything 1-2 shots, unless you that 1% that's doing endurance stuff but then again almost nobody is using broberon for that.
  5. This was something you could see coming long before it happend, myself stopped farming kuva en caring about rivens. It finally works as intented, and if you got a "weak" weapon you like with a good riven enjoy it. Best would be that they got removed, but they still are a cash cow to DE since you have to buy the slots, yeah i know you can earn plat free but someone still needs to buy that plat to get it circulated.
  6. No worries, i'm sure all 3 of them will respond too.
  7. There are no servers, warframe is peer to peer.
  8. Because forbid negative feedback, it will bring the white knights out.
  9. Fun gamemode, but the rewards are a big meh. I predict another dead gamemode if the rewards stay like this.
  10. Many pages with feedback on the announced Arbitration changes, just ignore everything and release it anyway. Keep it up DE [/end sarcastic mode]
  11. There always will be a meta, nerf the kitguns and another meta will takes it place. I don't see any problem, if you like to use something else than a kitgun who stops you ?
  12. i see a lot that people think 10min rounds are to long, that players now leave at 10 min out of boredom. Well the players who now leave at 10 will also leave at 5, if you get bored within 10 minutes, this gameplay might not for you.
  13. Not liking the revive idea at all, this might work in a premade group but not in public sessions. This only means more solo sessions, i see this as a step in the wrong direction.
  14. So have played her all weekend, and while she's fun to play she needs some tweaks and buffs 1 Make her 4 instantly equip her 1 and give her 2 instead of 1 chargers including damage of the 2. [damage of charger is a bit low comparing to normal secondaries) 2 make it able to use in 4 3 buff/rework, under current stats useless ability 4 Fine, only downside might be a personal one but i find aiming a bit akward. If her 1 don't receive a buff, make secondaries working under her 4
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