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  1. I always thought the "unlocked Sumbsume slots" were useless... like players are gonna subsume most if not all available frames, why does those unlocks exist? Hopefully they change those. The parazon... Eh, maybe we'll get thrall like enemies so we can actually stab things in normal missions.
  2. As a fellow Nekros enjoyer, I agree that our beloved Bone Daddy is in a very Meh spot... To OP's pinpoints. I have no real issue with Soul Punch anymore. Still CC's single targets and the execute at 25% HP is ok. Can't complain. What I would like is if it can execute shadows and cause them to explode. Heck all shadows that expire should explode and do some sort of CC or damage. I kinda like where you're going with Terrify, to add to that, I think giving damage vulnerability instead of armor stripping would be better (for fighting other fractions) and shutting down Robotic enemie
  3. still not fix for Please allow Alkonost to inject memes into its victims. tyty. much love.
  4. I'm slightly annoyed that they have to dedicate an ability slot for k-drive when we have a gear tab for it. Just give it a rage bar mechanic and summon it from gear tab when its full. And have her k-drive override current k-drives when she's your base frame.
  5. So if I can get enough people to complain about certain immortal skins not getting this treatment, can we has fix too?
  6. Can we bring back Lich's backbreaker animation? Loved how it looks, thought it was such a waste to just scrap it. oh and instead of trading, can there be another way of getting rid of converted Lichs? Stock piling Lichs is kinda troublesome when literally no one wants them.
  7. Probably not a thing but I would love it if our on call Lich can like intercept our enemy Lich. Doing wrestling moves, tackling them if they grab us, and etc. Oh and a personal opinion, I would love it if the back breaking animation came back as a level 5 lich thing... kinda a waste to just scrap it.
  8. Just as title implies. Oh and can it get like a 3 second invincibility, getting revived in a toxin cloud will instantly down you. High grief potential.
  9. Do you like eating? Eating your enemies?! Do you want to literally remove an entity from the battlefield and use em as resources? Buffing your teammates, grossing out your teammates, even confusing your teammates?! Well Grendel's for you! With a wee bit of efficiency, a decent amount of range, and a crap ton of max energy. You too can be the sole reason why your teammates hate you for having fun! willincludenauseatingnoisesthatwillcausephyscialandmentaldamagetoeveryonearoundyou user discretion is advised.
  10. Seeing as y'all are fixing animation bugs, mind fixing Amalgam Alkonost not buffing crewman? I'm all for PG hugs and all but come on!! "Birthing neuro-carnvious memes directly into their brain stems." That's #*!%ing brutal. Oh and Toggle Prime Details for Immortal skins when?
  11. Acapella metal? Something like Van Canto. Oh oh! What about tavern or folk music.
  12. Did you watch the Duviri Paradox trailer?
  13. Just make it a souls-like and we'll have every gaming genre. Maybe this is a overused joke.. maybe not... but I do sense a lot of dying if we're going in basically naked.
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