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  1. Maybe a corpus plasma saw that's crit focused or a infested mouth with teeth, it'll eat enemies with heavy attack and spit our bile if you heavy attack again.
  2. This is actually a good point as I have builds that are just pure Toxin, sometimes a bit of radiation for robotics but they tend to die before shields get turned off. Except Sisters... Hmm... I guess bosses are kind of an exception.
  3. It appears I wasn't clear, I'll fix that. But yes, Toxin damage to warframes.
  4. Toxin, it goes through shields. On one hand, its a Corpus killer. On another hand, Toxin ancients (Harpooning and providing a Toxin buff.) Toxin damage should not go through shields but Toxin proc should. Still a corpus killer, has a reason to stack toxin, and Toxin Ancients can't down us in the dark.
  5. If I had to headcannon Nidus Prime... The Orokin made the Infestation to fight sentients. They needed something to control the infestation right? I mean, releasing a plague uncontrolled is only self destructive. So Nidus Prime was made. Somewhere down the line this failed... Probably when Order 66 happened. The tenno went to sleep. The infested, unsupervised, took over. Consumed Nidus Prime and made the Nidus relic mentioned in The Glast Gambit.
  6. Hmm... I subsumed Thermal Sunder on my Nekros, running around with Amalgam Ripkas for the 100% gore. Is kinda fun, enemies die to fire > gets split in half for more loot chances > infinite energy and health > repeat. I play him more actively then just a loot bot. When it comes to his minions... I agree that some changes would be nice. Lower or Remove Nullifier Crewman from the summon priority list. I don't care about the defenses they provide, They block the view, block your bullets, block your allies bullets, lowest dps cause they use a sniper, if you get a prova nully crewman, congratz now you have a running bubble man that does everything that would annoy you. I actively avoid killing nullies with my shield build simply because I know if I'm annoyed by them, it'll annoy my teammates too. Ice eximus units falls in the same category as Nullies. Eventually you'll end up with nothing but ancients in your spawns so if possible a limit to what kind of units you get would be nice. Some QoL is obviously necessary, seeing how Nyx got hers. I'm sure someone in DE is thinking of our bone boi.
  7. Nekros as poster boy... Devil wings... DoEs ThIs MeAn NeKrOs IS GeTtInG A rEwOrK?!?!?!? Ok no. But as a Nekros enjoyer, this made my day. I hope some QoL would imply nullies not completely turning off your toggle abilities.
  8. Why isn't this a thing? I know this is constantly brought up everytime this event starts but come on. Why are we forced to go into a open world to do an event. Imagine if Plague Star or Ghouls were like this, how infuriating would this be?
  9. Hello again! Time to update my previous post. Theorem Infection works very strangely. Whilst stacking Infection, your summoned minions will not take in the buff. The buff only counts when the stack is counting down and you summon new minions. So in practice: Kill enemies with kitgun that has a Residual Arcane > Stack it to 15 > Get off the Residual area (cause the game still thinks you're stacking and therefore your summon minions will not get buffed.) > Summon minions. Your minions will have the buff indefinitely until THEY expire. You can combine two different Residual Arcanes like you would with modding elements, just need to stack each element separately. Example: Kill enemies with Primary Kitgun > stand in Residual area > (whilst buff is counting down) kill enemies with Secondary Kitgun > stand in Residual area (buff will restack with new element, but the elements are actually combined) > get off Residual area > summon minions. now your minions have a combined element. Have fun summoning Y'all.
  10. Both these combos are kind of annoying... Personally I feel that they should've added a Forward Hold-E for current Forward E combo and a Right-Click Forward Hold-E for Saw riding. Nothing in the combo flows together and that's probably my main grip against this thing.
  11. First was Veso's smol pew pew gun, then it was the color of his suit. People asked "Where's his helmet?!" Now his haircut. This man can't catch a break with these roasts.
  12. Potential Nightwave reward... if DE remembers that simulacrum room exist.
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