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  1. I actually kinda miss the back breaking... Can our level 5 Lich do us that favor? I mean, y'all made the animation, why let it go to waste? Speaking of level 5 Lich, there's no reason to ever level it to 5. Maybe some extra Kuva or the weapon gets a percentage bonus. Currently its just a annoying bullet sponge. Weapon fusion is kinda annoying.. I want to keep a certain element but if I use another weapon with a different element, the weapon I invested in takes the sacrificed element. Something extra, I kinda want our converted Lich to do some wresting moves on our targeted Lich. Just thought Lich on Lich action would be cool. I know its something y'all have to invest in, but hey, a suggestion.
  2. Just as the title implies. Kinda funny, but kinda annoying.
  3. Will you remap the quests cause doing the 2nd dream before Alad V's infested transformation doesn't make sense. Will Inaro's quest be replayble? Can we get a prime toggle on immortal skins?
  4. I didn't mean the plains but regular Earth missions.
  5. So can we move those scenes to a vendor Iron Wake or something... or we just gonna ignore those too.
  6. My personal favorites for pilot is Zekti Apoc and Photor. Apoc does excellent damage around mid to close range while Photor when I'm feeling casual and just want to point at things. Gunners have been giving me positive feedback on Vidar Carcinnox with its faster projectile speed and overall good damage. I used Vidar Cryophon but after getting Munitions Vortex, I just use Apoc to ramp up its explosion damage, nuking everything in the veil. Though I will admit Cryophon can easily take out Crewship engines if I wanted to solojack and use the Artillery.
  7. There is still a outdated melee maneuver; Holding Right-click on a wall and then melee. Wondering if one day it'll be fixed. Can Immortal skins have prime toggles too?
  8. Just doing veil for Void Hole now, oh and also a nice Zekti Reactor for battle avionic spamming.
  9. Was gonna make a joke but hey, there it is. But seriously tho, probably nothing, maybe keeping the MR 30 perks but instead it'll be Grand Master rank 0 and we grind from there.
  10. Speaking off nightwave, this ephemera is probably gonna be in one of those tier rewards. Maybe NW3? Maybe in another intermission? Nothing to stress yourselves over.
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