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  1. Other people fail: Type in chat: "Mission failed. We'll get em next time." and hopefully my pub stays. I fail: Lel speedrun go brrrr. I can do most vaults with confidence in pubs, maybe the Jupiter vaults I'll solo.
  2. Seeing Mind Control pop in so often, I got bored and decided to see how far I can take Mind Control damage bonus... Don't ask me how but can it go higher...? yes, but the set up is so tedious, I do it only for the "funi number." How long does the target last? 43 seconds. Does it do damage? threw it on a Heavy gunner around level 40 and it looks like mesa doing her 4, kinda funny. Steel Path? like watching paint dry.
  3. On Hydroid Prime: Missing on Nekros Prime: Please fix for the love all that is fashion.
  4. Main reason? Nekros. I found that one thing (in this case a warframe) I just utterly enjoy; his aesthetics, skill set, and theme. I can play any content with him and enjoy it thoroughly. Its a strange obsession, but it keeps me coming back.
  5. Nah, I did see a few people suggesting his 4 be an exalted arm cannon with different forms akin to the eidolons in game. I guess people want eidolon frame to be more eidolonish.
  6. Nekros is definitely my favorite and most played. Its always the Necromancer class that takes my interest.
  7. With enough threads about Nekros, we'll probably make a difference! I sorta came to terms that our necromancer will stay untouched for many more years to come though (I'll gladly be wrong.) But Nekros' 1. Honestly, if Marked for Harvest proc lasted a bit longer, I'll be happy. I actually find myself using his 1 more often; I see a heavy gunner, it's free real estate.
  8. In the end, you will run around as default excalibur with a mk1 braton, lato and skana... Everything returns to the beginning.
  9. I'ma be honest, after playing with Bonewidow for the entire event, Meathook is what made me love her so much and I will probably never find a use for Voidrig. So what I propose is make Meathook a Hold E melee for both Nercamechs and open up a new ability for Bonewidow. Hold E to lunge and grab an enemy, E again to throw them.
  10. Mind if we get a fix for Dual Decurion's idle animation? Thankies.
  11. After testing this in game, its ok... they still get thrown randomly (kinda like launched into the air) but that's fine, enough for "Marked for Harvest" to be useful. Now I get to skeet shoot my enemies. I approve.
  12. Since Soul Punch is being looked at, can we get its ragdoll removed and replace it for a single target sleep or something? Can't make "Marked for Harvest" useful if the enemy is launched into the atmosphere.
  13. Hope y'all look into Nekros' Soul Punch, the intense ragdoll from it makes its new passive kinda redundant.
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