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  1. Hope y'all look into Nekros' Soul Punch, the intense ragdoll from it makes its new passive kinda redundant.
  2. A skeleton that understands reason! YES! The TL;DR of the thread.
  3. Yes! To put it blunt yes, just make it SP a single target rest with all the SP passives and abilities. What's not useful? Having all those passives on SP but your target is on the other side of the map. Indeed "Redundancy." and I think I have to quote Marked for Harvest again as it doesn't make any sense what you are trying to prove with that "extra melee swing," unless you're talking about the animation thing. SP doesn't interrupt anything, what's interrupting is the spazzing body bouncing in a room. And reading back, one does not need to use SP 7 times to create SotD, just use
  4. Good now remove this and make it a single target sleep, no more worrying about these little extra steps. Do I have to Quote "Marked for Harvest" again? The instant death on 25% hp targets is nice but its the other added passive that makes SP potentially the best skill on Nekros. SP target > Target gets Marked for Harvest > doesn't matter how it dies as long as it dies with Marked for Harvest active > Gets a shadow > shadow has higher threat level so will be prioritized by enemies > you effectively just CC'd an entire group of enemies with 25 energy. This s
  5. "Haha enemy go into space!" Its disruptive and annoying. There's a perfectly good replacement animation and that is "sleep." It'll make sense as the "soul" is literally ejected out of the target (and for reassurance, that soul turns into a projectile like our current Soul Punch and ragdoll enemies if it hits a wall). Now, its a even better functional cc mechanic and we can take advantage of its new ability. We are almost at Prime Trailer level Soul Punch. Just need that little push. btw Nothing about Nekros is expensive and I'm well sure you know this.
  6. I think its time. If you didn't know, Soul Punch got a new mechanic... The problem is enemies that live through Soul Punch gets launched to a new moon, so if I want to take advantage of these "Marked for Harvest" enemies, I'll have to look for them and even if I do find them, the duration of these "Marked for Harvest" is a little bit too low... almost none existing. Maybe Stacking Duration mods would help but if 200% Power Duration still leads to flashing Marks, I would say its kind of a issue... My situation? The target that got Soul Punched doesn't get ragdolled but i
  7. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Xaku's Grasp of Lohk weapons shoots Gaze targets and invulnerable targets like turrets from Kuva Fortress VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Have Grasp of Lohk activated and it shoots an invulnerable target. EXPECTED RESULT: It shoots the invulnerable target. OBSERVED RESULT: It shoots the invulnerable target. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time.
  8. ... Y'all doing this with Machete too? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Machete Remember this existed?
  9. Warframe I usually default to is Nekros... Something about edgy necromancers gets me excited. For weapons... Arca Titron is basically a nuke on a hammer, Trumna is the BFG I've always wanted... and Stug is growing on me. Everyone always gives me positive feedback when I spray Stug on them.
  10. Definitely not a team oriented frame, long cast time with "set-up" mechanic to deal damage (IE: Comboing 4 into 2 and or 1; Gaze into 2 and or 1.) Grasp of Lohk should be recastable and needs to stop targeting Gaze victim (I don't know if Blood Alter is also a problem.) The Lost abilities are quite annoying with its full body animations. All abilities should leave enemies more vulnerable to void damage. I feel the most underwhelming one is Deny, Gaze does what Deny basically do but better. The Vast Untime, if skeletal form is temporary it should boost its other abilites. Double
  11. When I think of "mech" I think of interchangeable parts so here's to hoping we don't end up with different mechs for different scenarios, which now it kinda sounds like off warframes. Like swapping arms for melee focus or defense focus, head parts for abilities, and legs for aerial or siege mode. Its not that I don't want to farm 5 or 6 different mechs, its just that its so over done, we don't need another sink hole for this kinda stuff.
  12. Replacing Soul Punch I use Mind control or Desiccation, more minions baby! Petrify is a complete no brainer, who doesn't want more loot? Roar, yes, it buffs his shadows. "But you can't have the game play itself!" Ever seen shadows do 10 times the damage? The paint dries faster! Larva, Ensnare, Dispensary, Blood Altar, is nice to have... I guess. Well of life... Cause irony or oxymoronic? Maybe it'll heal shadows? From Helminth's abilities... Empower, I have a max power strength build and I can reach 514% power strength, its kinda cute. Marked for Death, proba
  13. Ahh yes... our fanciest paper weight. Just summon it on open worlds to assert dominance towards allies and enemies. You probably have a decked out k-drive too, might as well summon it and place it next to the mech.
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