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  1. Will Immortal skins get a primed bits toggle like the tennogens?
  2. Maybe some weapon skins or a npc at the relays selling those skins.
  3. Ember: I feel like removing something iconic from Ember isn't the right way to do things and seeing as a filled Immolation meter is more detrimental, why not incorporate World on Fire into it. Once her Immolation is full it should active World on Fire, giving her extra sprint speed and extra heat damage to weapons which gradually lowers as the meter shrinks. Whilst in World on Fire, pressing Immolation again will cause a massive explosion inflecting Heat proc on all in its range based on how much meter is left. Vauban: Rename "Sticky Ripline" to Bola. Make Nail Grenade explode on impact. Boost Pad should give friendlies and himself a parkour buff (Extra speed in bullet jump, roll speed, etc.)
  4. I'm sure one day we will abduct the guy and feed him to Helminth, I mean there's a bed in it's chamber... I assume that's the mouth.
  5. Imagine hooking a grineer into the mouth of the Paracyst and then shooting them out at other enemies. I want it to happen. Make it a mod from nightwave or something, but this needs to happen.
  6. Slots is a necessary buy and because the only way to acquire slots is through plat, people will stop playing cause of inventory issues.
  7. Probably go back to MR 1 but it'll be Grand master rank 1, and then the grind continues...
  8. Using Nekros' Shadow of the Dead, a friendly Napalm minion burned themselves, friendly units and myself.
  9. As a person with nothing else to spend my points on... can konzu and eudico sell relic packs?
  10. On other news, Twin Hek exist... But not in our hands.
  11. As skins for mii fighters... Then again, I wouldn't mind having a little Excalibur running around slashing people. Or a mag shooter, or a volt fighter. Somebody sent Sakurai The trailer video ._.
  12. Yes, I understand that point. So why not bring warframe specters in the mix. Still too PvE? Then nevermind, I wasn't here.
  13. I don't know if this was mentioned before but meh, humor my shower thought. Why don't we have co-op games where we fight specters instead of people. I mean traditional PvP can still be a thing and can yield higher standings. But with vs specters, Conclave will kinda have meaning again... Maybe? Humor over. I'ma ignore conclave again. Edit:
  14. At max rank you use up 50 energy, it doesn't seem a lot at first, but if you accidentally hit the crouch button too many times or void dashing, it'll deplete your energy really quickly. If possible give it a cooldown to prevent spamming or lower the cost so it'll be more rewarding to max it out. Right now I regret wasting the points I put into it because of how much energy I lose for a lackluster gimmick.
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